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  1. Heading to Varadero, Cuba in December. Anyone have any recommendations on fishing down there? I find the resort charter boats are usually a scam.
  2. Yes, that is the same thing, but they don't make one for a 90 HP Evinrude ETEC.
  3. Contacted them.....they don't have the model for my engine and directed me to order online direct from the company.
  4. Anyone know where to buy something like this in Canada? www.motormateusa.com
  5. I'm planting for whenever the deer eat them!! LOL
  6. Looking for apple trees as well if anyone knows a good place to buy them. Can order 5000 sugar beet seeds from eBay for 6.96 US dollars
  7. Anyone know where I can purchase sugar beet seeds in Niagara? I'll give it a try this year
  8. Hot Salsa Colon Cleansers.... Hahaha
  9. Lucky for sure! My buddy did the same on Pelee Island. CO made him go to his truck and get it.
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