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  1. Good luck to all and please stay safe!
  2. Well told story and great pics, making memories!
  3. And you'd best do it because you won't like the consequences!
  4. Thats a great day right there!!!!!
  5. Wowza!! You slayed em!! Congrats and good report!
  6. Hey Fred, are you enrolled in the witness protection program?? Good job!!
  7. Heading up to Jack Lake (Apsley) on Saturday for a week. We were there last year as well and it wasn't until the second last day that I kept some bluegill. I had never eaten them before and may target them this year. They were plentiful and awesome!!!
  8. Thats what I run too Bill, same reel on an old downrigger rod. I get good distance and it has handled the little guys I've managed to catch so far! Bought Gaza a dedicated carp setup but don't have one for myself yet?!?!
  9. Good job Tyler! The one thing I really like about this site is that people will actually share information and tips!!
  10. I'm heading up to Jack Lake (Apsley) in a couple of weeks and will likely have to change where I fish and presentations from last year, we shall see!
  11. Bubba14

    Pike pic

    Good job my friend!!
  12. We do have a beautiful province and country!
  13. Surely a night you'll both remember (and he may brag about!!). Building memories is one of the reasons we do this.
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