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  1. Raise a glass to a healthy and safe New Year to everyone.
  2. Do you sit in the truck Tyler? Are you fishing close enough to avoid the elements?
  3. Merry Christmas and a healthy Happy New Year to all.
  4. Most of my spinners are all single hook. I find better hook-up ratio.
  5. I think the Okuma reels are a great deal. I have caught so many large carp and huge catfish on the Size 30s and 40s and the drags have never yet failed me.
  6. If you had to choose only one artificial to fish with this coming season for all species what would you pick? For me I banged more fish this year on a simple spinner like a Vibrax or Panther Martin. Perch, crappies, bass, walleye, pike, rainbows and browns, salmon, catfish, drum, and even a carp hooked in the mouth. I usually start by searching for active fish by covering lots of water and my go to is a spinner. After that I switch to my number two choice which is a simple jig.
  7. I was out on the upper Niagara and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Today I was going for some pike in my backyard (Grand river) but this wind and rain had me resort to watching fishing on tv and YouTube.
  8. I stopped in at Port on my way back from the upper Niagara Wednesday and it was packed for a weekday. Talked with a few of the regulars and they said only one rainbow for the whole day.
  9. I retired November 01st and can’t agree more. I look at Saturday and Sunday as days to avoid the crowds be it fishing , shopping or just running around. Monday - Friday plus what Bill mentioned works for me.
  10. I find with fish and chips it all boils down to how often they change the oil. When everything is deep fried the oil is everything.
  11. I’m fishing the upper Niagara tomorrow. Need to enjoy the weather while it’s still warmer.
  12. Not sure but there are a crap load of boats out there today.
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