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  1. Those look dynamite Snags , very nice work
  2. The nerve of these Poachers makes me sick - Poachers are criminals , and need JAIL time , this poacher is having detrimental impacts on our fishery , I never hesitate to narc on a poacher ever. MNR please destroy this clown boot .
  3. Smerch seen about 8-9 different species of Bee's today , half of them where going after some of my bird feeder's and bird's for some reason . but they left the suet alone , they want the pollen but what do we do when there is no dandelions out there for'em yet !
  4. X2 I seen it too , it was really awesome to witness that don't get to see that too often
  5. John the fisherman by Primus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkFMJ4-ai1I The salmon dance by The chemical brothers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDj7DuHVV9E
  6. Congrats and thank you Tyler
  7. BIG Thank you Cliff for your work running this great site Congrats Tyler and thank you for saving NFN
  8. Yes, Happy New year to all and great health to all of the good people of Niagara Fishing.net and all of your family's.
  9. Bigugs , Your always busy making baits and taking care of the farm , hopefully you can get out soon and go get'em .
  10. If anybody and everybody wants to continue with their traditional rights (regardless of their party status, ethnicity etc) we need to be very vocal and organize and not stare at our phones allday and "tweet" about it(that's what they want us to do) , actually speak outloud with your mouth (I know its hard these day's ), RIGHT ! OUR right to organize and protest is one of the great things about our rights in Canada, but I seen on the news tonight people tried to protest infront of the new finance ministers office(Bill Morneau) and they called the cops and the cops dispersed the peaceful protesters (which is against our right to peaceful assembly and protest btw) the "Ford" party is getting idea's and tactics from TRUMP I think . p.s I'm not a stout supporter of any party , I support and disapprove things from all of the "big three party's" , I'm just a concerned logical fisherman person ,"I'm a nature supporter eg laws of nature " ,"I'm A fossil fuel supporter and A global warming supporter "reference the first law of thermodynamics (grade 9 science stuff) " , " alien's" , "samsquanch " " Nessey" etc . When any government is in power they are not concerned about any other individual's (the people's collective beliefs/thoughts/rights) THEY will TRY and do what they want to do for what ever reason(s) eg try to ban firearms (U.S/Canada/U.K/New Zealand/Austrailia and Russia and china censorship of the free speech internet to keep their population "dumbed down" and large parts of Africa and middle east depriving woman of schooling/learning , driving, marriage, religion,etc. One of the big points I am trying to point out here is that the positions of power are trying to dictate our collective human destiny(s) and ultimately control the $hit out of us. The powers at be can never take our guns or beliefs away from us law abiding citizens here ,no matter how hard they try it will not happen. because we are adjacency matrix , because we have more heart than them , us the people make up this amazing country we live in . Can they make gun's illegal in Canada one day ? maybe! , can they TRY to take our gun's away from us? maybe! I think they will TRY to pry them from our cold dead hands one day but even then they still won't get'em or our left handed cigs
  11. 1.The Shaw shank redemption 2.Terminator 2 3.Happy Gilmore 4.half baked 5.It's hard to choose there is some really good movie's made and hard to choose
  12. Terminator is a good one "The 45. long slide , with laser sighting"
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