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  1. Thanks guys got it all figured out
  2. Well done and nice pics of the fish and a very nice bear congrats
  3. Did anyone figure out how to print out your deer tag?any help would be great love having to do the governments work and still have to pay them THANKS
  4. Hey smerchly that is a nesting box for mallards i put one out in one of my hunting spots i seen a hen in it when i was turkey hunting in the spring much safer for them then along the banks but thats what that is for
  5. It definitely has a Mallard head and definitely mixed with a black but what is throwing me off is the white i have mounted many mallard /black mix . The only thing i can say is ether a mallard has crossed with maybe a farm duck if so it would probably be what they call CALL DUCK.BUT by the looks of this bird it looks like a black was the one that did the mix as he has more black duck in him than mallard Very nice looking bird for sure .
  6. Great vid once again Jim thanks for showing us
  7. Ya it's coming fast not to excited this year after losing my dog but i'm trying to snap out of it hope my spot has ducks around a little better then last year if things look good this year we will have to hook up make up for last years hunt lol
  8. MAN thats great congrats looks like a great dinner coming your way keep it up
  9. Ya this will start this deer season https://www.ontario.ca/page/submit-hunter-report
  10. Don't forget there is a mandatory report we have report if we don't you can be fined and will not get a tag the next year
  11. Wishing all the dads a happy fathers day on N.F.N
  12. I just cant understand why these people can bring this stuff in but refuse to take it out
  13. They ask what WMU you hunt in if you shot a bird .How many birds you seen in the WMU you hunt how many days you hunted thats about it if you dont send a report you can get a fine and cant get a tag for the next seasons hunt new rules for 2019
  14. thanks for the heads up i did forget just did it thanks again Surf and Turf one day left man oh man
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