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  1. Don't worry to much, summer fishing is generally very tough. Go back in the fall and you will see a world of a difference!
  2. What were they biting on? Heading out to morning out of sugarloaf with the kayak aswell.
  3. No doubt eh kawarthas has some huge largies! We worked hard for our limit and got it so it was a real accomplishment for us. Definitely got to figure out prefish arrangments as i dont have my own bass boat but will ask my boater next time if hed want to arrange that! Got another qualifier on long point in less than a month and hope to place a bit better in that one!
  4. It definitely wasnt a breeze fishing without the chance for prefish but my partner and i had a blast! Winning bag was 15lbs... We got 7lbs ahaha never the less, they were the local guys and had a week of prefish. Our boater was also inexperieneced on that lake. They had a whole bag of largies, we had smallies cause we couldnt grind out the largies for the life of us! Put us in 4th place but st catharines teams came 4th,3rd, and 2nd so that was quite the accomplishment!
  5. okay cool will do there is plenty of docks between lindsay and bobcaygeon but shouldnt be too much pressure its only about a 12 boat tournament although the winner does qualify for team ontario in the fall and highschool nationals! Should i hit topwater frogs around stumps before fishing docks? I feel like docks are more of a mid day thing considering they provide so much shade...if youd prefer to do this over text feel free to text me at 2896680683!
  6. Do you think its worth making a run from the Lindsay up to Bobcaygeon? Should I fish the docks in between?
  7. Hey guys I have a pretty big highschool Bassmasters tournament coming up July 12 on Sturgeon lake! I've never fished this lake before so its a huge challenge to figure out where I'll catch the fish and on what. So far I basically know its a very weedy lake with lots of shallow cover. We are launching out of the Lindsay river/scugog river... At this time of the year, where will I get the most consistent bite and where may I find a kicker? My partner is pretty adamant on staying shallow all day (which i understand will get bites) but I can't help but feel like giving it a go on secondary points and deeper weedlines (10-15ft) with powershot and crankbaits... Honestly any tips would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance! Kris Text at 2896680683 if you've got any "secret" tips lol
  8. Bps is a nice place to hangout in the winter... That is all lol I'll go to Pete's or Fishing World any day over BPS, if there is something you can't find at Peters it will be at Fishing World no doubt! The in store knowledge and accommodation for the Jr Bassmasters always brings me back to these places and they almost always have sales of soft plastics which is great! Rod selection is also by far better at these stores
  9. I had an interview at Grandview Horse Farms but they were looking for someone on the weekends, I couldn't take the position because I'm always fishing recreational or tournaments on the weekend! I think I'd love a farm job although, I love working outdoors. I've been looking on kijiji and indeed everyday and haven't seen to many more farm jobs yet, might have to start knocking on doors for sure! And to Big Dog thank you so much that sounds great, any job to make some extra cash is good for me! Got to support the tournament fees somehow haha
  10. Bass opener is the only day I anticipate as much as Christmas! Hope to catch em this weekend regardless of the weather turnout!!
  11. My bad, located in St.Catharine's and okay will give it a look!
  12. I am a 16 year old male student out for the summer and in dire need of a job! I just left my McDonalds job because I couldn't stand being couped up in the kitchen. Soon did I realize that I need money for my fishing addiction lol I am looking for any outdoor/indoor jobs you have to offer. Id much rather do hard physical work rather than meticulous repetitive work. Grass cutting, yard work, painting, moving, cleaning etc Of course any fishing related jobs are considered! Im even interested in full time jobs for the summer ( Mon- Fri) and my brother (18 and has g2 to drive us) is as well! Please let me know what position or work you have to offer. Thank you for taking the time to read, Kris
  13. Yes frogs and t rigs are the way to go on Dils lake even on a sunny day, but you must be persistent. Hopefully the water color will be a bit nicer this year as last year it was pretty murky but a 7" powerworm in a dark color will slay them in the thick stuff. Might try targeting the weed lines with a swim jig or chatter bait this year, definitely could hold some monsters. But now after reading this forum, I think I may have to get out on erie! Anyone know of a good kayak accesible spot that I can test my luck with some smallies on opener? Just outside of sugarloaf or anywhere near fort Erie?
  14. Im taking my yak out on Dils Lake part of chippewa creek conservation for some heavy cover bass to start off the season right!
  15. Hey guys thanks for the welcome! We definitely did our research before picking out the yaks and glad we did. Went out to the harbour this past Sunday and only managed to catch 1 pike but still had a good time testing out the yaks. We all managed to stand and fish with ease! Anyway, we are planning on going out this Thursday evening before our kawartha walleye/pike trip Monday. Anybody know of yak accesible walleye/perch or pike spots around? Is it easy to locate fish out in lake o or erie? Thanks any tips appreciated!
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