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  1. Hey thanks. I have a white alumacraft with a Yamaha on the back. If I see you I will be sure to say hi.
  2. Cliff where are you launching? I believe the launch in fort Erie is still under repair.
  3. I purchased a new Lund this year and it leaked around the intake for the live well. Took it in they caulked it and sent me on my way. Next time out still leaking but not from the intake. The boat is now sold and I picked up a different boat.
  4. Small channel cats in the spring are good although I rarely keep a one for some reason. As for the drum I know a fishing lodge owner on Lake Nippissing that asked us to bring him in a drum if we got one for dinner. He preferred it over the walleye that the rest of us were eating.
  5. You will like it. Not nice to paddle but very stable and pushes easy with a small electric.
  6. Definitely slugs if you are talking about deer. Buckshot if you are talking coyotes.
  7. If you are talking to be legal yes any pfd. Yes there are special ones for kayaks that fit better or don't interfere with paddling. Lots of YouTube videos on kayak pfd' to watch if you want. Some are designed with pockets for fishing also.
  8. Happy Easter gang! I am looking forward to spending time with the family tomorrow and enjoying some good food.
  9. Rubber stops for mono and Dacron type for braided line is a general rule.
  10. I am guessing that you are kidding but if not no you only need a passport if you are entering the country and it better not be with a kayak.
  11. Best to have both if you plan to fish the bar.
  12. I watched this episode also. At the bar I usually use a t-turn swivel setup like a 3 way rig. I noticed Bob was using a 1/2 oz jig head with a ripple shad. Anyone else use a jig head at the bar or when drifting the river or do most use a 3 way even with minnow imitating baits.
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