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  1. I don't shore fish either so I don't normally see much of this but I have picked up line and bait containers while out on the lake. One thing I am seeing more of is people who have cleaned their catch then dumping all the heads and guts in the garbage pail at the launch ramp. These pails are in a high traffic area and they soon stink to high heaven and attract swarms of wasps. I would think it would be better to dump them in the lake away from used areas and let the crabs, fish and gulls take care of them. As for myself, I use my own garbage disposal, but this fall when we go to once every two week garbage pick up, I just might package them up and drop them in the can at the steps of city hall.
  2. Nice fish and gorgeous picture.
  3. Looks like a fantastic trip and to enjoy it with your family even better.
  4. With the most recent gun ban, Ford is on record for being against it. He said why waste millions going after legal firearms and owners when almost nothing is done to stem the tide of illegal firearms and their criminal use.
  5. Anyone considered to be operating the boat, no matter what the speed or duration, would need a license. If stopped in that scenario, an officer could possibly overlook that but rest assured, everything else would be checked with a fine tooth comb. Two of the more common infractions are your waterproof floating flashlight does not turn on and your life jackets are not in good repair or a proper fit for all passengers. I have a very large friend who likes to fish with me but none of my adult jackets would even come close to fitting him. I always tell him that if he wants to come with me, he has to invest in a jacket that will fit him. Another thing a lot of boaters are not aware of is that the newer inflatable type of life vest is only considered an approved life jacket if it is being worn, unlike the others that only have to be onboard.
  6. Just about every variety store (at least in Niagara Falls) sells worms.
  7. Sorry to keep ranting but I am just so damn angry. When I read the extensive list of newly banned firearms, I have to admit I recognized very few of them. However, the top of the list was the Ruger Mini 14. This rifle is just an ordinary semi-auto hunting rifle, no extended magazine, no collapsible stock, no suppressor etc. but the Trudeau government has had a hard-on for this gun from the very start. The only reason being that this was the firearm used in the horrible massacre at the school in Montreal. This was merely throwing a bone to Wendy Cukier and the various gun control groups. As many of you may not know, the massacre was committed by Marc Lepine, whose real name was Gamil Rodrigue Liass Gharbi, the son of an Algerian immigrant with a horrible record of wife abuse and violence against women who never should have been allowed into this country in the first place. How come all these fear mongering Liberals forget to mention this and focus all their anger on the rifle instead? That's it. I'm done on this topic, my blood pressure can't take it.
  8. You and I did the same things Smerch. My last year of high school in the late 60's was at St. Catharines Collegiate. There was a cadet group there who would bring their rifles every Friday morning and store them in their lockers until afternoon practice. Before we drove, my buddy and I would get on the city bus every Sat morning in the fall carrying our shotguns and as you say, the shell belts. We would ride downtown to the courthouse and there we would get a transfer to the bus out to Pelham. We would stand around the corner of King and James for 20 min or more waiting for the bus and no-one paid any attention to us. After several weeks, the bus driver said to me "that gun better be in a case the next time you get on my bus". Neither of us had cases at the time. Could you imagine that today?
  9. I am as angry as the rest of you. I have been a hunter and competition shooter, handguns, rifle and shotgun all my life, and I do not want to see my sport regulated anymore than it already is. However, at the risk of angering some of you, I feel that the firearms industry and publications have kind of shot themselves in the foot on this one. As a good friend always tells me, to keep business fresh you have to keep re-inventing the wheel. The .300 Win Mag is a perfect example, it's been around forever and you could not ask for a better all around cartridge for North American big game, but it is old, our grandfathers owned one. Hence the development of the .300 short mag. Almost no difference ballisticily but it's new, appeals to the younger shooters. These shooters for the most part were raised on video games and shoot em up movies. The gun manufactures realize this and hence the production and marketing of all these assault look alike firearms. You and I both know that operationally, magazine capacity, and power, these are no different from the average hunting rifle. My old Remington 742 semi-auto in 30.06 is far more powerful than most of these assault look a likes but it is not scary. To the general public these guns are very scary. My cousin, who owns a farm, once had a hunter ask if he could do a deer drive in his woodlot on the coming weekend. My cousin agreed but Sat morning 12 guys showed up in full combat gear carrying these assault type rifles. It threw my cousin for a loop, but he allowed the hunt and there were no problems but he said he would not do it again. He did not like the way they looked, both to him and his neighbors. I am a long time member of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association, they market a magazine called Calibre and from cover to cover it is full of this type of firearm. Some of the ads really get me, "For all your tactical needs shop so and so." I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't have any tactical needs. I know there are many of you who will say I am throwing this firearm category under the bus because I don't own them or have an interest. I am not so naive to think this is not the tip of the iceberg. They will start here but what they really want is all our guns. All I am saying is that we are in the spotlight, the public does not know nor due they want to know any of the reasons. The government knows and they are using these firearms to fan public resentment against us, so why do we continue to wave the red flag at the bull?
