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  1. grumpy

    Outboard Stolen

    We have all been raped by low life greedy insurance companies.....had basement flooded....sump failed.... batteries ran to dead....refused to cover some contents... then....... cancelled me!!! Bum-Bum
  2. grumpy


    I believe they are leopard grubs....my son had some on his ?
  3. grumpy

    Afternoon bassin

    Hundreds of bass have been released in the river...two bass tournament
  4. grumpy

    Niagara river underwater

    Great video ! Keep them coming
  5. grumpy

    Lake Debris

    Thanks for the report
  6. grumpy

    Detroit river

    Wish I could be there
  7. grumpy

    Simcoe Report

    I follow the Blue Ice Report.....Lots of perch....Dinks and few big uns
  8. grumpy

    Drone Fishing

  9. grumpy

    Sewage ??

    Disgusting.... probably spewing for years.....gotta stop! Then again.... Montreal is doing it , spewing millions of gallons.. We live in one screwed up world
  10. grumpy

    Personal stuff

    Had same a few years ago.....get well soon...
  11. grumpy

    Blow up dingy in Lower River

    Alien smuggling
  12. Ripped off again....we need a public audit of this government spending......
  13. grumpy

    Fall feed

  14. grumpy

    Ugliboys ain't dead yet

    Niagara River??