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  1. teedee

    Trash cleanup Day

    years back if a person was on welfare and able to work they were made to work 20hrs. a week to collect there money. I know a few people who went out and found jobs then. they should bring that law back .put them to work 3 days a week picking up garbage. Now days a kid turns 16 they quit school move out of home and collect welfare .then they sit back and party with drugs etc. until the money is gone . then they look for things to steal for more drug money . td
  2. teedee

    Lower Niagara skunked for smallmouth

    u may be drifting to fast . ur lure will not work properly if going to fast or to slow . drop ur lure over side of boat and watch the action .there are ways to slow ur drift down without spending the money for trolling motor .
  3. teedee

    Merc start problem

    sounds like the vent was closed or u have a air leak in one of ur connections or hose. check all the clamps . td
  4. teedee

    NEW invaders

    Before the government banned the use of DDT we never had a problem with ticks--bed bugs etc.
  5. teedee

    Get well soon teedee

    Thank you .
  6. teedee

    Brantford to Caledonia Grand River

    Sorry SOLD
  7. teedee

    Get well soon teedee

    thank you NRF I go for my biopsy in 2 weeks . will know then what action there going to take .
  8. teedee

    New To Site

    Welcome aboard.
  9. teedee

    Thieves in Welland

    Welland is getting really bad .I had my truck broke into and it was locked .they must of had a master key or a slim jim . they stole my gps and a lot of other things . my friend had his garage broke into twice. I have seen teenagers walking down the streets at 3am wearing back packs . what is wrong with parents letting there kids stay out all night . there the ones I blame . td
  10. teedee

    First launch

    if u know nothing about lake Erie make sure u check the marine weather forecast before heading out. also good idea to have a vhf radio and a kicker . td
  11. teedee

    Crowland Gun club.

    crowland gun club is open on sunday afternoon . they have trap and rifle range . also a kitchen and a bar.been a long time since I have been there so I don't know the fees. td
  12. teedee

    is it smelt time?

    welcome icecy thanks for the post it saves me a trip down there tonight td
  13. teedee

    Eating catfish

    me and my fishing buddy got into a mess of drum one day so we decided to keep them .we fillet them all and took back to the camp site at long beach and passed them out to anyone that wanted fresh fish for supper . well the next day they all were thanking me again and saying it was the best fish they ever ate . but as far as they knew they were eating bass . never did tell them it was drum . td
  14. teedee


    welcome to the forum morwood80 . td
  15. teedee

    is it smelt time?

    I always found that when the dandelions start to come out on ur lawn the smelts are running td