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  1. Yes, and the new reality that if you call out a specific group for bad behaviour you are called out for being racist is insane! Lots of elephants in the room these days! On the other hand it looks like a beautiful day to be out fishing. Or coyote hunting!
  2. Yes makes you wonder how some people think! There are still witch doctors grinding up Albino's in parts of Africa and and using them for good luck potions to sell. That would be a good thing if they could switch to Coyotes, maybe cormorants and gobies too and leave the bears, and even endangered species such as rhinos and tigers alone. I would imagine that there are big bucks involved in this illegal trade and the one convicted received a paltry $3,000 fine. The article says the the others "face fines up to $29,000" . They will probable get a $3,000 fine too once convicted. A slap on the wrist. No deterrent or punishment doled out here.
  3. Nice looking pike. One fish that I've never targeted around here. Way to go.
  4. Best not to take the wife to any outdoor stores incase they realize what fishing and hunting equipment actually costs!😜
  5. Yes, need to support our local stores or they will disappear. For me either Grimsby Tackle or Fishing World. Both have great selection and prices and best of all know what they are talking about. If they don't have it in stock they can get it in pretty quick as well. The staff at Bass Pro and Sail all "know it all" just ask them! I was in Bass Pro to pick up a box of rifle cartridges that Fishing World was out of and had to wait 10 minutes while the sales guy recommended a 17 HMR to a customer as the best coyote round there is. "Shoots like a laser and destroys them as far as you can hit them". Another friend of a friend just getting into hunting this year was sold a 20 gauge shotgun this past year specifically for goose hunting on their recommendation. Buddy bought a new kicker motor and fish finder and had them rig his boat, what a mess. They spiced into his fuel line with valve so you had to manually turn the valve to either the main motor or the kicker, they also wired his fish finder to the same battery as the trolling motor so when he ran the trolling motor it created crazy interference rendering it useless. The best was Rasso's Best Value in Welland, John was the best. ask him for something and he'd drag out a big box from a pile of other boxes, rummage around up to his armpit and pull out exactly what you wanted. Ask him how much and he'd say whatever it is in the Lebaron's catalogue. You could buy Milk, Bread, fishing tackle or a shotgun! Erie Bait in the Falls was our regular spot for minnows or worms back in the day.
  6. Nice catch. Looking pretty hopeless for Erie ice this year, so will have to make the trek to Simcoe for sure this year.
  7. The natives might be hunting on the island, that will get them moving. They used to have a controlled hunt years ago and a deer swam across and jumped through a window of a house on Sarah St. if memory serves me correct. I think they ended the hunt pretty soon after that incident.
  8. Very nice mounts! Gunner from the site does excellent work as well. He did a duck mount a few years ago for me. I believe he does fish, as well as, big game too. Looking foward to getting something "wall worthy" this year, ideally for my son's first deer hunt!
  9. Congratulations Mooseslayer! Beautiful Bull and taken with a bow to boot, that takes skill and confidence!
  10. Looks like a great day in the woods for sure and yes a great way to hone your stalking and shooting skills!
  11. Good looking setup. How did you make out?
  12. Lol, that would have been the way to do it. Although somewhat disappointing, it is still nice to get out just the same.
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