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  1. I have recently acquired a Mossberg 146b-a and its missing the sling mounts and the peep sight if anyone has these parts and is willing to sell them I would be very interested, also if anyone has any idea where I could get them here in Canada that would be great to
  2. big game calibers

    ive now been looking at 308 win or 30-06 how does 308 stack up against moose at less the 150 yards with a well placed shot of course
  3. big game calibers

    I been looking around for my hunting firearm and I've chosen the gun just deciding on the chambering its between 270 win, 7mm rem mag and 300 win mag id be using it for dear, moose and elk and possibly long range hunting id like to hear peoples thoughts
  4. I was wondering if anyone had reviews on the two rifles the xt-22 and mark 2 22 lr rifles I'm looking in to getting either one but I'm hearing marlins latest gun are not as good please if anyone has anyone formation please let me know
  5. TICKS!

    what is a good percent
  6. TICKS!

    I found a spray at the tsc store online and it contains this Contains 0.05 % Pyrethrin, 0.5 % Piperonyl Butoxide & 0.1 % Permethrin is that friendly for humane use and what did your ultra spry have
  7. TICKS!

    ok thanks ill look in to that spray
  8. TICKS!

    when turkey hunting what can you do to have a fighting chance against them
  9. TICKS!

    just had three red ticks on me today when I went for a quick bush walk with my pellet gun
  10. Bow/Archery Practice in Niagara

    check out Niagara falls archery club they have a range across from station five in chippawa
  11. Turkey hunting camo

    thanks for your advice guys
  12. Turkey hunting camo

    I recently bought pants and jacket for turkey hunting but it is real tree extra and I wounder if that would do the job for the niagara region during the spring hunt to keep me hinden
  13. thorold hunting

    I was wondering if anyone has heard about the hunting and firearm discharge laws for Thorold
  14. 2017 outdoors show

  15. 2017 outdoors show

    is there a date for the 2017 outdoors show yet