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  1. https://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/news-story/9292524-port-dalhousie-piers-repairs-ahead-of-schedule/?fbclid=iwar1q90yr6l3pmpjkqduzsziihfz-hskyoj50zq9i8zvut-obdkwth69fuxg
  2. Good luck with the opener!! I probably won't be out till the first week of May.
  3. I may have to look into some of that Ultrashield. I haven't found the ticks too bad the last couple of years and I'm out in the fields and bush for work as well as while hunting. There was one property I hunted a few years back, only lasted about 45 minutes. You could see the ticks literally hunting you!! I should have counted how many I picked off myself that day AFTER getting out of the bush, would have been well over 50 for sure.
  4. Anybody else getting amped up for the season? I walked a couple of the properties I have permission to hunt on yesterday and the sign was very promising. Lots of deer tracks and unfortunately many coyote tracks too.
  5. The used boat I bought last year has vinyl and yes, it sure is nice!!
  6. Smerch, was this in the Thorold area?
  7. I won't be out tomorrow either, have the grandson overnight tonight. It was chore day for me as well today.
  8. Still a much better time had than working all day!
  9. I like the way you think Jack, I'd be in!!
  10. I've seen those trail cam videos as well of the coyotes taking down deer, not sure how common it is. The fawns are especially vulnerable. Two of the turkey properties I hunt on are farms, one dairy and the other sheep. As you can expect, they don't care for the coyotes being around. They have seen tracks and scat right up near the barns and have watched as one coyote lured their dog away, only to have another coyote join in when the dog got far enough from the house. I have been out on the farms for the sole purpose of knocking a couple down but haven't had any success yet. They are very stealthy and elusive, using their keen senses to their advantage.
  11. I was outside working almost all day, was a beautiful day to be out, just wish I was fishing!!
  12. As much as I prefer to support small businesses, I see that BP has this stuff on sale this week for 50% off. Anybody use this fluorocarbon?
  13. I've surpassed that by a few years Smerch, you're helping me build my case!!
  14. Exactly, thanks a bunch Tyler!! Only caught two dinks but I could have been skunked and it still would have been a good time. We aren't going to mention the sausage-fest right??
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