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  1. Those would only be good for what kind of weather? Or can they be worn all-season? Do they breathe? I have been looking for wading pants. Will they fill up with water if you go below the waist line?
  2. Kayak Fishing will not give you a 'stay fit' approach. I paddle to my spot and sit there and eat snacks while I wait for fish. The Wilderness Systems, Jackson Kayaks, high end brands can do salt and fresh water. I will repeat what everyone is saying, check out outdoors oriented. I was surprised at how knowledgeable the staff is. Especially the owner and managers. I have never flipped my 12 ft Tarpon or even come close. Getting into it off a dock one day I got a little wet but I did not go under! Keep 3 appendages in the boat at all the times and you should be fine I imagine. I did TONS of research before I bought and I still bought a used one just incase I did not take to the sport. I am now looking for a bigger better fishing machine. If you are dedicating your choice to strictly kayaking then go for something longer that can paddle faster and cut through the water more efficiently. My wide boat can only go so fast. It is all about what you want out of it.
  3. I fish from my kayak in that area a couple times each summer. I find alot of catfish and carp activity. But I have also been told many stories of bass and pike. Get waders so you can cast far enough. Or a machete and make a small area for yourself to cast from because it is quite bushy. Bugs are atrocious at the waterline aswell. Drink some bugspray! Buy a drink from mcdonalds so they dont think about towing your car. It is a nice hike though and I have seen deer walking around down there from my kayak. It flows very strong so I imagine there are predators. Not possible to paddle upstream to give you an idea. Every spot is worth a shot
  4. oh for sure cant wait! awesome place to drive into!
  5. AWESOME SPOT! Looks like an amazing place for a tent fishing adventure haha! Good catch! Looks like alot of current, what size weight did you use?
  6. Okay thanks for the information. Seems like you could fish it from the shore if you wanted to according to the replies.
  7. You know the large waterway and pond called lake gibson that you pass by if you are driving on the 406? I want to know if there is an area there that you can kayak? In the area I see signs for no trespassing, there has to be a spot that doesn't. The fishing looks good in there! I need to feel confident in safe travels though before I go. Anyone have thoughts?
  8. I used 20# flourocarbon line for my rigs this year with a 50# main braided line. Worked for me. I might just go with lighter braid soon enough though for my rigs because flourocarbon is nasty to tie tight smooth knots. All the lube in the world wouldnt help slide that stuff!! Braid is king!
  9. You can access the east side large parking lot easily. They must be getting near to re-opening the west side if they took down the gate!
  10. I am so excited that the gate is down! They must have finally repaired the road that was falling apart into the lake probably from erosion. I love driving right to the fishing spots! All day fishing affair is in order!! Whenever I go past fellow fishermen in my kayak I always go as far away from rod tips as possible. I even ask if I may cross. Some people have no respect.
  11. Love the pictures. I haven't been out fishing in general for a few weeks now. August carp exist? Smerchly, is that you in your picture? I swear I spoke to someone in a red canoe that looked just like you. They rolled up on me in my green camo fishing yak
  12. On the gps picture, what do those numbers mean? 24, subscript g,? Or 9 subscript 8? 24 ft, 9 ft?
  13. I hope they are different from commons because in the spring I always see a festival of carp spawning and there is no flowing water there...Just a carp orgy in the mud
  14. I have seen guys fishing from shore in these spots near the mouths of the creeks. They say they catch carp but I have never actually seen people pulling fish in. But I do not hang around. The fish go in and out of the mouths when the tide changes I imagine. Making it a good spot to chum. Nice beach to sunbathe on and wide open area lots of room for multiple anglers. There was even a carp competition held there. Bivvys and all!
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