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  1. The schools of fish I saw at Jordan seemed to be in the 20inch range or so, bout 6-8 of em, they seemed to be a bit larger then I thought they would normally be for a gizzard shad, at first I thought they were a school of Asian carp 😧
  2. I was at Jordan a few days ago, saw the same thing as I was fishing for pike, definitely a gizzard shad
  3. I also remove the middle trebles of all my jerkbaits, I really don't see any point to having three trebles on a five or six inch lure, just a rake of hook points that can really hurt the fish unnecessarily, and no loss in hooking percentage
  4. Very nice but what did you weigh it with? At almost 38” it would definitely be over ten pounds for sure, especially with the girth I’m seeing in the pic... just my opinion
  5. Lol I love finding loop holes, I’m pretty sure my hiking stick also doubles as a fishing rod, it’s not my fault it has guides, a reel, line and a lure attached and it only lets me hike on shore
  6. Just heard the news, I know it’s not much but it’s a step in the right direction. The provincial website has Ford encouraging recreational activities for day-use only for now, and he mentions, walking, hiking, biking and birdwatching, but doesn’t include fishing. I’m sure fishing would be included in those recreational activities, just doesn’t name every one of em. Anyways hopefully this is the first little light at the end of a long gruelling tunnel. Thoughts?
  7. Yeah but it’s typical for a may opener, some years it’s winter jackets and the next is sunscreen
  8. I usually fish the opener with my cousin on a tributary east of Toronto but unfortunately this year I’m staying inside, we used to fish a creek running through his friends private property and had a huge section of top prime water to ourselves but since the government bought most of the property it is now public land and sees a lot of traffic 👎👎👎 , so that’s a no-go for me, I’m hoping the opener for may long weekend means I’m able to get my canoe out and camp a bit, really getting the itch watching it on YouTube all day long
  9. Umm this is not a concept bud, this is a fact how the virus spreads, please stop looking for excuses and loop holes to leave your house unnecessarily..... and yes, absolutely nothing should be open right now i also don’t understand how a group of 50 individuals not associated with each other coming to a single location is any different then 50 individuals planned to meet somewhere. 50 people in line at the bank or grocery store is still a gathering of 50 people, not 50 individuals anymore when they’re at the same place, the virus doesn’t care what reason you’re there for or who else you know in line
  10. I agree, when I’m on the water it’s about being successful, and I can’t deny that my electronics have helped me be more successful as an angler. A lot of times I may only be out for an hour or two so I’d rather spend it catching then thinking why I’m not, afterwards I can evaluate what I did. I don’t have a camera but I definitely don’t leave without my portable sonar/down imager when I can use it. One advantage a sonar has over a camera during the ice season is you don’t have to drill a hole to see what’s under the ice as long as the ice surface is clear and solid, just put the transducer on the ice and most times it’ll read what’s under you, no need to drill 100 holes, makes for more efficient use of your time
  11. Nothing is wrong or not working, I still have everything I had before (sonar and down imaging are still there and working), it’s just the gps nav screens and menu popped up that I never saw before which I thought was weird
  12. I have a humminbird helix 5 DI converted to a portable unit and a while back she pooched. After some troubleshooting it was determined the power cord connecting unit to battery had broke. I emailed humminbird and they gave me the part number to order for here in Canada, and after talking to Johnson outdoors I bought it over the phone, got it mailed in a couple days later. I was happy to see my unit start up when I plugged it in but the really weird thing is I was now getting the screens for the gps model both in demo mode and regular use, plus the navigation menu which I never had before. It says “optional accessory needed to use this feature” when on the gps screen, and since I don’t have an SD card slot for a nav chip I’m assuming I can’t use the gps feature, but is it very weird this happened with just a new power cord, and are all helix units built with the gps feature but different power cords for each model to unlock its features? Any thoughts or ideas?
  13. I grew up on the escarpment off of Dewitt so I’m also familiar with the area, plus my grandparents had a house off of grays & 8, five minute walk, never seen a tackle store near there, just curious how long ago this was
  14. 4 inch swimbait, although it is hard to beat a spinner or grub for the maybe two option if we have a second choice, I know it limits my species and seasons to fish but I have to go with a topwater, probably the mid size Storm chugbug, just can’t give up topwater😉
  15. I had no idea it was Mr. Winklers birthday 🎂
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