  10. Welcome to the Forum. With regard to launching your boat, the ramp in Chippawa (Welland River) is excellent and free. Any size engine is allowed but there is a no wake zone from the ramp up the river to where it meets the Niagara and down the river to past the marina. It's pretty much always calm and it is deep and the current is strong. If you go out to the Niagara, anywhere along the Canadian shoreline is good to drift or cast for bass but the current is strong here as well so be sure you have the required safety equipment and a good anchor with at least 150' of line. There are also a couple of small public ramps along the Upper Niagara Parkway between Chippawa and Fort Erie. For Lake Erie, both Crystal Beach and Port Colborne have excellent public ramps but there is a fee. The ramp in Port Colborne is behind the hospital and you can either head out to the lake via the mouth of the Welland Canal on a calm day or stay in Gravelly Bay behind the breakwall where it is almost always calm. It is shallow but there are fish here. On the lake, anywhere along the shore between here and Fort Erie is excellent for bass. It is shallow and there are a lot of rocks in some areas but the water is clear and you can usually see down to about 10 - 15'. Heading further out in the lake for walleye with a boat your size is only for very calm days. Stay away on days of South or West winds of any velocity and remember that because Erie is shallow, high waves can very quickly develop. When planning to go, it is always wise to go online beforehand and check the conditions at the Port Colborne weather buoy, Port Colborne and Point Abino Windfinder, and the live webcam at the Buffalo Canoe Club. This should get you started. Stay safe.
  11. Your style of hunting was the same as mine Fishking. We were usually in the Shining Tree, Gogama area. Six to eight of us in 2 big prospector tents set face to face in a gravel pit with a dining fly in between. Wood burning air-tights in all of them but no generator. Didn't have to worry about refrigeration because back then, even though we were hunting in late Sept, cold temperatures and some snow was always a given. No four wheel drive trucks or atv's either. Those were the days when a moose licence was $15 and it covered any animal, no draw, plus a bear and a wolf. I enjoyed it immensely and we were successful about every other year. Now that I am a senior, I love our camp in the Haliburton forest. Two big cabins, very little set up time and only 4 hours away. We've filled a tag the last 5 or 6 years in a row but that no longer matters to me. As long as I have my health I will keep going.
  12. Seems you're doing better than anybody on Erie. I hope to try the big lake for the first time this week if the winds cooperate
  13. The female dog is that when we finally learn how to do these things, we've become too old to do them.
  14. Great bird and story. I definitely will have to try that one season.
  15. Not such an easy question to answer. I fish mainly for perch and walleye on Lake Erie. When I first started about 15 years ago I very seldom had much success. I would return to the launch ramp skunked or with very few fish on a good day, while others would always have done much better. I now have a well equipped bigger boat capable of handling most conditions on Erie and top notch electronics that I am finally starting to understand (only took me 30 years). I understand the fish patterns better and now I'm the guy returning to the ramp with my limit on most days. Am I better, luckier, or maybe there's just more fish these days. When I was young I took several fly-in trips with my Dad to far Northern lakes. We always caught some fish but it was nothing like I expected. I now realize I spent far too much time trying to cover the whole lake rather than studying it, picking some likely looking spots, and patiently working them with the correct lures, bait and technique. Hunting was the same, when I first started going for moose 40 years ago, my goal was too put as many miles in the bush as possible. I now have a much better understanding of the animal and its habits, and concentrate all my time in the areas they are most likely to be. My success has sky-rocketed. So yes, I think I am now in the upper 50% but as many of you have said, the more you learn, the more you realize how little you know.
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