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  1. Don't forget to do your mandatory turkey report by june 14
  2. https://www.thecanadianrevolution.ca/
  3. Thats right if we don't stand up now Canada is lost
  4. I didn't think it was going to happen so it put a bigger smile on my face thinking about getting my last tag and going after hi buddy not sure might leave him alone and let him finish with the hens .But there might be another bird around there and if so then for sure will try to fill my last tag
  5. Thanks Tyler0420 yes i'm pounding it into him next month he will be going out with me to put trail cams out
  6. AMEN now if we can get the rest of the masses to think the same way Canada needs to wake up
  7. So true Surf and Turf so true a person doesn't know from one day to the next what he is going to pull on us and that should scare the HE#!! out of us
  8. Ah ok genec thanks for clearing this up
  9. A must watch if you don't know
  10. Global warming were all going to boil lol good thing we have carbon tax
  11. Thanks Surf and Turf .Have you been out?
  12. This bird was doing the same thing .I hunted the field and the bush staying out about 70 yrds so this morning i set up in the field called at him 3 times then put the call away but i must say i had the help of 3 real hens he just couldn't stop himself
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