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  1. Thanks Paul. It’s more about spending time with my little brother who is almost 48 and just started fishing. I have fished all my life all over North America for fun and tournaments and feel totally blessed but spending time on the water with my little brother has all that beat.
  2. Fishing a pike tournament next weekend. Water temps are only 52f so slowing down the presentation will be key.
  3. Charlie was filming a show on kings with today.
  4. You are correct. Part of the boom is open and slowly releasing the ice. It will still be another week at least.
  5. Just got back from Dunnville. My brother and I landed 23 cats today. The biggest was 17 on the scale but lots between 8-10. Water is still muddy but that’s okay for cats. Water temp is still only 50 so the cats will be around for awhile.
  6. I fished 2 tournaments at Wellers Bay way back. Fished it with Bob Izumi and a few other guys that made it to tv. It was a walleye/pike tournament both times and the fishing was great. Bobs brother Wayne actually taught me how to use a bait caster at Wellers Bay. Get a good topo map or if you have a gps unit you will need it. I lost a prop one year when in 15 ft of water rocks sticking up below the surface attacked my prop.
  7. The river is like chocolate milk and so high and fast.
  8. Lots of time Tyler. Looking at the fishing log book we get them in numbers into June.
  9. White works best but don’t tell anyone.
  10. You are Bang on Bill. The main bait is sucker pieces. Slow trolling harnesses or believe it or not we get good numbers trolling big o’s. With all this rain the water is less than 1” of visibility so nothing beats a piece of oily sucker meat that leaves a scent trail. We sprayed one piece with Gulp minnow spray but it produced the same as just straight sucker. When the water warms to 50F I start trolling for the active bigger fish.
  11. Great job guys. Time with family and friends on the water is great and the fish are a bonus.
  12. IMO cats will be there for awhile still. The water is 42F much to cold for the spawn. Late start this year. The cats are still very sluggish.
  13. Just back from the grand today.....get down there and catch a few. Didn’t matter where we went we got them every time so far this spring.
  14. Cats are in Dunnville for sure. I have been fishing them for 3 weeks from a boat with great results. No reason why you can’t tackle them from shore. Steve
  15. Different Steve. Yog and I caught some perch together many moons ago at Port D and have spoke a few times when I was there.
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