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  1. the gas cost is not the thing that limits me. its the time im home and able to go. being that im a truckdriver im gone for 10 or 11 days at a time then home for 3 or 4 days before im gone again. it takes a day to get ready to go again and then dr appts and any other thing that needs to be done. but usally get 1 day out each time im home
  2. what a go never know what you will get fishn there
  3. kings in the small tribs usally are snaged trying to bring them in is nuts. you just loose your tackle with them when using light gear
  4. F,O,G


    could be checking if he has water in the bottom, transfer of invasive species between bodys of water.
  5. F,O,G


    use the aquaseal . put it on the inside and outside. it will seal it up and stop the hole from tearing into a bigger hole.
  6. Try some single beads 8 to 10 mm size and you need to almost drag the bottom, and dont use gold or sliver hooks. i find red or black hooks best
  7. F,O,G

    License Renewal

    this is why you need to print off your recipt you get when doing a online purchase. its proof you bought it and it works as your lic till you get it.
  8. merrychristmas to all and hope you get some kind of fishing stuff under the tree for you
  9. the lead ban is no one can sell it in NY . i dont go to the cat anymore i just go to oak orchard or the genesse . the bows and browns are big out there as thier from L ontario
  10. i use the raven 14' 3 piece . its easy to use and fights a chromer very nice. easy to cast with. when i started out i had a 2pc but always had problems in the car with it making it fit and its easier to treck down through the bush to your fishn spot .this is not a problem with the 3pc. had mine now for 5yrs and no problems.
  11. F,O,G

    Upper Niagara

    I fish there all winter as i can. it can be very good fishn there. i stand out there and the current can be fast. i only go when i can see the bottom with felt bottom boots. most the guys who go there float fish with centerpins. try to go with someone else your 1st few times so you know where to go in.
  12. bob 1 yes you need a pasport to enter canada 2 access is good on both sides 3 if you fish the niagara river you need a lic for each side so if you want to fish both sides you need both lic 4 it can be really good on both sides depending on water color ant time of yr...
  13. im headn to the NY oak orchard tommoro (tue 19 ) if your intrested leavn around 7am you can follow or jump im my car i have back seat open still
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