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  1. That sucks! Sorry to hear about your troubles!
  2. Good for you! My son and I were skunked at Jordan last week. Welland River?
  3. NAS on Hwy 20 just west of the Allanburg bridge.
  4. That's exactly what I had said I was going to do, but I ended up putting it back once I snapped the pic. And yes, there were splashing all around the shore, porpoising and swimming circles. I didn't realize they got that big.
  5. Now I'll have to measure the net! I'm thinking the fish was at least 16" in length...
  6. Greetings all! My son and I went for a paddle today targeting cats and got the big white stripe! We netted this guy that was doing circles on the surface. Saw a few others doing the same and one dead one. Any thoughts on what this is? Kinda looks like a grass carp I thought...
  7. Yet, golf courses are full with golfers rubbing shoulders in golf carts...
  8. Glad that you finally got out! I've driven past there hundreds of times and often thought about casting a line. Definitely looks like cat and carp territory!
  9. The topic of fishing from a boat or fishing in general has been beaten to death. My son and I were out this morning from shore, 14 cats and one rudd. Driving home and passing a golf course that was extremely busy opened my eyes as guys were shoulder to shoulder in carts...I wonder how many were from the same household, just saying.
  10. If only I knew where you lived!!!!
  11. I concur Smerch, it is never really advisable to go boating by yourself. I've been doing all the grocery shopping (and LCBO/beer store) and, although there really hasn't been any lingering, people walk by each other all the time. I would think being out in the open air within a few feet would be much safer. Having said that, it's only my son who comes out with me anyway.
  12. Sorry I missed you. The last time I was there, there were two guys with their rod pods, one guy had a white van.
  13. I looked for you around 9:30 where I "thought" you were going to be but you eluded me! Looks like you had a decent day with some action!
  14. I believe I know where you'll be, if I get the chance I'll slide by.
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