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  1. My .204 is a savage model 25. With the heavy barrel. Tack driver......
  2. X2. I prefer my .204. Shot 2 yotes last year over 400yrd. The .204 ballistics actually surpass the 22-250 after 500yrd, with zero muzzle jump.
  3. Download "Dypsy Troller" app. Works great by August all I run are Dypsy diver and or riggers. Jets and lead have there limitations
  4. Clearly he means USA water... good luck. Let us know if there on the spawn or post spawn
  5. Didn't know gobies ate zebras. Sheepshead do I've heard
  6. Gwhunter99


    Did well on our crappie/walleye trip this weekend. https://imgur.com/a/j3sVa 22 crappie fri and another 14 sat in the rain. never tried the night bite for crappie but the nite troll for walleye was fantastic. http://i.imgur.com/6ddY9Hih.jpg
  7. I machined up an aluminum one for my terrova. When I installed the trolling motor I positioned it so the extended end was over the gunnel. It's only 10in long approx
  8. Gwhunter99


    Right on. Ty gunner
  9. Gwhunter99


    What techniques are you guys using at night?
  10. Not the normal format. https://imgur.com/a/9ymcq
  11. Working on it. Imagur not cooperating....
  12. Ya quick 20min morning for me. Nice 20lb plus tom. Then dad got a nice jake in the afternoon.
  13. For me less is more. Both with decoys and calling
  14. Jordan usually looks like mud. But with stable weather with little rain I've seen 24-30in of visibility. Dark baits are the way to go
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