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  1. Ice conditions

    I haven't been in dunnville this weekend but i drove through cayuga and the ice on the river was all busted up that's the upper grand river if the lower river in dunnville looks the same as the upper it's not very nice
  2. coyotes

    Thanks mooseslayer i'l be giving it my best i have the foxprofx3works well as long as it's not -20 lol but at that temp i'l stay home
  3. coyotes

    Yes that is true and i told my sister this as well a little late but there is still calf's to look out for and we will still be going after them they get that taste of a free meal and it will not stop
  4. coyotes

    Yes that is very true and i do understand that but they took it a little to far as spring comes if we don't get a handle on this how many calf's will he loose
  5. coyotes

    Yes a very upsetting thing a i guess they put him out last night to go to the bathroom and that was the last they seen of him my sister is a wreck the cat was my brother-in laws barn cat but that cat was the sweetest cat i have ever know'n she loved people
  6. coyotes

    Well found out from my sister today that since Christmas animals have been coming up missing on there farm 2 ducks a cat and last night there Jack russell came up missing my brother-in-law and his buddy wen't looking for him they found what was once there sweet little boy [ IT'S ON NOW] going up Tuesday predator calling and hopefully even the score don't know how many there was they think that there was 2 separate sets of tracks

    Have a safe and New year N.F.N
  8. Christmas

    Merry Christmas to every one at N.F.N
  9. Yote down

    Yes it would have been a nice mount only 2 mounts so far did some real nice bucks from some bow hunters i get busy with yotes more so after most of the other season are done but get a few around deer season
  10. Yote down

    Good job nice looking yote I have seen a few this season but nothing close to take deer season this year has been no good so i moved to a new spot see how it pans out i have talked to a few hunters on the November hunt and the December hunt [shot gun hunt ] and they did bad one was a big group of 15 and only 2 deer only one group i had talked to did ok with 5 deer but still a lot of unspent tags now i know it's not every were but the MNR should be paying a little more attention to these areas but if they are selling tags thats all that matters
  11. what animal is this??

    now we can all agree there is no bigfoot just smerch in a ghillie suit hunting and that famous pic of bigfoot taking a dump well it was smerch lol
  12. Bison Revenge

    OH YES buck fever is no b.s i don't get it know but there was a time
  13. Bison Revenge

    I thought about that after i had posted it might have been a bad shot thats why you should always have your gun zeroed in especially hunting a dangers animal like that
  14. Bison Revenge

    Sounds like it to me or that bison just had so much fat and muscle that the shot never got to the vitals at a long shot but lucky for him it did the job at close range
  15. Bison Revenge

    Man what a story he is a very lucky man to be able to tell his story what a beast