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  1. bbrt

    Congrats Tyler0420

    Thanks Tyler and Cliff for all your hard work
  2. bbrt

    Nice to get out

    Always make time to relax...
  3. bbrt

    New Sponsor to NFN

    Please welcome Forged Fly Fishing to NFN. Stop by and say hi. http://www.niagarafishing.net/forums/forum/160-forged-fly-fishing/ Dave
  4. bbrt

    Welcome To NFN

    Welcome to NiagaraFishing.net WE hope you enjoy your stay with us. Dave
  5. bbrt

    The Curse of the Gray Photobucket Box

    Sorry can't help with the wind.
  6. bbrt

    The Curse of the Gray Photobucket Box

    All done your scroll wheels can now cool down...lol .Does anyone have access to the photos that were used for the sponsors I can't seem to find them anywhere to put them up for our advertisers. Dave
  7. bbrt

    Niagara river underwater

    Awesome video keep them coming I really enjoy them and seem to get a better understanding with every video you post. Thank you.
  8. bbrt

    Today's River dive

    Great Video I really enjoy watching them. Dave
  9. bbrt

    Lake Erie top Water Suprise

    very nice surprise. Dave
  10. bbrt

    Niagara underwater video

    Awsome video keep them coming.. Dave
  11. bbrt

    Longnose Gar At Martindale Pond.

    Nice Gar congrats Dave
  12. bbrt

    Banner Needed

    PM sent Cliff. Dave
  13. bbrt

    Wind Direction

    I found this on another site and thought it was a very useful tool for predicting wind and when to or when not to hit the lake. Hope it is useful for everyone... https://www.windyty.com/?42.646,-79.934,10 Dave
  14. bbrt

    New Guy

    Welcome to the board. Dave