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  1. gunner-2

    Congrats Tyler0420

    congrats Tyler
  2. gunner-2

    announcement to members

    Thanks Cliff for all the hard work you have done for this forum and the opportunity you have gave me for being a MOD on here . I look forward to working with Tyler to keep this forum running smooth if he wan't to keep me on
  3. gunner-2

    announcement to members

    That's awesome Tyler0420 I think its great to keep this forum going THANK YOU TYLER0420
  4. gunner-2

    announcement to members

    Keep it going Cliff i will pay $20 a year as well jwl1 true words but it's simple you don't chip in you don't get access just keep tabs on the people that pay i'm sure there are many guys/girls that wold pay. give it a try and if there is not enough members signing up to keep going then maybe shut it down.Cliff i dont think people are losing interest we are just in a time were hunting is over and no ice to get out on give it some thought and if you still feel the same way then let it go
  5. I.m against drinking and driving but our rights are going by by fast Its 2019 and we can put a stop to this crap if we don.t you won.t even be able to go to the store without the chance of being pulled over just to have a breath test .All this crap came up after all them people got there wish for legalization of pot there is going to be more then half of ONT being at risk if you have a drink the next morning you still have the smell of booze on your breath if you smoke pot once or twice a week or even a month it takes a month for it to leave your system .I hope it as worth it
  6. gunner-2

    announcement to members

    Very bad news i would love to see this forum keep going i have met a lot of great people from this forum rather it was fishing /hunting/or a few contest i had did on this forum .I understand but hope it does keep going
  7. gunner-2

    My son's first deer

    congrats on your first deer that's a nice buck
  8. gunner-2


    Wishing every one at NFN and there family a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and all the best for the NEW YEAR
  9. Good stuff you had lots of snow makes them easier to see good for your son
  10. gunner-2

    Controlled Hunt

    Way to go Surf and Turf not a buck but you still put meat in the freezer i had a doe come into me two nights ago but to dark to shoot my buddy pushed her out on his way out of his stand if he was 1 min sooner i would have had enough light to shoot but didn't work out that way she stopped 15 yards in front of me but open sites couldn't make a shot
  11. gunner-2

    Controlled Hunt

    haven't seen a deer yet even bow hunting Niagara area. Darn things must be moving after dark i am hunting this week see what happens
  12. gunner-2

    I went a stalkin'

    GOOD JOB Mike Pike thats a nice looking carp the yellow on it is bright
  13. gunner-2

    How has your duck hunt been so far

    Its funny i have always had a dog but never had a dog with this problem what is going on or is it just labs?I have 2 choc labs only one hunts but they both have allergies but this year Gunner has it bad this year.
  14. gunner-2

    How has your duck hunt been so far

    Ya it's a bummer and i wan't to get out my spot has a lot of birds but it's not the same with out my buddy if his meds clear him up and his raw spots clear up i will get him out or if can set up in the field i will take out .I feel guilty going out with out him but at the same time i like to duck hunt too
  15. gunner-2

    How has your duck hunt been so far

    Thanks duck&wine it sucks bad he loves to hunt i might take a day to hunt my spot in the field if i can get them to come to the cut corn field i might take him out a day or two but they seem to just go to the creek and the mud in the creek stinks bad so not sending him in there