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  1. Thank you DaveC, Schnipster, and Tom S! Thank you gentlemen - - I sincerely appreciate the valuable information and invites. I have been very pleasantly surprised by how willing everyone I have met has been toward people just entering the sport, as I am. It is something which has fascinated me for years, and I finally decided to stop talking about and get going. Looking forward to buying my first set-up shortly, and get out on the water. I will be sure to look into all your advice. Cheers, Colin
  2. dwc767 and Tom S - - Thank you! I am digesting everything you folks have to say and sincerely appreciate all the help to get me going in the right direction. It looks as though I need to get myself signed up for some casting lessons and some more information before I get hooked up with equipment. Thank you again! Colin
  3. Thank you for all the helpful information. I've watched some of the Cast Adventures videos and been to the site. I think I may start with bass and panfish and maybe work my way up to steelhead. I don't want to invest too much initially, until I can get a better idea of what I enjoy, can become proficient at, and have the time for - - really just looking for some quiet time in nature. Thanks again. CS
  4. Surf and Turf, Thank you so much for the insightful advice. From everything I have read and heard - you are bang on. Learning to cast properly is key. I have checked into Grindstone and would like to sign up for something in the spring. I was also hoping to be able to get out a little closer to home, and was looking for some potential spots right in Niagara. I purchased the 'Introducing Fly Fishing' booklet produced by the local chapter of Trout Unlimited and it had some wonderful advice for a beginner like me. Ideally, I love the idea of popping out for a bit on the way home from work or on a weekend morning. Not sure if fly fishing right in Niagara is my best bet for that, or if I am better off going with another approach. Thank you again for taking the time to respond. Colin
  5. I am in my forties and for years have been very interested in learning how to fish, specifically, on the fly. I have been hesitant to get out there, because as a beginner, I have been a bit intimidated - - as most folks my age have been at it for decades. I've been reading loads and watching countless videos, hoping to get myself more familiar with the sport. I finally decided that it was time to stop talking about it and get started. I took my first fly-tying class up at Drift Outfitters on Queen East in Toronto (wonderful crew of folks up there!) and have joined the forum to learn more about what is available locally (I'm in St. Catharines). I am looking forward to everything the forum has to offer and even more keen to get my tail out on the water. Any thoughts on what is the best set-up to get started? A heavier combo for the steelhead season or a lighter, more adaptable one for everything else? I am sure that in time I will have multiple rods and reels, but looking to get my feet wet, so to speak, and would be very appreciative of any advice. Thank you, Colin
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