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  1. Looks great. I find you need to be careful using on a hook because the hook can bury itself in the bag. On a hair the hook is always exposed. I use a super gel corn scent made by pro cure. Just spread some on the bag before presenting the bait. Stays on for a very long time.
  2. I have been using mesh for corn for so many years. It works great and I soak them with scent when fishing in a group of people to make it stand out. Remember carp can smell scents from up to a half km away. Their eyesight is impeccable so once they get close it’s easy for them to hone in so I don’t make big bags. I do have some of the Thundermist catch a carp pouches to sample but find them all most too big. But no doubt about it fished on a hair now worries from current or gobies. I know when I retrieve my line there is still bait on my hook.
  3. I have noticed with the warmer water that I have been successful this past few weeks fishing the deeper water. My carp fishing moves from 10 feet to 30 feet within an hour of sunrise.
  4. Have a great weekend Tyler. Smerch I had a screamer on this morning but lost it about a minute after I set the hook. Still out here hoping for another.
  5. When I need to float my corn off the bottom I add a piece of fake floating corn. Works for me and actually worked today.
  6. I still have my Mitchell 300 from way back as a young teen. It just sits in my fishing/hunting room on a shelf. Caught many fish with that old reel.
  7. The trailer will have an on-board charger so if it’s plugged in it will maintain your battery.
  8. So today was my first blank in several sessions at Guelph Lake. The spot I was fishing is a productive swim for me normally so I have been experimenting with different flavours of corn. Maize boiled and scent added catches but not the best. Frozen sweet corn with scent and a sweetener added worked better. Sweet corn directly from a can that is packed in sugar and salt was by far the winner. Frozen corn straight from the bag nothing added was used today and it was a blank for me. 30 feet away my friend using canned corn went 2 for 4 in a 3 hour session. As much as I wanted to switch I thought I
  9. Ummm yes but shhh don’t tell anyone. It’s like asking if Erie has walleye.
  10. Currently at Guelph Lake enjoying the breeze. A fish would be a bonus.
  11. It’s an 8.5 Ugly Stik. I have some longer carp rods from the past but now that I use super braid I still get the casting distance I need with only 8.5 ft rod. It’s also easier when fishing alone to net the fish. As for the reel I have 4 bait runners and 2 bait casting setups I use. I should also mention the rod choice is also because I fish for channel cats and the longer rods don’t work where I fish most of the time.
  12. If it’s in the evening I can make it Wednesday if that works for you.
  13. Not sure why the photo doesn’t load?
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