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  1. The natives might be hunting on the island, that will get them moving. They used to have a controlled hunt years ago and a deer swam across and jumped through a window of a house on Sarah St. if memory serves me correct. I think they ended the hunt pretty soon after that incident.
  2. Very nice mounts! Gunner from the site does excellent work as well. He did a duck mount a few years ago for me. I believe he does fish, as well as, big game too. Looking foward to getting something "wall worthy" this year, ideally for my son's first deer hunt!
  3. Holy crap...that's a monster! Congratulations!
  4. Congratulations Mooseslayer! Beautiful Bull and taken with a bow to boot, that takes skill and confidence!
  5. Looks like a great day in the woods for sure and yes a great way to hone your stalking and shooting skills!
  6. Good looking setup. How did you make out?
  7. Lol, that would have been the way to do it. Although somewhat disappointing, it is still nice to get out just the same.
  8. Made the long hike out to a small pond that is in the corner of a corn field tonight hoping to bag a couple of mallards. Got there and bone dry! Arghh! Didn't see any birds flying.
  9. For the most part is it very shallow with rock bottom, many spots only a foot or two deep. Further up you can hit some deeper spots i.e.) maybe 3 feet at the most with mud bottom. The water level also rises and falls with the river level, so deeper in the day, then shallower at night. Once you get past Willick Road (by the new club house) it turns really shallow and marshy. Wow, I can picture every foot of that creek as I write this. Wood ducks and mallards rising up from behind deadfalls as I round a bend, the biggest buck I have ever seen bounding across the creek right in front of me. Gas bubbles rising up from the mud below as you step in a soft spot close to shore and the smell that comes up with it.. The Sasquatch huddled on the bank that startled me (turned out to be a trapper setting a muskrat trap..but for a couple of seconds definitely a Sasquatch.. Ha) Thanks for sparking those memories from over 30 years ago now but seems like yesterday.
  10. You must be thinking of Ushers Creek? I spent much of my youth catching turtles, skating on, and then later duck hunting on Ushers Creek. (long before the golf course) You might get lucky and find a a bass or two at the mouth but nothing other than maybe the odd sucker or carp in the creek itself if your lucky.
  11. Great story and pictures! Great that you can all get together!
  12. Congrats on the Moose Tag! From what I understand St Catharines is the only one locally that can print tags.
  13. Hoping to get out. Need to find some decent spots this year. Back in the day used to have creeks and ponds I would hunt 3 or 4 times a week, Always came home with a couple mallards and woodies. Will have to invest in a duck boat one of these years and hit Long Point.
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