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  1. hi guys 

    just wonder if any buddy has a tikka t3x or Remington 700 and could tell me their experiences with them as far how picky they are with ammo brands and grains. I've heard that tikka can be picky with ammo and that newer rem 700 are not as good as they used to be.

    any info would be great


  2. I found a spray at the tsc store online and it contains this  Contains 0.05 % Pyrethrin, 0.5 % Piperonyl Butoxide & 0.1 % Permethrin

    is that friendly for humane use and what did your ultra spry have

    On ‎2017‎-‎04‎-‎17 at 9:31 PM, genec said:

    The best defense for hunters is spraying your  clothes/gear with a permethrin spray.

    Can't buy it for human use in Canada, but TSC stores sells a spray called Ultra Shield for horses that contains the same % of permethrin as sold in the U.S. for human use.

    I sprayed all my outer camo clothes & gear with it last year before the turkey season, and no ticks.

    Did it again in the fall before archery deer season started - no ticks.

    Just had all the gear hung out last week and doused everything to get ready for this spring's hunt.

    Supposed to last for 7-9 weeks before you need to reapply.


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