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  1. Transportation question

    Foam block and straps ok as long as nose of kayak is tied securely to front bumper.
  2. Question

    A friend of mine was going this morning and he usually does well on flies
  3. Question

    They still haven't finished spawning in the Hamilton Harbour and usually the action gets hot right after.
  4. Question

    Will be trying Hamilton Monday after work and will let you know
  5. Knowledge on pike

    I have had good luck with spring pike in locations that have feeder streams - theses streams deliver baitfish (shiners, chubs, sucker) to the larger water bodies when heavy rains come and the pike are there to feed.
  6. Dufferin islands carp

    Absolutely yes people use a fly rod and with some good results. I find the carp less cooperative with cold water but late May to mid July are very eager to take the flies.
  7. Need a job ?

    We are trying to hire in Brantford and can't get people.
  8. How to Catch Shad?

    Small flies work - they get caught by accident when fly fishing for other species
  9. Credit Shinanigans

    Sad the lack of enforcement in that area - I was there a lot when I was a kid and it has always been a circus
  10. Question for the older guys (like me)

    Thanks some good stuff here Dave C I would take the contact information of your recommended guys for some pointers - will wail till this settles down but always good to get some expert guidance
  11. Question for the older guys (like me)

    Thanks for all the input. i am sure rest will help too put the fishing has been really good this summer. Will try the band and ointment before accepting physio approach.
  12. Question for the older guys (like me)

    It started as a tennis elbow inflammation in the early season - a windy day that I caught some nice fish. Now there is pain just picking up a kettle to pour water. my mechanics are less than perfect for fly casting and that can't help
  13. I have developed an elbow injury this year and am trying to get recovered but the fly fishing is really aggravating it. Do any of you have experience like this and suggestions on how to get better? thanks in advance
  14. New PB Alert !

  15. Tenkara

    That would be old time hockey at it's best!