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  1. wait for a nice sunny day and park down the road from the 2 houses and watch to see what house they ride out of.
  2. I checked it out last Thursday and the ramp and docks were still iced in . td
  3. thanks verado very nice read . I am surprised at such a low cal. for the hunt . I thought it would be a magnum load . td
  4. just wondering what cal.rifle you used. and is that a suppressor on the end of your barrel . td
  5. Thank you cliff for all your hard work keeping this site running . And thank you tyler for stepping up to the plate.
  6. This is sad sad news . this site is were I go to have my morning coffee . before you shut the site down maybe you can take a pol to see how many members would sign up to make it a private site. I would be glad to pay a annual fee to keep the site going. td
  7. nice buck . Now hes hooked for life . td
  8. buy an sell section is in Classifieds at bottom in forums
  9. great storey an congrats to ur son . u guys did good with 3 deer . I heard a lot of guys came home with no deer from wu 47 this year.
  10. Nickel Beach in Port Colborne is all blocked off also . they are filming a war movie . td
  11. years back if a person was on welfare and able to work they were made to work 20hrs. a week to collect there money. I know a few people who went out and found jobs then. they should bring that law back .put them to work 3 days a week picking up garbage. Now days a kid turns 16 they quit school move out of home and collect welfare .then they sit back and party with drugs etc. until the money is gone . then they look for things to steal for more drug money . td
  12. u may be drifting to fast . ur lure will not work properly if going to fast or to slow . drop ur lure over side of boat and watch the action .there are ways to slow ur drift down without spending the money for trolling motor .
  13. sounds like the vent was closed or u have a air leak in one of ur connections or hose. check all the clamps . td
  14. Before the government banned the use of DDT we never had a problem with ticks--bed bugs etc.
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