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  1. LOTR

    Lake O Salmon

    Hello, I'm thinking about heading out on my yak in the next week or so for some salmon on lake ontario. I've been kayaking since around the beginning of the summer and I'm confident in my skills to fish off the kayak and what not. I've been out on Lake Ontario before, just the biggest fish I've caught off my kayak is something like a 5lb largemouth. Are there any extra precautions I should be taking while fishing for salmon as apposed to bass? I'm fishing off a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 if that makes any difference. Thanks.
  2. LOTR


    Walleye and pike.
  3. LOTR


    What are your favourite colours of bucktail jigs? I'm doing a restock of fishing lures this weekend and have never really fished with bucktails.
  4. Jordan definitely has big cats in it still. Saw some guy pull out a jumbo cat last weekend.
  5. LOTR

    New Record !

    Just stopped by Port Dalhousie today after the rain, and damn. Those high water levels will last a while at this rate.
  6. I usually fish for pike with jerkbaits and spoons, was wondering if anyone has had luck going top water for pike. If so, what is the typical size to expect for top water pike? Thanks
  7. Hello all! I haven't been active here much but I'm back as I was busy with life and what not. So my father and I are planning a trip up to Georgian bay next weekend. My dad would really like to hook into a pike because he has not done so in a while. In fact he hasn't caught a fish in a while but mainly because he never really goes fishing. I wanna know if anyone knows a place with basically guaranteed pike. I would really love for him to hook into one and since I haven't been up there for a while I really have no clue where to fish anymore. We're about to go buy some new tackle as my tackle mainly consists of stuff for bass and catfish. We are kind of restricted to the shore though we do have a canoe we could bring along if need be. Thanks so much for any info.
  8. Very small bass in there. Best i've caught is one pound. Biggest carp you'll get there is probably 6-7 pounds. I only go there when I have 30 mins and want to catch some carp.
  9. Hey all, I'm an avid pike fisherman and spend all my extra money that I don't spend on food I spend it on lures. My current pike lures haven't been catching what they were 2 years ago. I've got a wide array of lures, anything from Husky Jerk Baits, Daredevil Spoons and Spinnerbaits. So my question is, what lures would you purchase if you had $25? Thats all I got to spend for today, lol. Thanks A lot
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