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  1. Hopefully the Conservative party can get their act together as soon as possible. The NDP and Bloc are acting as useful idiots right now supporting the LIberals in suspending parliament along with pretty much anything else, as long as some goodies are thrown their way. If the Liberals try to call a snap election this year, need to break out the torches and pitchforks!
  2. With all the pictures of Turkeys being taken I thought I had better get out again before it was too late. I planned all week and figured to up my odds that I had better upgrade my Jake decoy, so made a run to Bass Pro on Wed. to pick up a Avian X HDR quarter strut Jake decoy, because of course it would make all the difference over my 10 year old cheap foam one. Wake up on Thursday at 4:30, can't get my son out of bed so go off by myself. Get out to the farm I was hunting around 5:30, get to my spot carefully take out my fancy new decoy out its custom carrying bag being careful not to get it dirty as I set it up along side it's homely foam hen girlfriend, then settle in. I decided to try to let the decoys do the work this time to avoid scaring anything off with my less than professional calling, so just laid in wait in silent anticipation of a big Tom. It was a beautiful morning to be out, The sounds of the bush in the spring are amazing, with ducks and geese flying low overhead along with a couple blue herons. Noticed that not a contrail in sight in a cloudless blue sky. I had a groundhog walk past me about 10 feet away, which is a fairly rare sight these days, a small grey and yellow bird landed a couple of feet in front of me, hopping from branch to branch looking at me curiously and eventually flying off.(not much to meat on them so let if be) Around 6:30 a loan turkey walked out of the bush about 100 yards off, walked straight out into the field about 50 yards or so, turned around and walked straight back into the bush. Then just before 7 a Jake came flying out of nowhere gliding down and landing about 20 feet from my decoy, took a couple of steps toward it then turned around and ran back towards the bush, it then slowly walked away along the brush line. I could have easily shot it when it first landed however wanted to savour the experience of it coming in and interacting with my shiny new decoy. Instead I got to savour watching it slowly disappear into the bush. Maybe the decoy is too fine a looking specimen and intimidated the young jake. I thought longingly about my old foam one that he might have been more comfortable one hanging out with. Around 8:00 I heard a distant gobble, after 15 minutes or so, I decided to throw caution to the wind and pull out my box call. I tried to keep it subtle and to a minimum, it sounded like it closed the distance to about 70 yards or so but hung up, talked back and forth with that turkey until about 9:30 with it refusing to come any closer and having to get back to work I decided to pull the plug and head back. No turkey on the meat pole but a great experience non the less. I'm hoping that I can get out with my son at least one more time before the season is over but between the honey do list and the need for Perch It might be tough.
  3. Lol, yes that was a good one!
  4. Yes, that's the one. Alien bean pods are not to be taken lightly!
  5. Hmm, I don't like the looks of that! Ever see "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"? I'd pour a big jug of roundup on it, wait a week, then burn it. If anyone in your household starts to act strangely, run and don't look back!
  6. Next item on the Liberal to do list, end Drunk Driving! Liberals are thinking about banning, high power, "Race grade sports cars" to eradicate drunk driving. I can hear it now. Drunk drivers kill thousands of citizens every year and unlike the Harper government we are going to end it once and for all. There is no place in our society for High power "Racing grade sports cars" ! Even four cylinder Mustangs will be on the list because they look scary! Just kidding, but no more ludicrous than the "Assault Weapon" ban.
  7. Those might catch on with Strip Joints, your own personal Stage! You always come up with the best ideas Smerch! Again, another idea to bring onto Dragons Den!
  8. Good points Verado, You won't see it in the media because it doesn't fit with the official narrative. Even in the Nova Scotia shooting they downplayed to this day that the perpetrator wasn't licensed and had used illegally obtained smuggled guns from the US. On top of that he had been reported by two separate people to the RCMP of violent behaviour and possessing illegal firearms, with neither complaint being acted on. They said that one of the guns was of Canadian origin then later admitted that it was the sidearm taken from the Mountie he killed. If they simply would have enforced several already enacted laws the tragedy could have likely been avoided. The shooting of the RCMP officers out in Alberta a few years ago followed a very similar scenario. Criminal don't abide by laws. If they aren't afraid of shooting someone in cold blood, or being shot, they certainly won't be afraid of breaking possession laws. There is a large and growing segment of our population that doesn't share our cultural beliefs, value our freedoms, way of life, value of life, or work ethic, that built our country and think that's it's cool and a viable way of life to carry and freely use a gun and know that their are few repercussions. Until their is political will to address this the issue will get worse before it gets better no matter how many guns they ban.
  9. That would be a cool experience, must have got the adrenaline going.
  10. That's crazy Fred! Glad they understood that you weren't aware what happened. Look at all the resources tied up because some jackass decided to open up the launch themselves. Hopefully they identify them and make an example of them. It's stuff like this that will end up screwing us all! The parks commission opened the majority of their launches, this one one of the few they didn't because they figured it was a difficult one to control from a social distancing aspect, etc.
  11. They are currently saying only people from same household in a boat. Best to adhere to that to keep the launches open. (not to mention yours and others safety) I don't believe that there are any charters operating at least legally. Remember they are saying max gathering of 5 non related people all following social distancing guidelines. If a business can't follow social distancing guidelines then they can't open. I was talking to someone that says he thinks he may have had it a couple of weeks(in hindsight, but who knows), didn't stay home from work and is out fishing today with someone else. My daughter who works at the grocery store says she has heard from other coworkers that customers have come through their lines saying they had to stock up as going into quarantine for two weeks because a family member is sick. If there is another flare up because people become too lax, we will be back to square one again, with everything closing down fast.
  12. Hopefully they will open soon, but realistically I don't see how it's possible to "social distance" in a boat. You will touch common items and it's pretty much guaranteed you will come into close contact at some point. It will come down to whether you want to risk it personally. I'm in a bit of an internal conflict over this myself. On one hand I have been extremely careful with social distancing to this point as have most of my friends and family, but at the same time it would be relatively low risk to go out fishing with a buddy, at least that's my perception. I have lots of friends that would likely go out with me on my boat tomorrow fishing, but at the same time, my wife is a nurse, one of my daughters is working as a PSW at a nursing home, another daughter is a clerk at a grocery store. all living under one roof. I am confident that they aren't infected, and I'm confident that I haven't been either.. But if you asked anyone that did get sick before they got sick they would likely say the same thing. It won't happen to me. In hind sight maybe a don't want to go fishing with myself! Ha
  13. Nice when you can make something old, new again!
  14. Forget trying to find brook trout down south. Most realistic place to start looking for trout for fly fishing would be Browns in the Upper Grand. Most access points are likely closed at this point, you need to get out and explore.
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