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  1. gunner-2

    Hats off

    Good job good to see people will do anything to help wild life
  2. gunner-2

    Missing person

    Most definitely will i put his pic on my desk top so i will see his face every day your family is in my family's prayers please let us know if he is found
  3. gunner-2


    Thats the pro Thats the problem we think it's always better if we get each other in hot water if you know it's not legal take that person and ask him if he knows i bet you will find 9 out of ten they didn't know . sometimes it makes us a better person to just educate then try to get them in trouble with the law.
  4. gunner-2

    Berlin Germany

    Have a good trip and good luck with the fishing
  5. gunner-2

    Welland River Thursday 5/17

    Good job yakfish nice looking eyes time to get the boat out thanks for the report
  6. gunner-2

    Turkey Opener Coming!

    i hope he's not doing it on purpose knowing your hunting the other side don't sound like he is hunting if he is shooting that much not saying it is i don't know the story but i might be a case of hunter harassment good luck i hope things settle down for you and the birds come back around for ya
  7. gunner-2

    Turkey Opener Coming!

    I know what you mean Bubba i have seen the tom i'm after but he does not like the decoys he will come out of the bush in full strut look at my decoys drop his fan and go the other way even when the hens walk by he will not commit this boy has had encounters with hunters before i can tell he is educated just need him to make a bad choice once and my season is over
  8. gunner-2

    Turkey Opener Coming!

    congrats genec any bird you get is great in my books . Are you going after your second bird? i think this year i'm only going to fill one tag well i hope any ways good job on your bird
  9. gunner-2

    Turkey Opener Coming!

    No luck foe me yet any one having any luck
  10. gunner-2

    Turkey Opener Coming!

    I have only got out once so far but yes the toms i have in my spot will gobble in the tree then shut up on the ground and has all his hens with him things are behind. try staying out longer and you might get him fired up when the hens are off doing their own thing. but in that case i will forget him and try to get the hens to come to me he will be right with them it will pick up soon when the hens start to lay
  11. gunner-2

    Turkey Opener Coming!

    I have been watching my spot they are there strutting but not talking i have my eye on 2 shooters no tick me yet hope to take my bird on opener and be done with it i love turkey hunting but hate the ticks and the mosquito's have to find the ultra shield that genec has been talking about good luck out there guys and be safe
  12. gunner-2

    2018 Hunting Regs now Online

    Thanks genec i was looking for that
  13. gunner-2

    2018 Moose Hunt Guaranteed Group Size

    You are absolutely right smerchly a lot of fishing spots and hunting spots are going away but to be fair without siding with the government a lot of this is brought on by lawbreakers and people that just don't care we as hunters and fishermen need to wake up and protect what we have before it is all gone. i'm not saying it's all our fault . like for the moose tag drop it's a big mix bag on why they are doing what they are doing and for a good reason if things are let go there will be nothing left as things pick up seasons will be reopened again just like the spring bear hunt they dropped the spring hunt and as things got better it has been reopened .All we can do is do our part and if something is not right we as Canadians must stand up and be heard and fight for our rights as hunters /fishermen .We have groups that fight for us all the time but they can't do it on their own.
  14. gunner-2

    2018 Moose Hunt Guaranteed Group Size

    Yes the way things are going with the government playing around with our rights i'm hoping to be able to take my grandson hunting for any thing
  15. gunner-2

    2018 Moose Hunt Guaranteed Group Size

    Thats great glad to hear your group is good to go.Yes there are more areas out of luck and thats to bad