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  1. Bubba14

    My other hobby...

    I make something very similar to this and it is DELICIOUS!!!!!
  2. Bubba14

    It's been a while

    Fishing will be good therapy for you!!
  3. Bubba14

    Just for fun product verse name

    Nice! Never heard them called that but I can definitely see why. My son and I have an '82 Moto-Ski Mirage II that we are currently fixing up.
  4. We headed out to the hunt camp last Friday and came back late yesterday, WMU 47, west of South River. Tags were very scarce this year, our group of 9 guys were only successful in getting 2 antlerless tags. Two guys had arrived on Thursday to get the camp set up and it was good to go once my son and I arrived. Saturday didn't look very promising as we ran 4 different chunks of bush and didn't see any really fresh sign. We "dog" the bush for deer, usually with two guys going through and the rest are watchers. There was fresh snow Sunday and we took full advantage. After taking a break after the morning runs we went back at it in the afternoon. At 1:20 I hear 3 well spaced shots and very shortly after my son advises that he had shot at a buck and believed he had hit it. About three minutes later there were two more shots and my son says "deer down". I finished the run and came out to my son who had a yearling doe down. He told me where the buck was when he shot at it and lo and behold, theres blood...and lots of it! Tracked for about 40 yards and there was a 7 pointer down. The first two deer he's ever shot at! Fast forward to Tuesday, the only day I took a watcher position and on this particular run I was the next watch over from my son. Through the thick bush I see two deer about 75 yards away, and they are angling towards the next watch where my son is. As they get out of sight I wait....BOOM!!!! followed by two quick shots (which weren't necessary). The doe then circles back and stops broadside to me at about 40 yards with nothing between us but I can't shoot because I don't know if my son just filled our last antlerless tag. I walked over towards my son and immediately see a great blood trail, 30 yards later theres yearling buck down that we have to throw an antlerless tag on. The bugger has just taken the first three deer he's ever shot at! We hunted the rest of the week and had deer moving but didn't get any shots at bucks. Fantastic week had by all.
  5. Bubba14

    Wood varnish/protective coating

    Thanks again for the info guys. After lots of interruptions with family related stuff I have finally completed the varnish. I used a grey stain as my boat is grey, then four coats of the Helmsman and it looks fantastic!! Hopefully going to put it back together tomorrow.
  6. Bubba14

    Jig-a-Jo torpedo weight

    Further...I see these 10 pounders that were $39 are on for $33 this week...
  7. Bubba14

    Jig-a-Jo torpedo weight

    Just an update on these weights. My son and I went out earlier this week and the weights tracked straight and true, that's all I could ask for.
  8. Bubba14

    Wood varnish/protective coating

    Thanks a lot guys, gonna pick up some today.
  9. Bubba14

    Jig-a-Jo torpedo weight

    Thanks Bill! I picked up a couple of older Luhr Jensen manual riggers with about 3 foot booms. Don't really know how heavy I can go. Was thinking that with the torpedo shaped weight I could likely go a little lighter because there wouldn't be as much drag. The only experience I have is with regular cannonballs years ago.
  10. Bubba14

    Jig-a-Jo torpedo weight

    Anybody have any experience with this downrigger weight?
  11. Hi guys, looking for some advice on a wood coating/preservative. I have an older Crestliner Fish Hawk. Most of the wood had been replaced prior to me buying it. It is a side console and the left side piece and foot-well piece of the console need replacing. They are currently covered in vinyl but I'm looking at replacing the wood and applying a varnish coating. Looking at the big box stores around me I have found Minwax Helmsman, Armor Coat Spar Varnish and Duralux Marine Spar Varnish. Any and all suggestions are welcomed...Thanks a bunch!
  12. Bubba14

    Fishing in the Am

    I'll take 4-5 pounders any day!
  13. Bubba14

    Fishing in the Am

    Hey Cliff, how did you do?
  14. Bubba14

    Fishing in the Am

    Very tempting but I just got home today, 8 hour drive, after being away since Monday. Thanks for the offer though!