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  1. This video really shows the power of the storm on Hallowen
  2. The lake was nice all day out crystal beach , layed right down around 3:30 . Wish i could report a good day of perching. I covered alot of realesate on lake Erie yesterday and never got into the motherload . Marked a lot of what looked like perch but getting the to bite was another story ,caught alot of Gobbies...
  3. Anybody else see the action in the marina today we could seethe smoke 7 MILES out. When we got in the boat was in front of the fuel dock still smoldering and stinking up the place. I hope everyone got off ok before it really went up.
  4. we were fishing out of crystal beach last evening , and the wind was blowing pretty good . we were in a 20ft lund and taking a few over the bow, and low and behold along comes a pontoon boat trolling along as stable as can be. At first we were like what the **** are they crazy but as they passed we all changed are tune . they looked high and dry and enjoying themselves.
  5. Ice should clear off the lake pretty fast
  6. Fonthill


    they are there i was out of maitland this evening and came thru a large group of something on the bottom so i slowed and let my lead core sink to bottom and presto perch on .
  7. I replaced mine last year with a cabelas ratchet support system cover, I have not had problems with it leaking but it's a PIA to put it on with the supplied straps .it didn't come with support posts so I used my old one in the middle and up front I have a wooden bow across to support cover. Without them the cover pools water on it as the straps in the cover are not tight enough to support it. If I had to do it again I would get the factory cover copied by a custom shop
  8. they will start removing the boom tomorrow .
  9. Fonthill

    Erie ice

  10. Fonthill

    Erie ice

    Buffalo news reported 10% coverage but some very large floaters
  11. Good to see they are finally putting some teeth in convictions for not following in the rules https://www.baytoday.ca/more-local/13050-fine-and-licence-suspension-for-over-limit-of-walleye-878280
  12. i like the ray marime dragonfly as it has a wifi hot spot so i can link it to my tablet and have a second screen on the boat to have the gps on one and the chart on the other .it does not link to my bow mount but i don't find that a big deal .
  13. you can put the navonics ap on a samsung phone or tablet for 20 bucks for a one year subscription, on my tablet it works great and is alot cheaper then renewing my subscription on my ray marine . for some reason it is way more to buy for the apple version.
  14. Yes you can run a jet off in line boards, I usually run 2 jets and a dipsey off Port side, just remember to have your shallow running jet out the furthest , then run the deeper one in closer and a dipsey in close off the back corner on a one set with no board even deeper . That way if you catch on the outside it will come in over the deeper lines without tangles. same goes for lead core off the other side . When checking lines just skip the board over to the middle and bring it in down the chute . When letting it back out just float it straight out the back till it clears the other lines and then set it and let it move In to position . I,ve been In teaching mode for the last 2 days with a buddy that's a bass guy wanting to transition to trolling pickerel we got his boat and tackle all rigged , had 6 Lines out today with no tangles he is on his own after today . I
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