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  1. NFyakangler

    Small window big fish!

    Where were you at for these luckies?
  2. NFyakangler

    Yakkin' for pike

    Sounds like you read a page from my pike book. I've never caught one myself. I blame chasing girls for most of my life, though. I landed a real nice pickerel of a wife so now I can get back to pike.
  3. NFyakangler

    Jordan harbour question

    Let us know how you do. I haven't been hearing much about the bite there recently. Good luck!
  4. NFyakangler

    Kayak Flipped... Safety Advice

    That really sucks about the ordeal and their gear. Glad to hear you both made out OK though. You couldn't be more right. No fish is worth one's own safety. Be safe people.
  5. NFyakangler

    Yakkin' for pike

    Nicely done. Where abouts was this? I have never caught a pike but have been wanting to try my luck at it this year. Pretty awesome to land what you wanted to target. What did you find was the winning combination for lures?
  6. NFyakangler

    Kayak fishing this weekend

    Sorry man, wife mentioned last night that we have plans apparently. Perhaps another time. Good luck, if you go.
  7. NFyakangler

    Kayak fishing this weekend

    Where abouts? I may be able to meet.
  8. NFyakangler

    Southern Ontario Shootout Kayak Fishing Series

    Wow, how did I not see that it was 2014? What a newbie mistake. I'll be quiet now haha
  9. NFyakangler

    Southern Ontario Shootout Kayak Fishing Series

    Can you still register for this event? Apparently, I'm from 2014.
  10. NFyakangler

    Point Abino Perch

    Has anyone been hitting point abino lately? Hoping to get out on the yak in the morning and was wondering if anyone had a report on the fish in the area.
  11. NFyakangler

    2015 Ontario Kayak Fishing Series

    Guess you can't register late?