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  1. thorold, lock reservoirs

    I saw a large black cat on Hwy 58 north of forks road right at the bottom of the bridge. I was driving south towards port it was a summer night, probably 9-10pm. The car in front of me went over forks, so I flicked my brights on, I saw something in my lane walking slowly across the road. A couple hundred feet away I thought it was a coyote, then I got closer and realized it was walking like a cat, and a lot bigger than a regular cat. I was going 80 km/h and slowed down to 0 as I tried to process what I was looking at. It was a massive cat...one you think you aren't supposed to see in niagara. This thing was 10 ft away from me and we just stared at each other. I reached for my phone and tried to take a picture but it was so dark that it didn't show anything. This was 5 years ago and I still keep my eyes peeled when I drive over it. Believe me or not but I know what I saw
  2. Youtube play button

    That's awesome
  3. Hello to all. First post

    They make them all the way down to 1/16 oz! Definitely my favourite lure on ice
  4. Fishing line spools

    How does one get into 3D printing

    Sheep head seem to love them
  6. taxidermy! !!

    Can't wait to see them done frank!
  7. Any Rabbits This Year For Any One?

    Would like to get my gun license and hunting license soon. Been thinking about going for rabbits
  8. Does Lower Gas Price = More Fishing Time For You?

    I already drive a 4 cylinder car, make its a bit cheaper. More money for lures
  9. Worst Fishing Purchase Ever?

    Recently bought an ice fishing rod and reel, already spooled too. Reel pretty much broke after taking it out twice, and the line was garbage. Gonna have to invest in some good ones for next year!
  10. First Ever Rainbow!

    Thanks man, hopefully many more to come
  11. Channel Catfish Locations?

    Catfish will probably hit anything as long as its on the bottom
  12. First Ever Rainbow!

    Tried using the gaff, but with 6-8 inches of ice and my rod in the hole we didn't have much room to try and get it up lol. Figured it was easier tail first
  13. Grand River In Dunnville

    Plan on getting out to that spot this year! My buddy showed me some pics of a huge rainbow, and a couple walleye out of there.
  14. First Ever Rainbow!

    Such an adrenaline rush, fought for about 30 minutes. Luckily hooked it on my bigger ice fishing rod. Literally had my entire rod in the hole trying to get this thing in, had to bring it up tail first.
  15. First Ever Rainbow!

    http://imgur.com/HlVOSs1 Just under 6 lbs!