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  1. Use the power of social media to your advantage, posts of pictures and videos with his face and license plate will definitely encourage the mnr to act more quickly, use Facebook, forums and whatever else you can
  2. Ticks are the worst, unless we’re talking about the 90’s cartoon, then it’s one of the best.......Spooooooooon!!!!!
  3. That catfish is waayyyyyyy bigger then 280 pounds, that angler is at least around 200 and the fish looks like it could swallow him whole
  4. I didn’t see any lamprey, although I’ve seen a carp with a lamprey a few years back in the same spot, in fact it was kind of acting similarly. The fish seemed delirious, or drunk 🥴, perhaps found a good sandbar?
  5. Forgot to mention I was casting for trout, not pike, before anyone decides to jump on my throat
  6. I was fishing Jordan marina last night by the channel and noticed something surface about 50 yards out, I thought it was a fish but couldn’t quite make it out. It was moving slowly with its head coming up in and out of the water, thought it could be a bird diving, or possibly another small mammal, seemed odd to me. It dove back down and it disappeared, only to resurface about a half hour later about 25 yards away, definitely could tell it was a pike this time. It almost seemed like it was coming up for air (I know it’s not). It’s head came up high enough I could see the white underside even from that distance, and once again after toiling on the surface slowly for about a minute it dove down again. It didn’t look as if it was chasing something, and normally they wouldn’t on the surface with these water temps. My question is if anyone else has seen this behaviour before and what they thought it might be. The fish was around the 5 pound range so not huge, but could this be some kind of spawn related behaviour? Or perhaps working a big meal through? Any thoughts appreciated, thx
  7. Went down to fifty point today to take advantage of the weather since it’s a few minutes from me. Brought gear for perch pike and trout but it was the pike that were cooperative. Was only out for about an hour and a half when I caught a nice 30 inch female, very healthy looking. Probably about the 8-10 lb range, she ate a rapala bx swimmer but boy was it deep, the whole lure was down her throat. I didn’t have any jaw spreaders which would’ve cut the time and effort down, but after about five minutes I got the lure out. She was bleeding but she did manage to swim away pretty strong. Pike fishing really is underrated just before freeze up and is probably the best chance to get your biggest during the soft water season, so take advantage.
  8. I agree with a few of the suggestions here, just thought I'd chime in with my experience as I fish topwaters for pike and bass a lot. I find louder, noisier, brighter baits to be the best. If you want topwaters for pike I would start with these four baits: Zara spook in the 5inch range (make sure it rattles loud, I have one without rattles and I've definitely caught fewer pike on it), popper/chugger like a storm chug bug, a buzz bait and a frog (again the larger the better) This should have you covered for different situations and different moods, use the buzzbait and frog around lillies and reeds, the spook and popper are good for more open water applications hope this helps, good luck
  9. 18 inches would put it above 2-3lbs, that looks closer to a 4lber, great catch!!!
  10. Try stinger hooks if you keep missing, it'll keep your confidence up in the bait
  11. Topwaters, crankbaits and goby imitations are best on lake O for me
  12. Hey, Im not sure how many other ppl use salmo baits but I love em, problem is I don't know where to find any. Anyone know of a local store who stocks them at all? I know they used to have a website but looks like it's not operational anymore. Any help appreciated
  13. Canadian record is apparently 4.31 lbs, looks like record class fish swimming there
  14. These are all great, some of you have inspired me to add a few to my list....I love portaging so a new canoe route is in the works, plus my neices and nephew will definitely get some more special fishing time with their uncle. Also tying my own jigs is something that has really caught my attention, I would love to catch a trout on a jig I tied with my own hands, so that's going to be added for sure
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