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  1. BigFish85

    Thieves in Welland

    I work with addicts and criminals and its a joke what they get away with, assault, rape etc. The mental health act is so abused and exploited by lawyers/ doctors to get meth heads off charges makes me sick.No accountability in our society. Take law into your own hands and break some little f$&@s legs see how fast he runs with your gear!!
  2. BigFish85

    Berlin Germany

    lol love that you post gears all packed
  3. BigFish85

    Careful out there everyone

    Ya good for awareness... but video is nothing like the reality, trust me
  4. BigFish85

    Careful out there everyone

    Easy for this guy with a crew. Try being alone in a marina. Hate these staged videos, like it's piece of cake.
  5. BigFish85

    Fishing on vacation in the Dominican

    I fished with a charter in punta cana, seas were 8-10' was rough. Still got some barracuda , lost marlin. We paid 125US$ each for 4 hours ,was Canadian guy and beer was cold. Talked with guys casting off beach using big paddle tail plastics twisters, inline spinners, and crank baits. Like flyjon said bring wire lots of toothy fish in the ocean.
  6. BigFish85

    Youtube play button

    That guy catches fish with anything lol
  7. BigFish85

    Posting pic

    Any way I can shrink my photos ? The feature on the site won't let me keeps saying I can only upload 501.76kb. Thanks
  8. BigFish85

    Fishing line spools

    I'm getting one
  9. BigFish85


    Was lucky enough to land this girl the other night with Tyler. Put up a great fight!
  10. BigFish85

    MNR - Your Voice Matters - Zone 16

    I received a booklet from mnr and Wisconsin university about my angling experiences. Anyone else get these?
  11. BigFish85

    Centerpinning during the winter

    I use a wax from loon for my pin n ice rods. ........works better than no wax
  12. BigFish85

    What's your biggest fish ever?

    Snaged a mirror carp when I was teenager. Was well over 30lb took two of us to pick it up. Faught it for a half hour or better. No cell phones back then
  13. BigFish85

    First Fish 2017

    Anyone take advantage of the beautiful day and get a fish in? I was able to get out fir a few hours managed dozen perch.
  14. BigFish85

    Personal stuff

    Happy to hear your well, best of luck in your recovery Cliff.
  15. BigFish85

    To cure or not to cure

    I tried just freezing last season rather than curing. The roe milks much longer and better...jmo