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  1. Was looking forward to getting out but all this talk of ticks has got me creeped out! Lol! I've been using Ultra Shield the last couple of years too and knock on wood it seems to have kept the ticks at bay, but maybe the turkeys too. I'm sure it has nothing to do with my calling skills!
  2. Another aspect that should be considered is that coyotes are an apex predator, and as such should have a healthy fear of people. If they are left alone and lose their fear of people we run into situations like the one that just happened here in Grimsby. We are hearing regular reports of pets being snatched from backyards and even from leashes while on a walk. The following incident happened with a teenager and only stopped after several witness intervened, If it has been a child and no one was there to help it might have ended differently. Remember a 19 year old woman was killed by coyotes a few years ago out East. https://www.niagarathisweek.com/news-story/9270486-caution-urged-after-close-encounter-with-coyote-in-grimsby-/ Grimsby has extremely restrictive non discharge laws as many municipalities seem to be adopting and as more and more "city folks" are moving into rural area's and not supporting hunting access this is the result. This loss of fear seems to have been seen in some areas with wither bears following the cancellation of the spring bear hunt and I'm sure will have the same result with the cancellation of the grizzly hunt in BC, along with the protection of the "Algonquin wolf" (coy-wolf). Whether you view coyotes as a game animal, or nuisance vermin, or believe in live and let live you have remember they aren't our friend.
  3. Vinyl is the way to go on the boat for sure! Carpet is a pita all around.....but I'd never turn down a "Shag" in the bathroom!😜
  4. I wish the Liberals would have lied about this promise too. Unfortunately they would never pass up on an opportunity to increase their tax revenue to fund their pet projects and buy votes from their loyal followers and support their cronies. Hopefully Sheer will be in a position to put an end to the madness this coming fall!
  5. Nice will look forward to the other pics.
  6. Lol, I can relate to that! What are the animals you hunted? Which ones were you successful in taking?
  7. Beautify trophy! Is that going up on the wall?
  8. I feel your pain I replaced the floor in my boat last spring. Disassembled everything in the fall prior, very tedious putting back together in the spring and only put together the" important" parts so I could get out fishing. LOL. Still a few things to install when back out of storage.
  9. Verado's solution would probably be the most adventurous one, but a trap would be the safest bet either placed in the attic or by the entry point or along its path. Once you catch it make sure there aren't any more in there and then seal it up really well. Unfortunately you will most likely have a huge pile of coon crap and soiled insulation to clean out. If you don't do it soon you might have a litter of kits to contend with. I had a pet racoon when I was a kid, a kit that I found after taking care of a nuisance racoon at a friends farm. And if you ever get the chance to have a pet racoon never put a cheesy in your pocket to see if it can pull it out! I learned the hard way and my dad is still laughing about it 35 years later! Another tip for pest control if dispatching a skunk always do from a safe distance! Especially if your going to a house party that night. Tough enough to get laid in high school without smelling like a skunk!
  10. Nice buck! Personally I think that camoflage can give you a bit of an edge in that it helps break up your outline, and in a game that is usually won by who sees who first and that the deer have the edge in that department. For turkey it's even more crucial, not so much for moose as they aren't as skittish as either. Regarding scent blockers, I think minimizing your scent is more important. Shower with non-scented soaps, don't smoke on the stand or eat strong smelling food etc., and leave clothes closed up away from every day scents when stored. The crucial thing is playing the wind, if they get downwind of you unless you are really lucky with air currents or a curious animal they will smell you and most of the time you won't know they were even there.
  11. Wow I bet that was a fun filled 4 hours Smerch! LOL Sounds like a beauty bull to finish your moose hunting career with! You should hang the rack in a place of prominence like the living room wall or maybe over your headboard, I'm sure the wife won't mind!
  12. Crappy Tire and pretty much all the dealerships are all cut off the same stick! I drive all the way from Grimsby to Rainville's Auto on Montrose Rd, even for an oil change because I know I can trust them.
  13. Yep, definitely used to be a lot simpler Smerch! I focus more on big game too, deer and moose. I've always enjoyed a variety of rack sizes too, big and small, love them all!
  14. Dave, they lease for the year and for thousands of dolllars. The only time we hunted those particular fields was was for the late season goose hunt. And Smerch you're right it comes down to income for the farmer. It's getting more an more difficult for farmers to make a living so you can't really blame them. It's just disapointing, as you said development is eating up land available for hunting. My old hunting grounds when I was a kid are long gone and they aren't making any more.
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