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  1. Had a great morning today started off with 2 toms opening up on the roost gave some soft yelps shook my hat hard to make it sound like a hen coming off the roost .i did some more soft yelps and they were on there way but they walked right past me not giving a shot they gobbled like crazy in the field right behind me then i heard the hens yelping with them so got as comfortable as i could and waited for the hens to leave the toms then thing got crazy as i could hear them sounding the alarm there better not be anyone coming across that field [trespasser ] then things got real crazy as all the turkeys exploded in to flight and had a tom land in the tree right in front of me as i pulled up on him i see movement to the left of me i watched to see what it was and there it was coyote staring at my decoy as the tom was still sounding the alarm i thought do i make the move yes do it so i pulled up on the tom took the shot down he fell and on top of that i i was able to take out the yote as well as he ran past me this will never happen again CONGRATS ON YOUR BIRD AS WELL KGM
  2. Im not attacking you so don't take this the wrong way just friendly chat reports say that vote splitting is just another tactic from the libs and cpc to scare us into not voting for the ppc. They say it's because both parties have the same agenda. Max left for good reasons he tried to work with scheer and wanted to do things different and scheer wanted nothing to do with it . But Max has a lot of work to do and i don't think he will be ready in time if thats the case i will be forced to vote cpc. But Canada is under attack and we are in need of real change.
  3. Yep going after the law abiding citizens so we cant fight back when the crap hits the fan don't worry Surf and turf they over played the race card so bad it has no meaning any more not trying to get into things to much but iv'e been watching the cpc very close and there not any better and there is a lot of proof out there if your looking for real change it's Maxime Bernier
  4. Congrats Fishingking going out in the morning with the bow hope things go well like it did for you
  5. I hate that i do that duck hunting i guess bad for me good for the birds lol
  6. Thanks for the kind words Surf and Turf she is doing pretty good but it is getting tough on her
  7. Ya i seen that today i seen snow rain mix for Sunday that dang global warming lol
  8. Maybe no bird but every thing you said is what its all about sound's like just one of them beautiful mornings wish i could have been out there but i had to be with my wife having her radiation treatment
  9. Yep rain tomorrow didn't make it out today going to try in the morning maybe the rain will hold off for a few hours
  10. I love the praying mantis the are without a doubt in my opinion a very cool insect if they can free thousands of lady bugs the should do the same with the mantis i haven't seen ticks on a turkey yet but when i am mounting deer heads in the fall i have to freeze them for 2 weeks to kill the deer ticks the last 2 falls have been the worst so guys watch your self when skinning out your deer i have killed a lot of deer ticks that come off the deer cape
  11. I don't know Surf and Turf turkeys cant smell LOL just kidding . I hope it does work i will be trying it this year now just have to work on them Mosquito's
  12. Have to agree smerchly i never heard of tick growing up and as a kid i was always in the bush
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