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  1. Hey guys, I've been out fishing the last 5 or 6 days and not a single fish. Been throwing spoons, husky jerk baits, x-raps, basically every lure you could throw to catch pike. I've even been rigging with live 4" minnows and no action at all. I've tried, Lake Gibson, every body of water in Port Dalhousie, Lake Moodie and some private ponds (fishing there with permission of course). Possibly going to the whirlpool in the next couple of days. Any of you guys caught pike recently? I saw the post abut the Port Pike but no luck for me Any tips on what I'm doing wrong? I always just assumed it's because of the colder water temps, but now I'm second guessing myself.
  2. Alright, I'll provide more info as the organization comes along. Thanks for the help
  3. Heard of some nice cats being pulled out of the Port Dalhousie marina. Going to try the marina this weekend.
  4. Just thinking about setting up a tourney for some species of fish. Haven't decided yet. Possibilities are Pike, Bass or Carp even. And thanks for the info really appreciate it.
  5. I've been searching every where for the regulations to host a fishing tournament. I can't find them anywhere. Could anyone provide me with a link to the regulations or restrictions? It would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  6. Foot long or over counts for the $5. I've made $30 so far from doing this. Hope its fun!
  7. So my friend brought this idea to me and I thought it was great. It's a great game to play with kids while fishing. Whoever catches a foot long fish first gets $5. Thoughts? Thanks
  8. I've been looking for a spot in Port D for carp, I've seen a couple large ones in the marina but don't know how many there are. Any in Martindale? Thanks all
  9. Hi, Just wondering where I can catch some nice channel catfish. The fish don't have to be to big but would like to catch a few. Thanks
  10. Just wondering, is the Queenston Boat Launch any good for pike fishing and musky fishing? I've been reading you can catch a few of them there.
  11. Some fishing gear, and tripod for my camera.
  12. Thanks, much appreciated, Ilikepikenandbass
  13. Hi, I've got a couple questions about pike so I catch more. Only caught a couple in 2014. What are you guys using to catch pike? What weight of line? Also, I just got a new bait caster reel for bass fishing, but was wondering if I could possibly use it for pike fishing. I have it on a 7 foot rod. I have a couple spots for pike was wondering where some better places were. Thanks a whole lot! Keep Calm and Fish On, Ilikepikeandbass
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