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  1. Ya this will start this deer season https://www.ontario.ca/page/submit-hunter-report
  2. Don't forget there is a mandatory report we have report if we don't you can be fined and will not get a tag the next year
  3. Wishing all the dads a happy fathers day on N.F.N
  4. I just cant understand why these people can bring this stuff in but refuse to take it out
  5. They ask what WMU you hunt in if you shot a bird .How many birds you seen in the WMU you hunt how many days you hunted thats about it if you dont send a report you can get a fine and cant get a tag for the next seasons hunt new rules for 2019
  6. thanks for the heads up i did forget just did it thanks again Surf and Turf one day left man oh man
  7. No kidding Brian_b libs going on about the environment what are they going to do with the battery's when they are no good
  8. duck&wine thanks for the kind words no truer words can be said about our family pets
  9. Wow what a hog good job 10 fish in 3 hours thats a good days fishing
  10. Thanks DaveC your so right they are family .we will be taking time but will be getting another pup but this time i can have my grandson tag along with the training of the pup to retrieve ducks
  11. Your so right verado we are thinking in time we will get another pup not ready yet we still have gunners daughter but we can tell she is lost and and very sad if it keeps up we MIGHT get one sooner for her. Gunner can't be replaced that is for sure but a new pup will be loved just as much .smerchly your so right too a dogs life is much to short and we know this so we give them every ounce of love we have and thats why it hurts so bad to let them go THANKS VERADO FOR YOUR KIND WORDS
  12. Thanks guys for the kind words and i will admit this will take me some time to get over as he was just one of the boys he enjoyed duck hunting more than i did and i loved it especially with him by my side .Thanks for letting me vent guys fishingking i have been through it a few times and it never gets easier especially Gunner as we did have a special bond when a buddy couldn't hunt he was always there to fill in no matter what THANKS AGAIN GUYS IT MEANS A LOT TO ME FOR YOUR KIND WORDS
  13. Lost our very special friend Gunner today at the age of 10 1/2.years old He was a great family pet friend and hunting partner he will be missed.But i know he will always be with us R.I.P MY FRIEND off to the happy hunting grounds in heaven
  14. Scum that is all they are rather tigers all the way down to a turkey there just scum . Not just the poachers but the scum that pays out i'm glad the police took them out one for the good guys unfortunately there will always be more scum to take over Take out the buyers to. it's hard to comment on this without showing anger and i must not cross that line so i will leave it at that. Makes me sick
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