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  1. Good shooting...hope to get out as well
  2. I agree with fishingking. If you have a budget.. its not a bad option
  3. Getting out for late season, how has everyones success been this year?
  4. Just wondering if anyone knows when the deadline is to apply for Erie Tracker's Coyote contest starting on Jan 1.
  5. Thanks for the info, ill be sure to give that a shot. Much appreciated
  6. Just looking for input on everyones preferences for coyote hunting with regards to gun type. I am getting a varmint rifle in a couple months but want to see if people have had success using shotguns and wouldnt mind using shotguns more. Any info helps in the persuit of the hunt.
  7. Just looking for some pointers on how to increase the success in the field when small game hunting. First year hunting small game and just wondering if any veteran outdoorsmen have good suggestions. Thanks
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