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  1. We have a very good setup in The Haliburton Forest where our moose, deer camp is located. On dropping an animal or two (which we have been very fortunate to do for the last many years) we field dress it then using our sled we haul it with the ATV's to the nearest trail where we load it on a trailer. Once back in camp we hang it, skin it, then haul it about 40 km south to West Guillford. There is a general store there that is also a butcher shop. During the one week moose season and two week deer season he only processes wild game. He hangs it, cuts it, wraps it and freezes it and at the end of the week we pick it up, divide it and head for home. It's an ideal situation because with the warmer weather these days, we never have to worry about spoilage. I hope we can repeat that process again next week.
  2. One of the reasons I don't hunt around here any more is that I am sick of feeling like a criminal when I take a gun out of my vehicle. The other day on the radio I only caught the tail end of it but it sounds like Wendy Cukier was asked if she really thought hunters and their firearms were the cause of gun violence today and she replied absolutely, hunters are trained to kill and when they start shooting people they are much more efficient. This is what we are up against.
  3. There's nothing better than hunting squirrels, rabbits or partridge with an accurate .22 rifle. It really tests your equipment and sharpens your skills. If you can connect with a head shot on a squirrel at 50 yds, then shooting at a moose at 200 is almost like hitting the side of a barn.
  4. So now I have my moose and deer tags printed on ordinary flimsy paper. One of the guys asked if he could laminate the tag but was told if he did and it could not be read by a game warden's scanner, then he would be in trouble. Also, the reason I could not print my own was not because I was doing it wrong, but because their files showed it was already printed which it wasn't. The lady at the counter told me this was the problem with 99% of the tags. There was no question as to who was waiting at Service Ontario, I never so saw much camo clothing in one place before.
  5. Got my tags printed this morning in St. Catharines, took about an hour. The waiting room was full of hunters.
  6. Yes I did but it only prints the summary, not the tag. Thanks for trying though.
  7. I did get that notice when I first found out I got the moose tag saying it could not be printed until Aug.22. Well that has come and gone and I still can't print it so I will try the Service Ontario on St. Paul St. next week.
  8. That's what I was told too, the one on St. Paul St.
  9. Ok thanks Kgm. I'll give them a try.
  10. Well I was successful in the moose draw this year and I received a bull tag for WMU 54. I have tried countless times to print the tag but all it prints in my license summary. This shows that I was successful but there is no tag. My buddy got an antlerless deer tag for the same area but he is having the same problem. I've tried calling the help number several times but all I ever get is a busy signal. I think my next step will be to take all my information to a Service Ontario and see if they can help.
  11. You might try Admiral Storage on the corner of Montrose Rd and Yokum Rd. across from Rolling Meadows golf course. It's an old chicken farm and he now rents out the barns for storage. I kept boats there for years. He charged around $40 per month. The guys name is Scott. I don't have is number anymore but if you're interested it might be worth a drive out there.
  12. verado

    Wave report

    Beautiful picture Chrisb. You're a tremendous asset to have. Like Curious I often find a discrepancy between PC weather buoy, marine forecast and windfinder. Your eyes are better than all of them. I was out yesterday along the windmills on US boundary. Lake was flat but the flies drove me crazy.
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