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  1. I only fished one time from a tooner but I found it was not a maneuverable so I don’t think it is an ideal river boat for drifting or, bottom bouncing. I thInk it would shine with an anchor out front and one at the back. Rough water and waves you are better off with a vhull design. Only you can decide if it works for your intended purpose.
  2. Hey Bill just returned from a fishing trip on lake Nipissing this week and had a chance to fish from a pontoon for the first time. The comfort was great, of course stable, and we even had a cover for the sun and later the rain. What I didn’t like about it....the gas mileage was horrible on the 21ft with 115 hp. It was stable but when the wind picked up the waves crashed over the front. I think as a cottage stationary boat not towed it is a great option provided it’s not under powered. You get a few extra people in the boat and the extra hp is really required in a pontoon imo. I don’t really know enough about the actual pontoon design or shape but I know this is probably the most important when it comes to performance.
  3. I had a sports pal and went to a kayak. The kayak was harder to load (much heavier) and not as much room. I switched back to the sports pal in 14’ and at 54 pounds it’s a breeze to car top. I have so much room and this thing is stable as heck. I have the option of taking a second person if I want the company. I run a traxxis 45 pound electric with a group 31 battery. Honestly I can troll a full day and still have over 50% battery. I got my first sports pal 20 years ago and can say never have I come close to tipping it even when standing. I think they both have their place but for trolling calm lakes and even rivers I much prefer my sports pal over my kayak.
  4. Where are you launching from if you don’t mind my asking? I launch in queenston but crooked dock / high water / jet boat wake/ and a fishing partner that is not stable on his feet = disaster waiting to happen.
  5. I hope the dock is level for the fall / winter fishing. That could be treacherous come winter.
  6. Hey Bruce how is the launch in queenston now? Thanks...Steve
  7. I picked a crap load in short order last night for tomorrow’s fishing adventure. Grass was real short.
  8. Talking to a GM service tech today and he said the n batteries in the Chevy volt are $18,000 to replace 🤪
  9. Thanks Paul. It’s more about spending time with my little brother who is almost 48 and just started fishing. I have fished all my life all over North America for fun and tournaments and feel totally blessed but spending time on the water with my little brother has all that beat.
  10. Fishing a pike tournament next weekend. Water temps are only 52f so slowing down the presentation will be key.
  11. Charlie was filming a show on kings with today.
  12. You are correct. Part of the boom is open and slowly releasing the ice. It will still be another week at least.
  13. Just got back from Dunnville. My brother and I landed 23 cats today. The biggest was 17 on the scale but lots between 8-10. Water is still muddy but that’s okay for cats. Water temp is still only 50 so the cats will be around for awhile.
  14. I fished 2 tournaments at Wellers Bay way back. Fished it with Bob Izumi and a few other guys that made it to tv. It was a walleye/pike tournament both times and the fishing was great. Bobs brother Wayne actually taught me how to use a bait caster at Wellers Bay. Get a good topo map or if you have a gps unit you will need it. I lost a prop one year when in 15 ft of water rocks sticking up below the surface attacked my prop.
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