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  1. cptpronin


    Bowfishing? I'm picturing the movie Deliverance right now...
  2. cptpronin

    Why ?

    The types who leave garbage like that usually have no respect for themselves let alone others and their surroundings.
  3. No real good info for you, but there are some salmon in the fall. Usual list of warm water stream species. Not sure if there are bows that run the humber or not.
  4. Yarnies FTW! orange/chartruese yarnie, #6 hook, orange corkie to match the hook size was the winning ticket. Best of all is no mess and the only rebaiting was from a couple snags and switching up the colour/combo.
  5. Much appreciated! Picked up some yarn. Couldn't find gold, but got some pink, red, and chartreuse. Tied a couple and have to say they turned out better than I thought they would. Going to make up a few more and see if I can't get out to the lower and give them a go this weekend. They are kind of fun to make.
  6. Been looking up yarn balls and curious if anybody fishes them with any degree of success in the lower on a three-way bounce rig. Any suggestions on size, with/without corkies/spin-n-glows? Thanks!
  7. Getting paid next week, going to check it out and maybe blow some money. If it is anything like the BPS in Vaughn, I could probably knock off some Christmas shopping there too lol.
  8. There must be a lot of guys with limps with all this knee jerking going on. BTW, have you ever been inside BPS at Vaughn Mills? That place is amazing.
  9. Check out the whiskers on that thing! Warden sounds like a class act.
  10. Rubber net and never looking back. Worth the $50. Lucky Srike from crappy tire with a 5' extendable handle... if you can find something with a longer handle, it would be better. I have to get on my belly and reach down to land fish off the piers... but I use it for almost every other fishing scenario out there.
  11. Haven't heard word of a run up the Credit, but nothing says you can't try. Jigs, yarnies, roe sacs, fake roe as a float presentation, or #1 - #3 vibrax spinners or 1/4oz - 2/5oz spoons can work. Right now is the time to chuck 3/4oz spoons off the pier. 3/4oz cleos and dardevles.
  12. Maybe pushing a decent 3lbs. Nice fish.
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