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  1. Ice out carping

    I bet after a few times baiting your spot things will pic up keep at it i think there will be a fish in your near future good luck keep us posted
  2. Any of you gents have eyes on the grand in Dunnville

    I WAS IN Dunnville last week no ice and water level was down
  3. Ice out carping

    i was going to say maybe bait it for a few days and see how that works good luck tyler0420
  4. John carpenter

    Sorry for your loss W.C and to your Family it's not a easy thing to go through but your memories with him will live on
  5. March 2

    Lots of snow here my truck box was level and the snow was very heavy had the thunder and lightning as well
  6. coyotes

    For sure where ever they are nothing lives grass /trees/ and fish they all die
  7. coyotes

    I was at tims this morning and was watching a big flock of what looked like geese till they got closer and it was wave after wave of cormorants how can they not see the damage these birds are doing.As i said before out at Gull Island there use to be a breeding ground for many ducks you go there now and the island looks black these things are standing on top of each other they deemed it bird sanctuary but the only thing out there is cormorants and a few gulls not much of a paradise for most birds
  8. coyotes

    Red fox is another animal taking a hit from the coyotes it's the can be a nuisance for farmers with the free range chickens or ducks but over all not a real big threat unless they have rabies they do seem to be making a come back in a small way duck&wine the cormorants are a big problem and last summer there was talks about taking them out but i haven't heard any thing else about it they are destroying every thing around them but lets just keep protecting them Gull Island just out from Rock point was a great place for bass i haven't caught a bass there in years the cormorants have to be eating a lot of the young fish
  9. coyotes

    Yes very true Snags i think they would have a better chance climbing a chain link fence then a wooden fence just guessing at that but i could be wrong as i said i have never seen this before by the look of that yote he has something in his sights
  10. coyotes

    Yes smerch if we had wolves around here they would kill the coyotes especially when the food sources are not very well like yotes wolves are very teritorial and will kill to keep that territory without any thing to keep them in check they will thrive as we are starting to see there not worth any money so not too many hunters after them only a few to try to control them hows that working not very well one shot 6 or more born and that's just 1 female and now with all the development going on in there space this is what it's come down too it makes me laugh i payed 25 bucks to hunt on conservation land one year and out of all the area's you payed to hunt not one allowed us to shoot yotes we need a bounty on them that will get the hunters out there BUT that won't happen it's going to get worse before it gets better and if the mnr and the gov would open there eyes and not making hunting a money grab for them they would see there is a pore deer pop in a lot of areas and its mostly from yotes killing fawns and not hunters cause there is no deer around these areas to shoot and yes you can bait for yotes as long as you are not killing things to bait with if you would like to bait then you can go to butcher shops and get scraps from them chicken farmers or even road kills not a bad idea is it
  11. coyotes

    Yep no rabbits around in the wild or very few any way now there coming into backyards and taking our pets and by that pic fences don't even stop them as tedee said thats the first time for me to WOW.
  12. Flooding

    What a mess i'm sure Dunnville will be a mess soon as well the ice breaker usually comes up the lower grand not sure if they came up the river this year if not could mean more ice jams
  13. Late Season Goose Hunt

    I might get out a few times not sure yet if you get out S.T good luck
  14. Bus Trip Results Few Pictures

    That little girl with the fish is priceless thats what it's all about
  15. Jail

    Hey smerch i get them all the time do what i do i call them and mess with them i keep them on the phone so long sometimes they hang up on me hard not to laugh it's just a big scam you would think that they have done this scam so much they would realize it don't work any more