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  1. Reminds me of a story I saw quite a few years ago out in the Maritimes. They were having a cull because the deer were dying of starvation. The herd had become so big and they were eating so much that there wasn't enough food for them all. All the animal activists were "up in arms" because they wanted nature to take its course. Dying of starvation would have to be absolutely awful!!
  2. I came home from the deer hunt on Saturday. We hunt area 47, south of the French River and west of Hwy 11. It was -25 Saturday morning with a windchill of -31. Needless to say, I'm glad I'm back home! It has been months since I've wet a line, would love to get out somewhere!
  3. Good luck lads!! I'll be finishing up my deer hunt at the camp. Haven't fished in what seems like forever! Hope to see the gang soon.
  4. Check the local pawn shops, that's probably where the stuff will end up, that really sucks!!
  5. I'd gladly hunt them all year long in an effort to fill my freezer!!
  6. No "season" for them, you can shoot them all year! From what I've read, they are such prolific breeders that even hunting them won't stop them once they are established. And the damage they can do in a short period of time is incredible!
  7. Bubba14


    Gotta love the history!!
  8. Good luck to all and please stay safe!
  9. Well told story and great pics, making memories!
  10. And you'd best do it because you won't like the consequences!
  11. Thats a great day right there!!!!!
  12. Wowza!! You slayed em!! Congrats and good report!
  13. Hey Fred, are you enrolled in the witness protection program?? Good job!!
  14. Heading up to Jack Lake (Apsley) on Saturday for a week. We were there last year as well and it wasn't until the second last day that I kept some bluegill. I had never eaten them before and may target them this year. They were plentiful and awesome!!!
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