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  1. Exactly, thanks a bunch Tyler!! Only caught two dinks but I could have been skunked and it still would have been a good time. We aren't going to mention the sausage-fest right??
  2. I'll definitely try that. Even sitting at home with the house at 70 degrees my hands and feet are cold. Wife doesn't appreciate me sticking them on her either!!
  3. One of the things that keeps me from getting out much at this time of year is that my hands get really cold, really quick!! I see the pics of Cliff and Jack out there and wish I could join them but I would be in pain!! Does anyone have any tips or tricks for keeping their hands from freezing other than wearing gloves that will then affect the sensitivity of feeling something mouth the bait? I saw an idea a while back and tried it but it didn't work for me. What the guy did was wear sport wrist bands and he had two hot pockets under each one, one on the topside and one on the underside of the wrist. It seemed like it would work but it didn't for me.
  4. The long range forecast has changed a bit (if you can believe the weather prognosticators), and it shows it being a little colder and a lot less rain in the days leading up to next weekend than it showed yesterday!
  5. Used to catch some beauty smallies in the reservoir 30 years ago...
  6. My son and I should be good to go and weekends are best for us as well.
  7. Thank you Tyler for keeping this going and thanks to Cliff for starting it. I don't post a whole lot as I don't get out too much but hopefully both points change in the near future.
  8. From buying Cliff's old canoe to having this site, Cliff has contributed in some way to some great fishing memories for me. I appreciate everything Cliff (and all who contribute here) and also thank Tyler for keeping this great site up and running!
  9. Bubba14


    One of my best days on the water with my son was fishing cats in Jordan in the canoe. We were towed around a lot that day!!
  10. That's awesome, something he'll never forget!!
  11. Haven't been out at all, work getting in the way!!
  12. I make something very similar to this and it is DELICIOUS!!!!!
  13. Fishing will be good therapy for you!!
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