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  1. Thanks! Same, except for the blackflies.
  2. Up north last week. Caught a couple pike. Also a couple pics of my kayak and setup. Made a little DIY fishing table. Worked great.
  3. have they closed it yet or can you still put in a kayak there?
  4. Never needed to call someone in before. What's the number to call?
  5. Thanks for all your replies. Can't wait to get out and enjoy the local waterways.
  6. Thanks. Didn't realize that you could get out to the lake from there. Can't wait to get the kayak in soon. Any one know how far up the creek by the tracks you can go?
  7. Just about have my kayak ready and am wondering about fishing and kayaking in Jordon Harbour south of the QEW. 1) what type of fish would I expect and 2) how far south can you get? Thanks,
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