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  1. Thanks. Looking for more local spots, scenic plus fishing. I'll check these out.
  2. Just wondering if anyone has launched from the Chippawa Parkway into the Welland River, east of the QEW? If so, is the water too fast there for a kayak? https://goo.gl/maps/gorkQhrQeo4f1Jx37
  3. Thanks, I'll definitely check this out.
  4. Thanks. I've started fishing in the Niagara region this year and wondering about the safety of eating locally caught fish.
  5. I've never tried for brown trout before. Just wondering if anyone does catch and eat from Port or is it recommended for catch and release only?
  6. Just a comparison for the water level. July 13 and August 5.
  7. Just south of the railway bridge there is a ton of weed grass. You can see it in the google map pic. I haven't fished in there yet but have heard of many having success. I did see two; one hit the surface and I saw one under the surface on the way back in the middle of the harbour. Gotta get out there myself one day.
  8. It's free at the conservation area where I launched from. If you go in from the marina on Lake Ontario side, they charge $3 for a kayak. You can go under the qew to go from the conservation area to the lake.
  9. No, didn't fish this time. Just explored. First time in the harbour. Don't think my wife and daughter would have the patience :). Although one did hit the surface about 20-30' in front of us and saw another black shadow of one just under the surface on the way back in the middle of the bay.
  10. Finally made it out on Saturday. First pic for the conservation parking status and boat. My wife and 3 year old daughter sat in front. You can launch right at the water and less than 5' out it's only mid-shin deep. Bunch of vehicles parked on the side of the entrance road. Didn't realize there was the grassy area and pavilion on the right. Perfect spot to setup. Got up to the campground where it gets too shallow. About 2 hours round trip.
  11. Thanks! Same, except for the blackflies.
  12. Up north last week. Caught a couple pike. Also a couple pics of my kayak and setup. Made a little DIY fishing table. Worked great.
  13. have they closed it yet or can you still put in a kayak there?
  14. Never needed to call someone in before. What's the number to call?
  15. Thanks for all your replies. Can't wait to get out and enjoy the local waterways.
  16. Thanks. Didn't realize that you could get out to the lake from there. Can't wait to get the kayak in soon. Any one know how far up the creek by the tracks you can go?
  17. Just about have my kayak ready and am wondering about fishing and kayaking in Jordon Harbour south of the QEW. 1) what type of fish would I expect and 2) how far south can you get? Thanks,
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