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  1. Anyone going to try Friday morning. Wind is supposed to be from the east so I'm hoping Point Abino area will be doable.
  2. An 18-19 footer with an outboard would be ideal for your intended purpose. The aluminum multi purpose fishing\cruising boats from Lund, Tracker, Legend etc. would fit this bill. My 19 foot Lund Tyee is a wonderful boat. It's got plush seats and cushions, full carpet and a ski towbar. Remove the snap out carpet and cushions, slap on the downriggers and with the electric and gas kicker youv'e got a serious fishing machine that will handle Lake Erie. The aluminum hulls might not give as smooth a ride as a similar size fiberglass due to the much lighter weight, but that is a bonus when it comes to trailering, launching, storing etc. and they are much easier on the pocket when re-fueling. My biggest single piece of advice is to get the largest motor your boat is designed for. Dealers try to keep the price down by putting a 135 on a boat rated for 200hp. If all you're doing is fishing that might be fine but trust me, boats gain weight, you end up putting in a lot of accessories (trolling, motors, anchors, downriggers etc.) and then the wife, kids, friends, coolers, water toys and all of a sudden your new boat becomes sluggish and slow to plane. In 40 years of boating I've encountered lots of people buying different props, carbs, planing fins etc. try to wring a few more mph out of an under-powered boat. It's very expensive and the results are usually poor. I have yet to hear anyone complain about having too much power. Like Smerchly said, they can be pricey but 5 years down the road that will be long forgotten and you and your family will be much happier with the end result.
  3. Never used one myself but on some lakes in the southern states they're very common. You're right in that they have an effect on the top speed and they are more difficult to steer but that really shouldn't be an issue for moose hunting. Anytime you have more stuff on your motor below the waterline it is going to effect the speed and handling. One guy I talked to in Florida says he has never run a motor without one and was always pleased with the results.
  4. I went out of PC Tuesday morning. Quickly got rough with 3ft waves. Fished in 70 ft about 4 hours. Did not mark or catch anything. First time skunk for me.
  5. I was just leaving too until I read Chrisb's observation. The marine forecast looked okay but I think I'll wait unless you post a change. Thanks very much
  6. Thanks for the replies Gentlemen. According to the marine forecast and other weather websites that I check, that is exactly how the lake should be today. However, a picture in the paper yesterday at crystal beach during the rescue operation of the two jet skiers, showed the lake being very calm despite the high winds warning that's been in effect all week. The same warning most days has applied to Lake Ontario yet I have driven to Burlington every day and the lake has been flat calm. It is very frustrating as the only reliable source is from someone with eyes on the lake. Once again, I thank you.
  7. Anybody have eyes on the lake this morning (Point Abino) area?
  8. That's a horrible story. Your boat might be 17 years old but has probably the equivalent of one year of use. However, trying to get a dealer to fix it at that age would be almost impossible. I guess an overhaul for a motor of that age is not unreasonable but my 90hp 2 stroke Yamaha that I bought new in 1993 and used more for skiing and tubing than fishing, has never had a wrench on it. Only about 2 sets of plugs. Sold it 3 years ago and the new owner says it's been trouble free. I'm on my second Lund boat because I liked the first one so much. 18 years and the seats, carpet, wiring, gauges, fittings etc were all in great condition. I did take care of it and always stored it indoors but it was used hard. I guess there's a reason the Lunds are more expensive, but to me they have been worth it. I wish you luck and hope some of the guy's suggestions will work for you and get you back on the water.
  9. When I bought my Lund Tyee 4 years ago, it came with a tight fitting trailering/outdoor cover that is very easy to put on and off using all the existing snaps and also came with two support poles for the bow and mid-ship to drain the water. It is still in excellent condition but I think I will order another one before that model is changed for when and if the existing one wears out. I also have used KB canvas in the past and they do excellent work.
  10. You're absolutely right Lundtastic. All I'm saying is that if you have a problem and you can return to your dealer and say look, I was only using Merc, Yamaha , or whatever in my engine as recommended by the manufacturer and I had this problem, they cannot immediately say oh you caused the problem by using products not specified in your manual. Once the warranty has expired it is a different ballgame. I agree that Pennzoil premium is an excellent lubricant but once again, with the amount of hours most of us are fortunate enough to put on our boats in a season, I will gladly pay the extra $50-$100 required to use the manufacture's product
  11. My Merc 200 four stroke is only 4 years old and to date I have had no problems. I use regular unleaded from the major brands but occasionally I do top up with high test if I know the boat will be sitting idle for some time. I also will put in as much premium as I can afford before winter storage and only then do I use a stabilizer. As for buying fuel, I am sometimes leery of small northern lakes marinas as they only sell a fraction of the fuel that road stations do and I question how fresh the fuel is and the condition of their tanks. As for oils etc., I am a firm believer in using only the products marketed by the engine manufacturer. I have been doing this for 40 plus years and have never had a problem. My Dad was using CTC 2 stroke oil in his new 35 Evinrude (he used all of 2 cans a season) because it was cheaper. When he had a problem under warranty and it had to go back to Peterborough, they told him immediately on opening it up that he was not using OMC oil because of the residue found on the rings. I am sure there are some excellent off-brand products out there but we don't know which ones they are. I wonder how many engine rebuilds Walmart has paid for because their cheaper lubricants are not up to the task. Mercury, Yamaha, etc. have a vested interest in their products and want their customers to be satisfied. We are not driving our boats to work everyday so the little bit extra we pay over a season is well worth the peace of mind and possibly, the better performance.
  12. I belong to a large hunt camp in the Haliburton forest for both deer and moose and for the last several years we have been allotted 2 bulls and a cow tag. I don't anticipate a change this year but who knows about the future.
  13. I'm jealous of Smerchly. I took my Dad on many a fly in trip 20-30 years ago with Hawk Air out of Hawk Junction. Always a superb trip. The picture that stares at me from my mantle is my now deceased Dad holding a beautiful lake trout on Lake Anareha??? If I remember correctly, the fellow that ran Hawk Air was named Arnie and he lived in Fort Erie.
  14. I buy a lot of outdoor stuff at Canadian Tire but only when it is on sale. Those $35 Rapala knives are usually on sale a few times a season for around $10 so you have to shop smart. On another note, I am always looking for a better fillet knife and have spent a fair amount of money on various popular makes but have never been completely satisfied. Most of them including the Rapala are very sharp for the first few fish but lose their edge very quickly and I have never had much luck getting it back to original. With my Lansky I can put a keen edge on any blade but not the fine flexible blades I prefer for filleting. Last year I got a flyer from Cutco knives in Oakville and noticed they now carry a fillet knife. Having had Cutco kitchen knives for years I am extremely impressed with their sharpness and how long they can hold an edge. I decided to try one at $140 and couldn't be happier. I cleaned hundreds of fish last year and it is still so scary sharp I am almost scared to use it. Like all their knives it comes with a lifetime guarantee against breakage and lifetime sharpening. I mailed 5 of my kitchen knives back to them in Oakville and had them returned to me in 6 days. It cost me $8 for shipping. The initial price was high but it is the last fillet knife I will ever buy.
  15. 30 years ago I used to catch white suckers by the dozen at this time of year in the creek (ditch) that ran beside Avondale Dairy out near Stewart Road. Don't know if you can still do it or if the ditch is even there still but might be worth checking out.
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