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  1. I saw one yesterday swimming around the shallows it had a big gut on it but it couldn't have been more than a half foot long. Strange how things grow sometimes.
  2. The problem with my new spots are the unsteady sliding rock walls you have to walk on and the fact that I don't have a 15' net! Going out today after work for a couple hours targeting some perch. Maybe next week I'll check out Hamilton, Welland, or Jordan. I've never left St. Catharines/Thorold for fishing before. A regular customer at the gas station I work at has shown me some beautiful cats he's caught in Hamilton and I have to say I'm intrigued.
  3. It's been a long time since I've graced you gentleman with my presence. I found a few more spots to try out and I've added boiled maize to my arsenal. Unfortunately those spots aren't very conducive to landing carp. I own a vehicle now so the possibilities have opened up. I usually end up catching bullhead these days but I rarely get skunked anymore.
  4. TSC on Bunting Rd. didn't have any which was a bummer. I ended up not catching anything not even a line bump. Left after four hours. My buddy and I were putting away the rods and a carp jumped right where we were fishing.
  5. The guy at Pete's recommended minimum nine foot medium heavy. Emphasis on minimum.
  6. Decided that tomorrow after I give blood I'm going carp fishing down port area. I bought four kilograms of whole kernel corn and enough supplies to make two or three pounds of boilies. It's a slightly sweeter mix with some crunch mixed in and they're as bright redish orange as I can make em (we didn't have yellow colour). I have nine hair rigs pretied majority of which are flourocarbon but a few are made with braid. I should be out from noon until about 8pm. I should also mention I have about 2kg of pack bait in the freezer. Where do you all buy your maize? I gave TSC a ring and they don't have any.
  7. A lot of American carp anglers that are hardcore into the sport like to cure their corn. One I watched he said it smelled terrible and it was pink. He uses it to make his corn harder to pull off the hook
  8. Like I said it would be a new experience. If anything I'd be paying for the experience not the carp.
  9. I've asked around town and a few guys have gone after dark to try on several occasions with no luck. I've also been told if you ask the property owner nice enough they'll let you fish after hours as long as you don't leave anything behind.
  10. My father and I were there for three hours. I threw just about everything I had in my bag and only had a follow on a crank. Tried several different baits on a drop shot rig about two feet off bottom with a one ounce weight to start. Out of the eight or so people there between the time we got there and the time we left no one caught anything. I did have a large school of 20 or so goby follow my jig up the launch while trying to jig the dock. Baits I used: Drop shot worm (three styles) Crank baits (shad and perch imitation) Spinners both double and single blade Dual prop stick bait Blue and black football jig with craw Tubes (white and green pumpkin) Swim baits pike paddle and shiner split
  11. I'm saving up for a nine foot four piece Shimano right now. Collapsed length is just over 2.5ft which is good for me since I'm limited to on foot or some form of bicycle.
  12. I believe so. You've named everything I planned on taking thanks Willie
  13. No clue where it is or how I'm going to fish it but dad and I both have tomorrow off and he said we're probably going to go to the river. Going in blind I'm not sure what works best so I'm taking a little bit of everything and a few combos. I'll post pictures if we happen to land anything.
  14. Damn man that's great! Congratulations
  15. Yea the younger guy helped me pick out some basic gear and I bought an okuma bait runner from Petes the other day. Going to prep a metric butt tonne of bait for Saturday and see if I can get some line to peel off the new okuma. The younger guy at Petes carp fishes so I'll take any advice from him I can get.
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