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  1. Loonietoon1


    Is not Christmas without seeing Earnest Save Christmas for 1 othersFrosty & Rudolf for sure 😋 Still a BIG kid at heart 😁
  2. Here is an Excellent Video by Terry Kelly on Youtube Called a Pittance of Time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kX_3y3u5Uo Terry Kelly - A Pittance of Time (Official Version) - YouTube
  3. Loonietoon1

    GHOC Shore Perch Derby 50 Pt. Marina Nov 3 Results Posted

    Yes. it was a great day and meeting up with you and the clan as well as fishfarmer ...
  4. Loonietoon1

    Van Go (Gone)?

    Smerchly, Never take their1st offer and do your research on your vehicle for proper value. They will try to LOW BALL you.. DO NOT LET THEM... STAND FIRM... know your rights to fair settlement....
  5. Loonietoon1


    Filled up last night in Hamilton @ Pioneer for 107.4 cost $95.00 to squeeze in to truck,, Prices suppose to hit $1.40 by next week they say... just in time for Easter when people start to travel
  6. Loonietoon1

    Posting Ice fishing topics

    Never mind found it, you have to be logged in to find it
  7. Loonietoon1

    Posting Ice fishing topics

    Where is it located
  8. Loonietoon1


    Merry Christmas to all at NFN and to all a Great Day
  9. Loonietoon1

    Hamilton Harbour Fishing Derby Aug.12

    See you there Dave around 7am
  10. Loonietoon1

    Testing ....testing.....

    wonder why Bruce
  11. Loonietoon1

    Rob D

    Congrats to Rob.... now he is committed
  12. Loonietoon1

    That time of year (again)

    I was watching a fishing show a few years back and watched the host cut off some fishing line wrap it up in a ball and discard it in to the water.... ... sent him a email to his show and he apologized for his mistake and claimed he usually discards it properly will not name the show ...sorry
  13. Loonietoon1


    Merry Christmas to All
  14. Loonietoon1

    Sewage ??

    That is an interesting Article
  15. Loonietoon1

    Sewage ??

    Ministry of the Environment They would like to know