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  1. Pictures are worth a 1000 words in a ministry report. That's all you have at this point. Make your own case. And video. Send it to the media and let them run with it.
  2. Sad to hear Fred.... Think I might drag the kids there tonight after school. If we have no luck, might be done for the year.
  3. Every one er i take my kids to St. John's just as my father took me 30 years earlier. Always a great time in my 30 years previous. This year, I noticed they had done a lot of work to the shore line, armour stone around more then half. However, the pond is in poor shape. So much algae and sea weed, and we haven't hit may or consistent warm weather. The introduction of sun fish and bass may have something to do with it but I feel like the pond needs a cleaning. The other issue is how many trout are actually put in! I remember as a 10 year old hearing 1000 trout we're dumped in for opener. 10 years later, over 500.... Today, I saw 4 trout caught around the pond. This was 1:30pm. Very sad that the stocking program seems to be falling off as new generation of fishers won't be able to enjoy the magic of fishing there.
  4. That's the one. I don't know anything about it.
  5. Anyone ever fish the two ponds behind twenty valley restaurant? They are a short hike from the Jordan hallows. I am not sure if they are too shallow to support fish or not.
  6. Great idea! Another access point isn't a bad thing at all. Hopefully they can figure out a way to protect it to allow access regardless of wind. I am friends with a city councilor, I will big that up with him.
  7. Just sharing a quick story. I was up your Elephant lake last weekend. The bite was slow of how hot it was. Managed a few pike and bass. At sunset on Sat we started to cast towards a dead fallen tree. Just for the heck of it, I put a 9" deep diving bomber on thinking "Ah, what the hell". Well, first cast I felt that great feeling of snagging bottom, but this time, the bottom moved, and pulled!!! I told my buddy right away to get the net. This was a fish, a big one and to be ready. About 30 yards from the boat, I saw the side of the musky, twisting and fighting..... Then... snap! Gone, lost forever! Stupid me got snagged earlier in the day on some weeds, so I tightened drag and pulled it free, forgetting to loosen the drag back off! We tried again for an hour and the following day with no luck. Sucks to be me!
  8. It was hot! Fishing was only on in the mornings and eve's. Managed to get 2 pike, a walleye (lost one also, maybe 20 bass and a hand full of bluegill. Kids had a blast. First time catching something more then a sunfish!
  9. I actually think I have never caught one in my life!
  10. Won a cottage for a week on the Magnetawan river. Heading there on Friday and I have no clue what to expect for fishing. Saw a YouTube vid of a guy catching a smallmouth and a bluegill. Anyone ever been? Thoughts? Tips?
  11. Welcome. Lots of good people and advice here
  12. https://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/news-story/8707367-no-more-fishing-at-port-dalhousie-marina/ Always leave it to a few to ruin it for all!!!
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