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  1. We use a product out here in Calgary called the automatic fisherman, they also make a product similar calls the jaw jacker. I want to use mine back in Ontario , after going through the regs I'm still unclear Pg 15 Two lines may be used for ice fishing except in a limited number of waters (see the Exceptions for the Zone in which you are fishing by referring to the Ontario Fishing Regulations Summary). At all times you must be within 60 m (197 ft.) of any line or tip-up you are using when ice fishing and you must have a clear and unobstructed view of the lines being used at all times. Any spring-loaded device which sets the hook for an angler may not be possessed within 30 m (98 ft.) of any waters. Pg 12 Possess a spring gaff, snagger or spear gun within 30 m (98 ft.) of any waters. A spring gaff includes any device which uses a mechanical spring, other than the fishing rod under tension, to set the hook for an angler. No person shall take fish with a gaff, snare, snagger or spear gun. A gaff, other than a spring gaff, may be used to assist in landing fish caught by lawful means. Going to give MNR a call for the final answers but I wanted to open it up to you guys first. Tight lines
  2. Looking to start a fishing journal and would like to track barometric pressure as one of the variables. Looking at a few devices , what are you guys currently using ?
  3. Welcome , you'll learn a lot on here.
  4. Rock bottom buffalo just over peace bridge had one done there , price match though this was back when our dollar was better,
  5. I have been fishing and exploring the Chippawa creek for the last two months , some very exciting times on some beautiful water. We drop in just past the Chippawa bridge and head towards the old train bridge on montrose. We fish a 14 foot tin boat always respectful of canoes , kayaks , and docked vessels in the marina. Last night I would say 9/10 people zinged by in there power boats , seadoos and completely ignored the no wake zone signs. Only one boat on the water slowed down respectfully I thanked him. They speed by you and still wave at you at close range, it's brutal. While pulling out our boat at the end of the night I came across one of the seadooers and respectfully told him it would be polite to slow down for other boaters , he proceeded to tell me he didn't care. I know this happens all the time I was just wondering if \ why don't the build an etiquette portion into the boaters license. I'm sure many of you on here have had the same experiences.
  6. Thanks Rile gonna dump some money into the rod and reel , appreciate the reply. Good call on rubber coated net too.
  7. Hey guys looking for general help on lures , rod /reel combo/line leader suggestions and tactics for pike and Muskie. *disclaimer :fishing in the Chippawa creek zone 19 so not targeting Muskie until 1st sat in June but will be targeting pike right now. 14 foot tin boat with 50 pound trolling motor is what I'm working with. Pulled one out last year by the old train bridge fishing for bass with a crank bait. I a very intrigued by how aggressive these fish can be and would like to improve my skills in this area. Tight lines
  8. Thanks frog height placement was one of my concerns. Going to watch a few YouTube vids on her and try and learn as much as I can before I mount this wknd. Ideal species to see would be gobbler, absolutely pumped to see what happens.
  9. father in law just gave me a trail cam to use. Never used one before , looking for advice on settings as well as mounting it. I'm pumped to see what's roaming around out there.
  10. Right across from the shop - I use yellow jig head imitation minnow and stinger , cast let it land one big jig they usually hammer it on the way down (walleye) . Go away from the peace bridge towards the old train bridge work that water all the way down , 3 way rig I've had luck on streamer (steelhead). Jig with white imitation 4 inch (laker). Hopefully that gives you a few ideas, best of luck.
  11. That's brutal, I always carry my turkey decoys in an orange mesh bag getting to my spot. I know people are excited to fill their tag but there are no excuses for this. It's a great responsibility to be able to hunt , not a right. Thanks for sharing that
  12. Top water poppers out of the canoe for buckets just before sundown. Great strike , great fight.
  13. Love this show , thanks for the post. Can't wait to see how he portrays the Muskie
  14. Thanks Gunner , hopefully some big beards good luck guys.
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