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  1. BillyD

    Quinte Report for Nov. 23,24,25.

    Beauty!! Saw this post on ofc last night. Cold time of year to be out there but worth it for sure if that's the reward!
  2. I find with ours that if something is in between the operator and unit it doesn't work. Bill
  3. BillyD


    Welcome! Lots of experience and knowledge from the guys here, should get you going! bill
  4. BillyD

    Some pics

    Beautiful lakers! Good job man!
  5. BillyD

    Start'em young

    Lol that's awesome!! And here I'm thinking 3 is too young! bill
  6. BillyD

    Commanda Lake

    Hey would like to pm you. Commanda has been on my hit list and my daughter being 3 now, would like to bring her up to the camp there. If you're ok with it would love to pick your brain thanks bill
  7. BillyD

    Commanda Lake

    Beautiful report! Looks like an awesome family vacation:)
  8. BillyD

    DeeDee's first toothy critter

    Great pic and a great memory!
  9. BillyD

    Pike Leaders

    Fluoro for sure! Used them for a while now and haven't been bitten off yet.
  10. BillyD

    Fun weekend chasing pannies

    That's awesome! Can't wait to bring my daughter out for her first time! Way to go:)
  11. BillyD

    Crappie Mount

    Looks good to me! Nice job
  12. BillyD

    St. John's?

    Never heard of it until this thread. Good to know for when my daughter gets a couple more years older. My only trout fishing is our spring Algonquin trip, lakers and brookies. St. John's sounds great for kids or a relaxing day!
  13. BillyD

    Inland Trout Opener

    I do most of my trout fishing in Algonquin. No crowds and enjoy the bush at the same time!! Can't wait for the first week of May!
  14. BillyD


    That's beautiful!!! Got the itch!