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  1. Way to go W.C take them all out
  2. Good job brookie slayer it's nice to get your deer but it sucks when it's over lol it's to bad we cant take one of each next decent day i'm out there hope this wind goes away soon
  3. Ya it's not good the more we mess around the worst things are going to get .A lot of these bad disease's we are getting are from 3rd world countries it's easy for people to bring things back with them or people that migrate here and the weather plays a big role in it to we don't get winters like we use to that can kill off a lot of bacteria now it can thrive and spread.Our wild life will soon pay for all this maybe not in our time but it will happen.We seem to think that we need to make things better every year and for what for the more we play around the harder the environment get's hit. I was watching a show on ticks and stuff ticks will stay active until the temp hits -7 thats cold the tick's and mosquito are so bad in Alaska they are killing the moose and caribou by taking to much blood and the government won't do a thing about it so just give it time all will start to fall
  5. went out this morning i had a doe and a fawn walk right past me at 35 yards and about 25 min later had a small 4 point come past didn't take him and i have a tag for a doe but let her go to looking for a bigger buck lot's of time yet i'm thinking about getting a turkey tag i know they are in there too
  6. Good luck to you mooseslayer that sucks that you never got a tag i'v been wanting to get out to scout but just to hot it is going to cool down so i will take some time after sunday be safe
  7. I will say me and my buddy had a good hunt with 7 woodies 1 Mallards all was good until that sun came up we could not stay out any longer the heat was just to much to handle sun on my back felt like i was standing in front of a stove on a summer day i will not go out again until it cools down. But i must say there is a good number of woodies and teal this year never got any teal but seen lots a lot better then past years .My dog was happy as he got to go swimming a lot
  8. Well it's up on us guys duck season is hear good luck to all duck hunters shoot straight and be safe
  9. It's very disappointing to see smerch and it's something thats going to be past down generation after generation and like you said of all people fishermen should have more respect for the environment .But think again that's only in fairy tales. Thank you for picking that mess up and i hope that if any young kids see this post will do there best to end this trend it's to bad we couldn't have volunteers working for the Environment Canada that can legally charge these nit wits i would be the first to sign up but thats another fairy tale as it's not in our governments agenda GOOD JOB SMERCHLY
  10. Good jog bigugli it's always nice to have that well deserved brake
  11. Ya i'm getting pumped up for it to just getting out hunting after a long not so great summer is just what the DR ordered
  12. yes it is Surf and Turf good luck on the moose hunt i have to get out this week and hang my tree stands as well.
  13. Any one getting out for the early goose hunt or for doves i'm just going to wait for duck to open
  14. good luck Jmo go get them