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  1. I read your message and will say everyone has a right to their own views and thoughts. My message was in no way went to bash you or others. I simply want people to be aware that this can be overcome easily by keeping our distance and washing your hands frequently. If your sick please police yourself and stay away from others. Again my post was not meant to centre you out it was to educate or possibly help others. Stay safe and play nice.
  2. I played a role in the SARS pandemic as with a role in securing the Naloxone for the Opioid crisis in Ontario we face now. I see first hand that’s it not just “old people” but the cancer patients or the little kids with asthma. This is long from over Bill. Restrictions just went from 50 to 5 I believe. Not sure how this will change the fishing along the shores. Get out there catch the big one and post a picture for us Bill 👍
  3. I hope soon Tyler. Just retired in November although working harder now with this pandemic and doing my part to help out. I want to get the kayak out again also. Catfish are calling my name. If we all do our part we will all be sharing the bank and swapping fish tales. Stay safe and stay smart.
  4. It is people that think like you that need to be educated: -this virus is extremely deadly. Do you know how many are infected and how many 1000’s are dead? -to lock up EVERYTHING is not possible. Do you mean wait till it gets real bad like other countries that have arenas for holding dead bodies? Countries that are so bad that a total lockdown prevents people from getting food? Do you mean you need it to get that bad before we need to do our part and have our government say ok everything is locked now because people don’t take it serious? -this is not a 70+ disease. It won’t discriminate against age. Yes the elderly have more respiratory issues or their immune system can be compromised easier but to even suggest that it’s okay because of 70+ and other health issues is not a big deal. -this has already surpassed SARS in a short period of time. As I wriTe this over 600,000 people infected and over 28,000 deaths. But as you say this is not that deadly. I worked on getting medical supplies to our country and can tell you this is far greater a threat to you and me. -self isolation after flight is not IF you feel symptoms....it’s MANDATORY. This is a fishing website and not a platform to argue things like this. Normally I would never do this or waste my time with your ignorant comments or your lack of proper facts but if I can help one person or save even the smallest spread it was worth hijacking Bill’s post here. I honestly feel sorry for you and your family and friends if you treat it with disregard. Please enjoy the outdoors, go fishing, take walks, but please don’t fish shoulder to shoulder or even worse think your invincible. Once again my apologies for posting a non fishing post Tyler and Bill sorry for the hijack. Stay safe everyone.
  5. What don’t people understand about what is going on?? Port D is like a zoo, port Credit was a zoo and lake Simcoe open water shore fishing was a zoo. People are going to die or you will contract and pass it on to someone who will die. Look at our neighbours they reached 100,000 infected now and still at least another 3 weeks from peaking. To all those people who think they are invincible get your head out of your ass and don’t be responsible for spreading the virus. When this really takes off here I bet it will be the same people blaming others about the spread. Do your part and stay away from others. Get out and fish and enjoy the fresh air but please do it alone and let’s beat this.
  6. Thanks for the information everyone. Might just head to Dunnville for now until the gates open or launch at the Beacon.
  7. Can you not split the screen like the Helix or most other brands?
  8. Thanks for the update. Is there access to. The water if the gates are locked? Maybe go under the bridge??
  9. Looking to get the kayak out for some cats soon. I know the Grand in Dunnville is free of ice but I am not sure if Jordan harbour by the conservation is free of ice. Anyone drive by lately?
  10. I like the Helix line but maybe because I am very familiar with them. I run a Helix 7 on my boat and a Helix 5 on my Kayak. Both have GPS and mapping. I fish water that is not always familiar and the ability to find my way back even in the fog is a huge factor. I also like the ability to make my own maps. A smaller body of water I fish I now have mapped out with incredible detail. For ice fishing I use a Lowrance Hook2 4X.
  11. It’s so that they can keep a history for future owners. If you have 65,000 and the next person goes to register it at 50,000 something went wrong such as some type of roll back or fraud.
  12. I launch all winter from there.
  13. Bill I use mine all the time for my kayak and canoe. Red flag during the day and I use a bicycle light (led type) at night. I also have red reflective tape on the bars. Do this and you won’t have an issue. This I know from experience 😉
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