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  1. painter

    Android boxes

    I do recommend getting unlimited I always refer a company called start Internet it’s around $45 per month for unlimited best around could you call actually comes in and installed it for them The TV service does it use too much but the movies do especially in HD I could offer you a trial box With the TV service for $20 for a month if you find the box is not for you simply returning any questions I’m always there to help
  2. painter

    Android boxes

    Hi Daniel give me a shout Why not support a old sponsor of this site
  3. painter

    IPTV now selling free trial

    I am now selling 2 IPTV services IPTV is Internet television A place you can get all your sports News movies and every day television Channels hundreds of channels it’s easy to set up on a android box I help set up I can also set up remotely from my own computer to your android device and yes I’m still selling android boxes
  4. painter


    Hey Bill you can always ask me $10 /month almost 300 channels English also all the news channels plus sports and a full tv guide
  5. painter

    Who wants IPTV

    Just saw it Dave your active
  6. painter

    Who wants IPTV

    Hey Dave I can turn on your subscription anytime I control the panel right from my computer so that a person will be up and running right away once the STB emulator is installed on their android box E transfers can be sent to mediatvdish@gmail.com
  7. painter

    Who wants IPTV

    All android boxes can only support one TV at a time you would need a second android box for your bedroom
  8. painter

    Who wants IPTV

    I guess it would depend on how much TV watching the person does anyone with a android device I always recommend they get unlimited so that the interternet provider does not take advantage of over usage
  9. painter

    Who wants IPTV

    yes it is possible to install on different android boxes in the same house but only one box could run it at the same time it would kick the other box out when it's turned on
  10. painter

    Who wants IPTV

    Dave sorry for your loss
  11. painter

    Who wants IPTV

    No problem Dave always trying to help out a fellow fisherman how do you like the new program installed on your box
  12. painter

    Who wants IPTV

    sounds good Dave send me a email to mediatvdish@gmail.com and i can send you a file to install on your box its stb emulator pro, google store has it but you have to buy it. also visit my Facebook page mediatvdish there i have step by step how to install
  13. painter

    Who wants IPTV

    Hi Dave yes it can be installed on most android devices I can give free 2 day trials
  14. painter

    Who wants IPTV

    Big news I am also selling Iptv $15 month installed on your android box over 200 English channels HD all languages all the sports channels adult channels are blocked with a password 1000s of movies
  15. painter


    Merry Christmas Guys