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  1. Yote down

    Congrats, that is a good looking yote for sure. Yes it would make a nice mount for sure. I saw a big black one during the November deer hunt and plan to try for him over the holidays.
  2. what animal is this??

    LOL! Good point, maybe a more detailed inspection is in order.
  3. Gas

    You're right Smerch, it is part of the Liberal's grand "double down" plan on wasteful, non-effective, non-productive and non-sensical feel good programs that warm the hearts of Liberal voters. Fuel that comes from nice clean fields of corn instead of nasty oil sands! Guess they must think that all the farm equipment used to cultivate the land, plant the seed, fertilize, the fertilizer itself, harvest crop, transport to ethanol plant, energy to produce the ethanol, transport to market , is all powered by rainbows and sunshine! Not to mention the negative affect on fuel efficiency and the cost of all the damage being done to gas powered vehicles and equipment. Plus you can eat corn but not oil! Just say'n.
  4. what animal is this??

    Smerchly might be the winner! Smerch you had better check for trail cams next time as someone might be trying to identify the culprit! My second guess would be raccoons as they like to frequent one spot for a latrine.
  5. Controlled Deer Hunt

    This year was our best year in quite a few years. Lots of deer seen and shot. The second day of the hunt in the early afternoon I was doing a few grunt calls. I noticed a bit of white on the far side of a hedge row dividing a hay field. Checking with my binoculars it was the the biggest buck I've ever seen coming across a field towards me, I could hardly hold the binoculars on him my heart was pounding so hard! It was now moving slowly, cutting on an angle to my left along the hedgerow about 200 yards out . I had my sights on him waiting for him to step through an opening just before the bush line, but instead he stepped into the bush. I'm pretty sure he circled me in the bush to get down wind. contemplated getting out of stand and trying to cut him off in the bush but thought I'd make to much noise, and rather hoped that he give me a shot. Unfortunately I didn't see him again. On Wednesday around 7:30 am, again after making a couple of grunt calls, I spotted another buck , much smaller than the day before, working it's way across the same field towards me. This time he kept coming. When he was around the 100 yd and quartering towards me I made a soft grunt stopping him in his tracks. I put the cross hairs on him and squeezed off a shot. He ran about 50 yards back into the field and dropped. Buck down, a nice six pointer! Of our gang of 5 we all tagged out, with 2 being taken on Saturday which I wasn't there for. I keep thinking of that big buck. Should I have chanced a shot, should I have tried stalking him. I guess I'll never know, but I hope that he passes along his genes one more year and I get a crack at him next season.
  6. Outboard Stolen

    That's a shame. The other half of the problem is the people that are willing to buy the stuff!
  7. Bison Revenge

    Seeing that Indians used to take them out with stone tipped arrows I would think that a 338 anything would be more than enough. Sounds to me like it was just a bad shot?
  8. Bison Revenge

    That's crazy. I never realized that they got that big either. I'm sure he'll get good mileage out of that story. Sounds like he learned a lesson the hard way.
  9. Controlled Deer Hunt

    Good luck up north gunner!
  10. Controlled Deer Hunt

    Well, only a couple of days left to go before opener! Unfortunately we haven't had much time to prepare, managed to set up a new ladder stand , brushed in a pop up, and spruced up some existing tried and true stands, but that's pretty much it. Wanted to get some cameras set up, food plots in, and shooting lanes trimmed this summer, etc. etc. but just never happened. Hopefully the deer won't mind the lack of effort! Looking forward to getting out in the woods on Monday and wish everyone a successful and safe hunt!
  11. big game calibers

    Out of the three I'd get a 270 for deer and a 300wm for moose and elk. IMHO the 7MM and 300 are overkill for deer unless you are shooting them at over 400 yds which is a whole other topic. If the moose and elk hunts are just "maybe one day hunts" I'd go with the 270, which can kill all with a well place shot. Or better yet get a 30-06 for a one gun does all as it can be easily loaded up or down on bullet weights depending on your quarry. And as teedee said the magnums aren't much fun to shoot, unless your really want one, then get a real one maybe a 338wm which thumps you and the moose good, that's what I use just for the heck of it.
  12. Moose Report

    Hopefully you'll make it out next year mooseslayer. Good going on the bears! Bear hunting is one thing that I haven't made time for yet. Always have a bear tag when moose hunting just in case though. Good luck with deer season!
  13. Moose Report

