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  1. Thank you ! Does a skin mount look better ?
  2. Not to try and hijack the thread but what is the best way to get a fish done? Should I just take measurements and photos? I have a hard time keeping a fish nice enough for me to get it taxidermied. I would rather release them.
  3. Yep last cast ended up paying off on Sunday
  4. Did you call and double check same thing happened with my waders and I was freaking out thought they got stolen. Ended up the guy lied and just came the next day.
  5. All in all I would say I had a good year. Got a new found love for fishing really heavy lillys. You just can't beat the feeling of a big bass breaking through the Lilly and smashing your lure!
  6. I was looking at getting a 22 250 savage any thoughts ? I heard they're actually pretty good.
  7. Good to hear! Hope You have a quick recovery
  8. Well that's good to hear that there has been organized clean ups sorry "I'm a drifter" I didn't see that. Well "snags" I may have to go when all the fair weather fisherman have gone into hiding. I just have seen what has happened to my local river when they added a dam nearby. The river started running way higher which made a lot of the banks wash out therefore making it wider. They just recently removed that dam making the river so low which has made the finally repopulating Browns push back towards the lake. The river was just getting better again after a chemical fire that killed all the fish when I was 13. I can remember seeing dozens of dead fish all over the banks. I just don't like seeing people tampering with natures natural ways.
  9. That's brutal I don't think I'm ever going to go there sounds like no fun. Why don't you try and get together a clean up I have seen it on other boards where they have done that and it has been a success... That sucks about the city making changes to the rivers they never do think about every consequence.
  10. I think he has the right ideas just a lot gets taken the wrong way and/or blown out of per portion.I do believe we are going to see more Americans get jobs, however I do think this could really affect Canada in a negative way.
  11. I agree, that would be amazing if they would post. It sure would clear some confusion on commonly debated topics such as this. It would also shed some light on the best possible way to protect the fish when out of season for some of the less advanced anglers on here.
  12. Hope all go goes good get better man!
  13. Try using something like a subwalk? I had the same problem earlier on in the year at the cottage and used a subwalk and they didn't seem to bother.
  14. I heard a rumour one was caught needed to investigate for myself. Plenty of salmon around, one took my roe went crazy jumped and broke off. Did see a couple Browns no luck on catching them. Other than that awesome day out on the river couldn't beat the weather.
  15. That's ridiculous! I'm assuming he got arrested or no? I'm going to the bronte soon to go search for some possible steel I really hope I don't run into that guy.
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