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  1. Good stuff you had lots of snow makes them easier to see good for your son
  2. gunner-2

    Controlled Hunt

    Way to go Surf and Turf not a buck but you still put meat in the freezer i had a doe come into me two nights ago but to dark to shoot my buddy pushed her out on his way out of his stand if he was 1 min sooner i would have had enough light to shoot but didn't work out that way she stopped 15 yards in front of me but open sites couldn't make a shot
  3. gunner-2

    Controlled Hunt

    haven't seen a deer yet even bow hunting Niagara area. Darn things must be moving after dark i am hunting this week see what happens
  4. gunner-2

    I went a stalkin'

    GOOD JOB Mike Pike thats a nice looking carp the yellow on it is bright
  5. gunner-2

    How has your duck hunt been so far

    Its funny i have always had a dog but never had a dog with this problem what is going on or is it just labs?I have 2 choc labs only one hunts but they both have allergies but this year Gunner has it bad this year.
  6. gunner-2

    How has your duck hunt been so far

    Ya it's a bummer and i wan't to get out my spot has a lot of birds but it's not the same with out my buddy if his meds clear him up and his raw spots clear up i will get him out or if can set up in the field i will take out .I feel guilty going out with out him but at the same time i like to duck hunt too
  7. gunner-2

    How has your duck hunt been so far

    Thanks duck&wine it sucks bad he loves to hunt i might take a day to hunt my spot in the field if i can get them to come to the cut corn field i might take him out a day or two but they seem to just go to the creek and the mud in the creek stinks bad so not sending him in there
  8. gunner-2

    How has your duck hunt been so far

    thanks smerchly i was going to hunt him this year and retire him next year but he has bad allergies and has been chewing him self up bad $80 for his meds it going to help him but i'm not going to send him out in swamp water and risk infection so i retired him early
  9. I haven't been out duck hunting yet this year but i wen't to my spot this morning not hunting just to check it out i was there before light and around 7 am i had so many ducks coming in if i had to guess there must have been about 800 birds but this year i had retired my dog and my hunting partner just cant get out so i don't know if i will hunt these birds
  10. gunner-2

    Happy thanksgiving

    Just wan't to wish every one a happy thanksgiving
  11. gunner-2

    opening day

    Same to you kgm i'm thinking i'm just going to put my time in for deer this year . I had to retire my dog this year so i'm not sure if i'm going to hunt ducks without him or not i don't like hunting with out him unless there is ducks in the field then i can take my dog out . Will have to see
  12. gunner-2

    opening day

    Any one get out for oping day. I my self did not get out
  13. gunner-2

    garbage pick up

    Well had to call this morning they say they are having a hard time keeping staff .Well ya pay them its a nasty job they came and picked up recycle but garbage is still hear
  14. gunner-2

    garbage pick up

    Very true smerch some days i feel sorry for then with the heat and that smell but man i'm starting to get a mountain of garbage time for a dump run
  15. gunner-2

    garbage pick up

    is any one else not getting there garbage picked up it been 2 weeks for us in Smithville don't know why