    Thanks Smerchly! It sounds like you had some great hunting trips, and great memories Smerchly. Yes, the older we get the wiser we get, or lazier? Ha. We had a bit of an adventure on the weekend. Heading up on Friday morning the tongue on my buddy's trailer collapsed just outside of Halibuton leaving us on the side of the road. A few calls and we had CAA taking the trailer on a flatbed to a friend of a friends place about 20K away, another couple calls and we had a trailer lined up for a landscaping trailer form a local rental store. After a 3.5 hour delay we were on the road again, arriving at camp about 8:30. The next morning we up to windy conditions and 3 degrees out. Our expectations were high for a moose that morning, and we headed off. Our plan was to travel the 6km down the river to a lake, 4 km across the lake to another river that we planned to hunt hard that day with guys posted at several spots up and down the river. I set up in a nice clearing, set up my decoy and called in the morning and late afternoon heading out at sundown with no sign of Bullwinkle, and collected the crew along the way. No one saw anything. Sunday morning was even windier and colder and raining to boot. We kept our same plan, hoping a moose might have come into the call from night before. We reached the lake around 6:30 and started across in the 14 foot aluminum through about 1.5 foot waves, 5 of us and towing a canoe, the farther we went the stronger the wind got. By the time we reached the mouth of the river the wind was really blowing and we made decision to pull the plug and head back as we didn't want to get stuck there overnight without the proper gear. So back we went, the life jackets went on and we kept into the waves. By then the waves were probably only 2 feet but I'd rather be in 6 footers on lake erie in my big boat any day. By the time we got back to the mouth of the river leading back to camp we were all wet and cold. All the guys wanted to go back to camp and call it quits, I still wanted to hunt so they left me with the canoe. I found a nice beaver pond off this river on this river and started calling, around 9:30 it started snowing, I lasted until around 11:00 then decided to work my way the back up the river to camp, checking out all the streams and clearings along the way. Well the moose won this round.. I think the highlight of the trip was running into a family of otters the first morning, allot more interesting, and hunter friendly than the beavers, with no tail slaps! Already looking forward to next year!
  14. Moose Report

    Late report on this year’s moose hunt. Again this year we hunted the opening week. Boy was it warm! We had a group of 8 guys this year. We drew a Bull tag, and had a Cow tag through outfitter camp. Leading up to the hunt we hade been having quite a debate over whether to take a cow or not if the opportunity presented itself and decided as a group that we would take one only if it didn’t have a calf with it. Opening morning we set off to our respective hunting spots. Myself, and a buddy made the hour long trek in the dark out to a beaver pond which I like to hunt. It is in a beautiful clearing about 300 yds across and very remote. The edge of the clearing is about 50 feet from the edge of a river. It is a perfect location for calling, as they can’t come in behind you unseen. I had just set up the decoy got comfortable and starting calling when one of the guys comes on the radio, “Moose Down”! “Cow Down”! Twenty after 8 am on opening morning and we have a moose down. So we pack up our stuff, make the journey back to camp to gather up all the necessities to recover a moose. Rope, knives, saw, bottle of rye for celebratory shots, etc., and off we go. When we got to where the moose had gone down it was approximately 100 feet from the side of a river, about 99 feet farther than I like but I guess it could have been worse. It was an old dry cow, so we didn’t feel bad about taking her.Thankfully in the long wait to get there the shooter had taken the time to gut the moose. So at that point we just had to drag the moose to the rivers edge and load in the boat. So with “heave ho’s”, 12 inches at a time we finally got her to the rivers edge and rolled her into an empty 14 footer. Now a quick 3 hour trip towing the moose back to camp at a perfect walleye trolling speed of about 1.5 mph! Back at camp we made quick work of getting it quartered, skinned and hanging. Back to the beaver pond for another three days back to back, dawn to dusk, until I had fed every mosquito within a mile. Not one response, it was just to hot, and the moose were obviously not in the rut or even curious about what was making all the racket. I spent the next couple of days traveling the rivers and checking back bays hoping to spot a bull feeding, and catching a few pickerel and pike in the early afternoon. On Wednesday a couple of guys came upon a bull feeding at the side of a creek. There are conflicting stories about what happened, who made the most noise, who couldn’t get their gun loaded, who went left when he should have gone right but the end result was the same. The Bull got tired of watching whatever they were doing and walked around a bend in the creek never to be seen again! Well we got skunked on our Bull, but over the course of last week and a few beers, we came up with a great idea, and some begging with the wives we are going back this weekend to finish business. Leaving this Friday morning, 10 hour drive up, hunt Saturday and Sunday and 10 hours back on Sunday night. As I write this I’m actually almost agreeing with my wife’s take on this “mission”…. well almost! I’ll give an update when back.
  15. Websites to sell firearms

    best is canadiangunnutz