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  1. We do have a beautiful province and country!
  2. Surely a night you'll both remember (and he may brag about!!). Building memories is one of the reasons we do this.
  3. Bubba14

    kid fish'n

    The quarries in Port Colborne on Quarry Road south of Hwy 3. There are a TON of sunnies in there willing to bite. I haven't been there yet this year but they have never disappointed in the past. Drops right off and you'll be fishing on a stone bank so lots of eyes on the kids and possibly life jackets. The quarry on the west side and the south bank has worked best for me.
  4. A carp day is much better than a crap day...
  5. Bill letting Jack in on the carp action!
  6. Hog of a brown, congrats!
  7. A little bit of bling on those!!
  8. Is this for tomorrow or Sunday?
  9. Great job Gunner on your bird and for taking down a fawn/turkey killer!!
  10. That's awesome, good for you!! I've only been out three times so far with no luck. Hope to get out again soon. That's a great first success story!!
  11. We were in 72 FOW pretty much out from Sherkston.
  12. Gaza321 and I made it out to Erie this morning for a fish. We got there for the late bite and had to move around a bit but we got some keepers, enough for a good feed tonight! Some small ones in the bunch that we wouldn't normally keep but they were ferocious and swallowed the hook!!
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