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  1. Hey guys, just a reminder that tomorrow is the deadline for the antlerless deer draw.
  2. Hey guys, don't forget to submit your report for the spring turkey hunt if you haven't already done so.
  3. It's been a long time but use to do well on lake trout, and specks on some of the back lakes. Mepps Black Fury used to be my #1 choice by far. Fly rod in the evening near shore with dry flies would work well too. Don't forget to bring a shotgun and bear spray to fight off the black flies too! (no kidding)
  4. Sorry to hear that Gunner. That's a real bummer, tough losing a dog for sure.
  5. Went out of Crystal Beach this morning some big rollers with chop, searching for perch and my buddy "Ralph" came down with a case of sea sickness so in we went, chummed all the way back to the launch!
  6. Wow that would have been wild for sure Gunner!
  7. Way to go kgm! Sounds like an exciting morning for you!
  8. Hey gunner definitely good points. The only issue with Bernier is that if the Conservative vote gets split we'll be stuck with the liberals for the foreseeable future and we cant afford that. It's too bad Bernier picked up his marbles and went home he was a good addition to the team but will just hurt the cause IMHO.
  9. It would'nt surprise me at all. It has nothing to do do with public safety, but rather pure politics. Trudeau is just trying to ramp up the virtual signalling before the election to score some points with his base and to get accolades from his fellow feminist champion wannabes. We can't get rid of this guy fast enough! I'm sure I'd be labeled as an ignorant, misogynistic, and most likely racist for pointing this out.
  10. Yeah, that's a real bag biter. Hopefully karma will catch up with them!
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