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  1. Way to cool smerch great pic of him we are starting to see things that we didn't growing up
  2. Ya it's not hard to do any questions just pm me.again congrats on the buck
  3. That is true genec i never used the rage I have been using the spitfire max 1 3/4 never had a deer run past 20 yards if they ran at all
  4. Unfortunately this happen's more than we like even if it was a good shot the animals adrenaline kicks in and will run as far as it can if this happen's the best thing to do is to keep an eye on the deer as long as you can then go to the last point it was seen the deer might not be dead yet so risking running the deer mark the last spot it was seen if the deer was shot in the morning leave it alone for a few hours then go back to look if in the evening let it go for the night then go look in the morning But some times the shot hole will stop bleeding and not make a blood trail to follow . I wouldn't say he just did'n bother with it it's sad but some times it happens . There is one other point to make is that the deer might have ran on to a property that he does not have permission to go on he might have asked to go look for it and the owner said no this also happen's a lot even if you go to the M.N.R they can't make the owner let you go look sad but true.So there is a number of things that could have happen'd or he just didn't bother to look very hard and gave up on it but i really don't think this is the case
  5. Congrats verado nice to hear you had a good hunt
  6. Nice Wood ducks your lucky to get the woodies won't be long and they will be gone still a few around but lots of mallard around good job keep at it
  7. Amen Loolietoon 1.My grandfather fought in WW2 .I never met him but my grandma told me stories and i have a few of his metals put away. If you meet a vet shake his /her hand and thank them for there service there not getting the respect they deserve these day LEST WE FORGET
  8. 100% right mooseslayer as the rut nears more deer will be running around a lot more Bow hunters don't get the deer running around like the shotgun hunt does But it's to bad this happen'd
  9. Found out last night there a people braking into cars here in town all the people coming from T.O. Making Smithville look like a city
  10. Nothing but low life .Sorry to here that
  11. I had 2 good hunts there was about 400 birds coming into the spot i hunt but i wen't to scout it out this morning and not one bird.But we are hunting local birds and they will catch on quick i'm hoping when the northern birds come down it will pick up again.It's time for me to concentrate on deer now. Good luck with the rest of your duck hunting snakeman4 things should pick up soon
  12. Man your luck just don't end good job that is a nice buck congrats
  13. That's awesome i haven't hunted squirrels in years many years lol i forgot just how good they are i used to just cut out the hind legs made for a good meal cograts on your hunt coyotehunter
  14. Thanks Bubba14 best of luck to you as well and too every one that is hitting the woods be safe and put meat in the freezer and don't forget to do your report at the end of the hunt
  15. Well another season is upon us not to sure if im going out risk of thunder storms all day and it's going to be hot. As of right now it looks like after the 5th the temps are going to drop single digits at night but this can all change over night .So to all thats getting out tomorrow have a great hunt and be safe don't take any chances that might put you or a friend in danger HAVE A GREAT AND SAFE OPENER AND HUNTING SEASON THIS YEAR
  16. 6 people here and no place to put it 2 weeks is a big problem for us.
  17. Thanks guys got it all figured out
  18. Well done and nice pics of the fish and a very nice bear congrats
  19. Did anyone figure out how to print out your deer tag?any help would be great love having to do the governments work and still have to pay them THANKS
  20. Hey smerchly that is a nesting box for mallards i put one out in one of my hunting spots i seen a hen in it when i was turkey hunting in the spring much safer for them then along the banks but thats what that is for
  21. It definitely has a Mallard head and definitely mixed with a black but what is throwing me off is the white i have mounted many mallard /black mix . The only thing i can say is ether a mallard has crossed with maybe a farm duck if so it would probably be what they call CALL DUCK.BUT by the looks of this bird it looks like a black was the one that did the mix as he has more black duck in him than mallard Very nice looking bird for sure .
  22. Great vid once again Jim thanks for showing us
  23. Ya it's coming fast not to excited this year after losing my dog but i'm trying to snap out of it hope my spot has ducks around a little better then last year if things look good this year we will have to hook up make up for last years hunt lol
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