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  1. Excellent Gift Bruce 👍
  2. Burlington Beach Strip in Burlington $250.00 they are not parking there no more... even spotted 1 parked on the grass... TOW TRUCK HOOKING UP WITH BY LAW there also LOL 👍
  3. Great guy indeed just a hobby for him
  4. The only place l know is Kenny Reel Repair in Hamilton
  5. You are right Chris... I am paying over $75.00 more than what I paid on the Winter months
  6. Has any one noticed the LARGE CHARGES on you hydro bill that Ford said would help because more people are home. OLD RATES were.....Off Peak...6.5 cents per Hr....Mid Peak ...9.4 Cents on Peak...13.2 cents..... Now all 24/7 as of June 1st .....12.8 cents per Hr..... Where are they SAVING US MONEY ?????? What do you think ???
  7. Looks like a Great Trip Bruce👍
  8. Just heard it now,... What a great man... Took the Devil Down to Georgia For sure now
  9. Smerchly, I have not heard of his passing ?? when did this happen ???
  10. got my name on some there Bruce 😁👍
  11. Beers a little LITE try ICE and can l get curb side pick up for looks like bacon wrapped chicken 👍😁
  12. I hope they remember to "Prop Me Up by the Juke Box When I Die" as he wished. Another great Loss For Sure
  13. The Gambler will LIVE ON>>>> RIP KENNY
  14. Fueled up last night 66.7 then .3 cents of for my CIBC credit card and .7 cents on my Jornie card from Pioneer = 10 cents off = 56.7 cents.. got to love it now to pay my credit card and still saving 👍😁
  15. 76.9 in the hammer right now 👍
  16. 83.6 for premium as Pioneer running out of Silver & Bronze fuel so selling Premium at Silver Price OH YEEEE
  17. 😍😁👍 This is all l have to say
  18. You have lots made up for Ancaster Bruce
  19. Drove from Hamilton down to Port D this afternoon and saw 3 fish caught on the wall area past the large yacht, nice hour spent 👀
  20. Smerchly please check with the MTO on the Clarification After Driving Oversized Loads for over 30 yrs Over 5ft we had to have OverSize Permits. This is all l am going to say and hope you at least follow thru with my advise 🤞
  21. Please read Highway Traffic Act 109 for a better clarification to the question.
  22. That falls under a different set of controls that need to be inforced that are not. This falls under the Highway Traffic Act and Police given a chance will enforce it. Fines are Heavy and not worth taking a chance on. Best check with the MTO as they also enforce this.
  23. Check with the MTO on That Smerchly I know after 4ft must be flagged just not to sure on anything longer as I know we had to be permitted after that
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