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  1. Short answer is ...Smelt netters , ugh don't get me started
  2. Public boat launches may open on Saturdayhttps://www.iheartradio.ca/610cktb/news/golf-courses-marinas-parks-and-campgrounds-can-open-saturday-may-16th-1.12412981
  3. Rockey's Tackle services , they are very pro.
  4. A hangry Beaver maybe ? those muskrats are little devils too...
  5. Smerch Gotta love the variety of colors and spots of all the trout and the sore arm too ...Caught one today that had an old injury, he was missing a good chunk of his lower jaw and was kypeless!!!
  6. They were back yesterday with a fire pit too Jack..lol .got a little smokey with the winds but the one that took the cake yesterday was a guy with a little kids barbie rod casting on everyone with a bobber then had to rant to everyone several times that there's to many people fishing there as the weather warms up so does the "quality of entertainment"
  7. Was a great afternoon to be out there , plus temps = zoo time tho
  8. Was at Queenston yesterday landed 1 bow on second cast then couldn't buy a bite after that , Glad to have gotten out before another $hit wind storm.
  9. There is summer time, and then there is trout season , the best season🤙
  10. Smerch , just think how many carp you would catch if you drank a couple of gallons of water every time while fishing , every time you pee you would get one on , seen some white caps out there today west side of Beaver dams , some good wind gust today, was that your Astro parked on beaver dams ?
  11. Vinegar and water mix works great on the white calcium spots too for hulls ,motors and glass.
  12. Great job fredfisher 👍 it's a nice bonus when they co-operate during a short outing ! where you jigging or bouncing them? if I jig I use a 1oz with a 4" white twister.
  13. The launch is the same -unchanged , you can still launch its just a pain in the butt , wouldn't recommend it if anyone has any mobility issues as the dock is still at an extreme angle and I've seen a couple guys wipe-out on the algae that's on the concrete so be careful !
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