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  1. Is it just me or did Row dog's post make you feel very old.
  2. With the talk about smelt, I couldn't resist sharing this. Forty odd years ago my buddy and I went down to the sand docks at Queenston and using our dip net filled a tub with smelt. We immediately returned to the shop, plugged in a couple of deep fryers and started to clean them. In no time he had a batch cooking while I had only cleaned a few. Five minutes later he is shoving them down as fast as he can and I asked him how he could clean them so fast. He said easy, cut the heads and tails off and you're done. I said what about removing the guts? He gave me a funny look and said "they've got guts??"
  3. verado

    boat ramp

    I haven't been out there either but I doubt if the docks have been put back in. I know you don't need them to launch your boat but for old guys like me (who is often alone) they are a necessity
  4. I will be going in to my third season of using my Lowrance Elite 7TI. All the features and I especially like it for locating perch schools and walleye on Erie. I got mine at Bass Pro as well and at the time it was on sale for about $300 off including free installation. One of the reasons I like it so much is that for the first time I spent many hours playing with it on the lake and I learned how to read the signals better then with any other finder I have ever owned. It is still capable of much more than I know how to use and I think that might be the problem with a lot of us. As with all electronic equipment, it becomes dated very quickly.
  5. I was in the Sail store in Burlington looking for a .22 pellet gun. The gun expert told me I must be confused as there is no such thing, only .177
  6. Just a reminder that if you are a senior you no longer have to purchase a fishing license but you will be hard pressed to find that information anywhere on their websites.
  7. Outside of the jail sentence that will probably be greatly reduced if at all, this person will not be slowed down in the least. He will probably have to ramp up his poaching operation to cover his fines and equipment losses. Do you really think a person who shoots 40 or more moose will be bothered by the fact he can no longer buy a licence. It's like the criminals who are given increasingly longer firearms prohibitions, it means nothing to them, the cost of doing business.
  8. I think some of these activists have lost all touch with reality. How about the group that is constantly protesting in Niagara-On-The-Lake about the horse drawn carriages. These horses are treated like kings, they are doing exactly what they were bred to do but in a much easier way. A team of draft horses pulling a wagon with a few passengers is not suffering cruel and inhumane treatment.
  9. Congratulations, what a fine specimen. I have shot many big moose but never a deer with a rack even close to that. Well done.
  10. It really is amazing how far a deer can run with an apparently fatal wound. Your shot placement and bullet or arrow performance is very important. I know it is hard but the best thing to do after taking your shot is to sit tight for at least 30 min. If the animal is not pushed, there is a good chance it will lie down after a short distance, stiffen up and die. While you're sitting, mark the spot you shot it exactly in your memory, once you get to the spot you can become confused as to the exact location. Several years ago one of our party shot a cow and calf moose in a big swamp. He thought they both dropped right away but try as we did, we could not find the calf. Half a dozen of us were in there all morning field dressing the cow and positioning it to be hauled out with an ATV. It was only when we were leaving several hours later that we stumbled on the calf. It was within 50 feet of the cow and we had walked by it many times without seeing it.
  11. You're right Dave 524 it was a Merganser. Every time I see duck on the menu I think of it.
  12. verado


    Wish I had your stamina. Don't like freezing my ass off when fishing. The major obstacle for me is that once the docks come out at Crystal Beach, it is way to hard for me to launch and retrieve my boat by myself.
  13. For many years I have used nothing but premium or high octane fuel in all my small engines because it does not contain ethanol. In engines like your chainsaw, snowblower, weedeater ATV etc, they are not run on a regular basis and during this period of inactivity the ethanol can break down and lead to problems. The Stihl dealer will tell you specifically to only use high test fuel. It costs a little more but we are not using very much either. The 200hp engine on my boat is new and designed to run with ethanol but I still like to top the tank off with premium before winter storage. A small engine mechanic once told me that if people used premium gas or drained their fuel tank at the end of each season, he would be out of business.
  14. Our camp is a large one, 18-23 guys. Under the current tag system we are guaranteed a bull and a cow tag and someone always gets an additional bull tag. This is what has happened for the last many years. Our butcher is located 30 miles south of the camp and by evening of opening day they were both already hanging there. At the end of the week it is cut, packaged and frozen and we just pick it up and divide it. You might say that is a lot of guys for 2 moose but we each end up with 30 - 40 lbs of meat and that is all most of us want anyways. As to deer, out of 18-19 guys I think we had 7 or 8 doe tags. The three we got are all being processed as hamburger and pepperettes.
  15. Another successful season at our Haliburton Hunt Club. In the first five minutes on opening day I was lucky enough to drop a cow and young bull (the only two we saw all week). It continued our stretch of luck of at least one moose for the last six years. With regards to the deer hunt we have not been very lucky. First of all there are not too many deer there as the moose have pushed them out and for the last several years we have been plagued with poor weather. Rain all week, very high winds and temperatures. This year it rained the entire week before the hunt and opening day was a mixture of heavy snow and rain which changed to all rain the next day. The bush and trails were almost impassable and we saw nothing. Wednesday dawned extremely cold, sunny, calm and a little fresh snow. The deer started to move and we managed to get three. It was nice because one of our older hunters who has not shot a deer for many years got two of them and the third was taken by a sixty-eight year old and was his first ever.
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