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  1. Just like the mask all this is really doing is letting the GOV know who is going to comply the last i seen that only 4% has downloaded the app people do not like the fact that the Gov has his nose in there bedroom so to speak
  2. No smerch it's worse then that the vaccine is going to be from china military and they have already bought the syringes one for every person in Canada from newborns up to seniors
  3. Not being a smart A$$ but the truth is anyone with a smart phone is already being tracked and the covid app is just another way of infringe on your freedoms and its going to get wors not telling anyone what to do but with this gov i would seriously think about this
  4. Good luck guys on your moose hunt . My self am going on my very first guided Bear hunt looking forward to it it was on the bucket list
  5. Thanks Jim mind blowing as always i love your vids keep them coming
  6. If things keep going the way they are this is going to be how us hunters are going to look like on opening day
  7. Now im hearing of premiers getting involved has any one heard any thing from Doug ford i my self have not correct me if i'm wrong
  8. verado thats the hole idea to disarm law abiding citizens and protect the criminals it's not about safety of the people not one bit spending all this money on disarming us and not a dime on crime don't forget the big picture it's the U.N RUNNING THE SHOW and this fool is there puppet .This is a U.N. agenda every day they will take more and more away from us i agree every thing about this gov makes me cringe and i have to take a step back and clear my head if you don't it will put in such depression
  9. The only ones i have trust in when it comes to our gun rights O'tool was alright BUT i do not have any trust in him I watched Peter yesterday same channel even in the comments they were slamming Peter all they can say is DON'T TRUST HIM
  10. Ya it's off topic but you know thats the problem people need to talk every were you go people are being shut up we need to vent and its not that far off topic its all connected.Its crappy what they are doing to us gun owners and until this is settled or at leased we know how things are going to pan out there's not much more we can say .No disrespect genec all i can say is FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT
  11. Did anyone get there paper from the RCMP i did today .The problem is Bill Blair is Saying one thing but RCMP another every thing is a mess you can think you are okay but then you will get arrested for having a band gun your right Surf and Turf put them away and help with the fight because if we don't it only starts hear it starts with these guns then they will come after the rest they don't wan't anyone with guns
  12. did you watch the vid i put up genec is right there is even a ban for the 410 bird gun
  13. I said that last election i voted ppc because i was not voting for the lesser evil i wanted Canada first now i was looking into conservatives but i can see there is still way to much corruption there O'tool /mackay not a chance with me and what they are doing to the rest of the runners out of control they haven't been muzzled they are just more of the same thats why they ditched Jim karahalios and the other 3 have no chance the vote is fixed
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