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  1. I was lucky enough to be able to leave early from work at 4:30am yesterday morning to get out turkey hunting only to find when I got to my spot that my ground blind was gone. Once it was light enough to see, I also noticed that one of my tree stands was gone along with my climbing sticks. The last time I was out was this past Saturday morning and everything was good. Whoever it was, also left a few empty beer cans for me to pick up too. I have been hunting this property for 17 years now as it is owned by a buddy of mine, and I've never had a problem up to this point. I followed some fresh quad tracks through my buddie's property to one of two house's just down the road but was unable to determine witch driveway they pulled into. Why do people have to be such scumbags?
  2. It was hard for me to hear anything in the blind with the rain coming down. Probably didn't help me out that I had a deer blowing at least 20 times from 40 yards away at 5:55am. It wouldn't leave. Just kept standing there snorting and telling me that my hunt was over before it began.
  3. 204 Ruger, .223 and 22-250 are all great Yote guns. I also agree with Gunner that a shotgun works well too. Depends on the set up. Even when using a rifle it is nice to bring the shotgun along in case one sneaks in close on you. When I go with my buddy we usually take 1 rifle and 1 shotgun for our setups.
  4. The deep snow from the past 2 consecutive years was really hard on the local turkey population. I have a couple of buddys that came across a couple of places that had multiple turkey remains while they were shed hunting last spring.
  5. Follow game trails through thick scrub brush and along field edges.
  6. I finally was able to get out this past Friday. Planned to go many different days so far this summer but the weather never cooperates with me. We ended up going 3 for 5. All fish on jets and dipseys dragging harnesses. The biggest was 6.5 lbs and the other 2 were both 4 lbs.
  7. Same thing on Erie this year. We have a cottage just east of Morgans. We usually we have anywhere from 15 feet to 25 feet of sand from our break wall to the water, and this year the water is up at least 18 inches on the break wall. No beach at all. Wondering why? Any ideas?
  8. She can buy a non resident licence. My bro came down here from Alberta to ice fish Erie with me for a week in march and he paid around $36 for his licence and $15 for his Ontario outdoors card. The only difference is with a non resident licence, you can keep the same number of fish as a resident conservation licence and don't have an option for a licence with a resident sport fishing limit.
  9. i've noticed some in Welland the past few days as well. In the river and flying around too.
  10. Lungpuncher

    Erie Ice

    Was at the cottage on Saturday west of Morgans. Ice still as far out as you can see.
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