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  1. @Mbocco We've got our Anniversary Sale coming up August 15-18 While we don't have prices finalized yet, there will be deals on all our fishing kayaks. 😁
  2. Hey Boogaloo, As you'll probably see, most folks use a sit on top for fishing, but there are some who still prefer a sit inside. Consider a few things when deciding what's best for you; - Are you planning on using it in colder months? If so, a sit inside will be a dryer ride, and allows the use of a sprayskirt. - Are you planning on paddling it for fun as well as fishing? Generally speaking (there's always exceptions) a sit inside will paddle more efficiently than a sit on top. - Do you want maximum stability and/or the ability to stand up? Sit on top all the way here. - Do you want to be able to outfit it with lots of accessories? Typically the sit on tops will be better here too. We sell lots of kayaks and have a bit of everything so if you have a chance stop in and see us and we can show you what's available and are always happy to pull boats out/down from our racks to check out and sit in/on. If you're coming in ask for myself or "BR" as we're the two who have the most experience with all the models. Jamie
  3. You mentioned you've been using foam blocks, but didn't mention if these are directly on the roof, or if they're on crossbars. Both will work, but if on crossbars then I would agree with above that it's actually quite a solid way to transport a Sit on Top. If they're directly on the roof they'll still work but it's not as secure and you run a higher risk of scratching the car if any dirt is trapped under the blocks. If you want to talk crossbars let me know as we sell Yakima and Thule. Make sure when you're tying down the front and back that you secure it to solid points, not just plastic. Many newer vehicles are completely covered in plastic under the front bumper, if this is the case check out "hood loops". There's a few types, but basically they attach under your hood and peek out so that you can attach to them. This also keeps the straps from rubbing against the bumper. Jamie
  4. Hey Genec - As dwc67 suggested, take a look at the Ride series from Wilderness Systems. These come in a few different configurations, and have been a top choice for fishing kayaks over the last few years. Extremely stable, comfortable seats (a few options) lots of features, and a quality build that is top of class. Wilderness Systems has changed the lineup a bit for 2017 so there's a few configurations that are discontinued. The last few remaining ones we've got are on sale for huge reductions, far cheaper than they regularly sold at when current. Check out the following links: https://outdoorsoriented.com/collections/sit-on-top-angling-kayaks/products/wilderness-systems-ride-115x https://outdoorsoriented.com/collections/sit-on-top-angling-kayaks/products/ride-115x-max The other option that we've had really good success with is the Pescador Pro from Perception, it's shorter, but brings the weight way down if car-topping is an issue. https://outdoorsoriented.com/collections/sit-on-top-angling-kayaks/products/perception-pescador-pro-10 I'd be happy to answer any other questions you've got, or if you stop into the shop ask for myself or the assistant manager, BR. Jamie
  5. Hi Guys, Wanted to give everyone a heads up that we're offering an exclusive $100-$150 bonus off select in-stock Wilderness Systems fishing kayaks. This brings these prices lower than we've ever had them and if you've been thinking about getting a new kayak, this is the time! Check the link for the full post in our forum:
  6. Cross-posting with Cliff's approval: OUTDOORS ORIENTED PADDLE DAY Sunday, May 1, 2016, 10am-4pm Charles Daley Park Check out the post in our section of the forum for all the details. This is a great opportunity to try out a bunch of Wilderness Systems fishing models (among others), talk with the reps, and get great deals on boats and accessories. http://www.niagarafi...showtopic=33684
  7. OUTDOORS ORIENTED PADDLE DAY Sunday, May 1, 2016, 10am-4pm Charles Daley Park Check out the post in our section of the forum for all the details. This is a great opportunity to try out a bunch of Wilderness Systems fishing models (among others), talk with the reps, and get great deals on boats and accessories. http://www.niagarafishing.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=33684
  8. Sounds good, I'm not in this weekend, but BR is and he knows all these boats well (and actually has a Commander himself) We're still in "winter-mode" so all the models are are here, just hanging, we can always bring down though if you want to sit and play with any. Jamie
  9. Thanks for the plugs guys. Rival - You're doing the right thing by researching ahead of time, and there's lots of good info here to take in. To reiterate a few points to questions you had: -Fishing kayaks are very stable, it takes a lot of effort to flip one. Wider will be more stable, but less efficient through the water, so it'll take more effort to get where you're going. - You've mentioned paddling in cooler weather so keep in mind that sit on tops have "scupper" holes in the hull to drain out water that splashes on top, these can be plugged for a drier ride in cool weather. Also you'll have to consider the type of clothing you'll wear, even though flipping is rare, you want to always dress appropriately for the water temperature. -You shouldn't have any trouble putting one kayak on the Cobalt. There's many ways to do it, cheapest will be foam blocks and straps, most expensive will be an aftermarket roof rack. For driving around locally foam blocks are probably fine, but if you're using it a lot, or doing long drives like Florida, personally I'd want a real rack. Not only is a rack more stable, it also allows more than one kayak, and allows somewhere to lock the kayak to if leaving it on overnight. -From what you've said so far, a few boats I'd suggest looking at the following: - Wilderness Systems Ride 115 - one of our most popular boats, the base model configuration is best for budget and then you add accessories as time goes on. - Wilderness Systems Commander 120 - not a sit on top, instead it's almost a hybrid between a kayak and canoe, I suggest this as it'll be the best for cool weather, much drier than a sit on top. - Perception Pescador Pro 10 - This is a brand new boat for 2016 and in my opinion offers a really good value. Awesome seat, lots of rigging options, built in rod holders and a really good price. Someone else mentioned our Paddle Day, it's on May 1st at Charles Daley Park and allows you to test paddle and take advantage of sale pricing. If you stop in before the spring, we'll be happy to give you the low down on the boats. The best people to ask for would be myself, BR, or Cheryl. Jamie
  10. Nice fish! Is that on the Pikerel River? I've got a cottage on the French.
  11. Hey Everyone, Just a reminder that our Paddle Day is this Sunday from 10am - 4pm at Charles Daley Park. For more info, check out the post in our forum here We'll have lots and lots of boats to test paddle, but the ones you'll most likely be interested in from Wilderness Systems are as follows: Ride 115 (and X/Max versions), Ride 135, Tarpon 100, Tarpon 120, Tarpon 140, Commander 120 and although we're currently sold out of the Thresher 155, our rep has said he's bringing one for paddling. Unfortunately the ATAK isn't available for another month so we won't have these there. In addition to the boats, we'll have PFD's and Paddles and some racks. See you all there! Jamie
  12. The launch you guys are talking about is now a conservation area under the NPCA, here's the link: http://www.npca.ca/conservation-areas/jordan-harbour/
  13. Hey Larry, When you have a chance check our shop out. The best people to chat with would be myself or BR. We offer most of the Wilderness Systems fishing models and like others have said, offer a free Paddle Day to allow test paddling. Check out our subsection of the forums for more details. Jamie
  14. I just updated our forum section with the details for this year's Paddle Day as well as a brief summary of our fishing kayak line-up this year. The new Wildy boats are so sweet!
  15. We'll have the full line-up of Wilderness Systems fishing kayaks down there; Ride, Tarpon, Thresher and hopefully the new ATAK if they come in in time. At your price range I'd suggest looking at the Ride 115. You'd be able to get into a non-angler model for under your budget and have a bit left over to outfit it the way you want. As Jesse suggested the Tarpon 120 is also an option, we've only got one left right now and it's an Angler outfitted demo (paddled once) this is on for $849, but once it's gone we won't have any more. Tarpon's have more speed than Ride's, but Ride's are a bit better for stability, which makes standing much easier.
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