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  1. Yeah, we were all bullet proof as kids! Most of us made it out alive a few didn't. Luckily we get smarter with age! I remember the shortcut going down to the gorge but not liking heights never attempted myself. Used to regularly fish at the power plant, could drive right down and park at the bottom and walk through the gate. I think they cracked down when a couple of bozos went inside the plant and took the elevator, didn't go over well. Used to go down the Maid of the Mist access road and climb down the bank to the ice shelf climb down the edge to reach shore in spring, Knew some guys that would wade out above the falls and fish the pools early in the morning before they opened the gates for the day. Never had the cojones to try that one either.
  2. Nice looking bass! Sure that isn't a photo shopped carp? Ha. I used to be a regular visitor to the Fenwick outlet too. I still have a 9 ft Blackhawk flyrod, Heavy HMG bait casting rod, 10ft Blackhawk spinning rod, 6 ft HMG ultralight and 7ft medium heavy all in excellent condition, some have the white paint spots they used to put on the "second" rods. Also still have two tackle boxes that I use regularly. Used to love going in there, never knew what you'd find. Heard about the dumpster diving going on there but never went myself.
  3. Sounds like a real fishy tale to me Smerch. "The bass was so big even it's picture was too big to post." Ha! That must have been a pleasant surprise to find some pictures you thought were long gone for sure! Something to be said for the old prints laid out in a photo album, not sure if anyone still does that anymore? Some of my favourite pictures are the old polaroid pics from when I was a kid, if you caught something really memorable would drag it home and have mom take a picture and then watch it magically "develop" in front of your eyes. Or picking up an envelope from the photo store and looking through the pictures to see how they turned out sometimes months after you actually took the picture. Miss that.
  4. Looks like you guys had a blast! Haven't fished the lower in a LONG time. Might just have to give it a go one of these day.
  5. For anyone that is mentoring an apprentice hunter, or planning too, the ministry just enacted some positive changes. Apprentice hunters are now eligible to purchase their own game tags, including deer, turkey etc. The only restriction remaining is that they don't qualify to enter big game draws. My son completed his hunter safety course a few weeks so this is welcome news!
  6. That's a great idea Fred, you're way more organized than I am! I used to keep a log book in the 80's as a teen, I'd draw maps and diagrams with different landmarks, as well as depth etc., to try to triangulate a spot out in Erie or the river, so I could return another day. Now I go by electronics, and memory which is getting less and less accurate every year! GPS and quality graphs are a godsend, but doing what you are doing should take it to the next level.
  7. Way to go Tyler, congrats!
  8. Congrats to your son Bubba! Love deer hunting in the snow!
  9. Was able to make it out one last time last night and perseverance paid off. With about 30 minutes left I caught some slight movement through the bush at the corner of a field. This is about 100 yds right behind my stand so not a spot that I even usually watch as we have a another stand overlooking this spot but I was out alone. Just catching slight shadowy movement through the bush and moving slightly away from me. Assuming it was the huge buck that I didn't get a shot at last year I did a soft grunt to try to get moving my way. I could see that it stopped then starting walking back through the field parallel to me, I raised my shotgun as I knew it was about to step into a clear shooting lane and my scope was fogged up, damn. Wiped it the best I could with my wet glove and tried again, now it was clear enough to see, I following it as it stepped out between a couple of trees and damn no horns! A big doe and the last night of my hunt so I made a short bleat to stop it and pulled the trigger. Deer down.
  10. Wow, a tough week so far. Windy and cold, and no deer! Not a a good combination. Hopefully someone else is having more success.
  11. Just one sleep! Wishing everyone a great hunt that's getting out this week!
  12. That's a bummer about your dog gunner. Got out spur of the moment last night for the first time this year. Didn't get out until close 6, only saw a couple geese from a distance and not a single duck. We were in Wainfleet area on the river. Still nice to get out though.
  13. Yes, this is the perfect time to purchase a boat either new or used. Season is pretty much over and guys are looking at storing so you either have to sell now or wait till the spring for the most part, so sellers are motivated. They say the happiest two days for a boater is when you buy your boat and when you sell your boat. I've gone through that cycle a few times over the years. You might want to take a look at Crestliners, they have a few more creature comforts geared to the family. I have a Crestliner 2050 Sportfish, I can take the wife 4 kids and a friend or two fishing or skiing in comfort. Absolutely love the boat. Great size for the great lakes for safety and comfort but still manageable in the water or on the trailer.
  14. I recently replaced the flooring in my boat with 5/8 marine plywood, and bought it at Penner Home Hardware in NOTL
  15. Wouldn't want to step on one of their nests, bad enough having to contend with yellow jackets when cleaning fish, sounds like a couple of these could steal your catch!
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