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  1. With the warmer spring like weather in the forecast starting Thursday, I am wondering how long will it take for the Harbor by the ship in Jordan to open up. Sunday, Monday has light winds predicted and I wouldn't mind driving over to take a shot at some Browns. Even if someone knows of any access to Lake Ontario where I can launch a Kayak from, I would be interested.
  2. I have wanted to come and fish the region for a few years now and made my first trip last year in the spring and fished Lake Ontario out of Jordan. Only fished about 5 hours, had 3 good hookups, but lost them all. Coming from Windsor, I travel to fish species that aren't available to me in the Western Basin of Lake Erie, Detroit River and Lake St. Clair. So Salmon, Steelhead, Lakers, Brown Trout is what I have to travel for. Lake Ontario, and Lake Michigan are 3 hours each way for me. I will fish in current as long at it isn't too bad. I fish the Detroit River regularily.
  3. The 2014 Border City Classic will be held on June 28th, in Windsor, Ontario. This is the 4th year of the BCC and is a Windsor Summerfest event hosted by the Windsor Parade Corporation. The BCC is a Catch, Photo, and Release of your 3 best LM or SM Bass fishing from specified launches on both the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair. The event will be fished from both the US and Canadian side of the border with dinner and awards at the Riverside Sporsmens Club immediately after fishing. For 2014, Hobiecat has selected the BCC as the only Canadian Qualifier for the 2014 Hobie Fishing World Championships to be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands on October 5-11. The highest placing Canadian Kayak Angler will have the privilage to represent Canada in Amsterdam. The successful angler will also be given funds to offset travel costs. Your $50 entry fee covers dinner and a chance at winning prizes. Any sponsored kayaks will be drawn from all the participants. So far we have a Jackson SUPerfishal donated. If you are coming from out of town, camping at the Riverside Sportsmens Club is also included in your entry. http://www.bordercityclassic.com
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