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  1. Hawk

    I had a sharp shinned hawk take out a junco last weekend in the yard. It stared down a squirrel for about 15 minutes over its prey and then the squirrel decided to take off. Raptors are such amazing birds. Yes, great horned owls will definitely take out small dogs, cats etc.
  2. Simply AMAZING !

    I have been following SpaceX for years and following their launches. The return of the booster rockets and seeing them land simultaneously on their pads was just spectacular. I wasn't around when man landed on the moon but this was so cool.
  3. Protecting Great lakes from Asian Carp

    Unfortunately, I don't think they will easy to catch by line so won't be good for us who like to sport fish. That industry will be in bad shape.
  4. Protecting Great lakes from Asian Carp

    Yes you are right. The commercial fishery will do well and adapt. They will have to. That was the article I was thinking of. Thanks for sharing that one Smerchly.
  5. Protecting Great lakes from Asian Carp

    Yup. They are apparently very good eating and are a delicacy to some. Hence why people smuggle them in. One strategy from experts that I heard was to basically overfish the heck out of the em. But we know how invasive these things can be. The problem with the models is that there ends up being a greater impact due to other species causes issues like zebra mussels, gobies etc. Nature does find a way to balance itself but us who love to fish our native species may have a completely different ecological system to deal with. Travel and trade has spread diseases and invasives across the globe and it isn't going to get better. Look at our forests - we've lost 3 dominant forest species. Chestnut, Elm and now ash. Huge impacts on our environment and economy.
  6. Protecting Great lakes from Asian Carp

    If nothing is done then Erie will have arrival and survival of some of these carp species (bighead, silver etc) and there will be spread and impact across great lakes basin within 20-50 years. Spread seems to indicate Lake Michigan will be hit first then, huron, erie, ontario. Most impacted species from what i gather from assessments are perch, pickerel and trout. Grass carp have made their way to Michigan and they have been found in Erie waterways. So their spread in great lakes basin is now imminent and will have significant impacts on wetlands including bird and fish species as well as Great lakes. The worst part is that human mediated release is the reason. Now I think the grass carp are not the worst of the Asian carp species but not 100% sure and that Silver and bighead are the worst. Obviously none are good at all especially with other stresses in the great lakes. No silver have been found in Great Lakes but some bighead have been found in the western basin of Erie (all suspected as intentionally released). Some of these have been fertile fish. I think it is fairly common for people to smuggle live breeding fish across the border to bring to Toronto restaurants (i hear of cases too often). We as fishermen have to do our part too and report anything of these we catch or see including people trying to release fish on our shores or waters.
  7. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/windsor/states-ontario-join-battle-to-protect-great-lakes-from-asian-carp-1.4514248 It's definitely going to take a joint effort to limit them in the Great Lakes. Lets hope these efforts work and not too late.
  8. Gas

    With all of these issues with ethanol in gas particularly with marine engines...what are people using for their boat engines? Anyone experience any issues with 10% EtOH in gas? Personally, I have recently switched to Shell V-power. It is definitely not cheap stuff.
  9. Woww

    sounds like it was interesting day down there.
  10. Careful out there everyone

    Yup. I agree. Skaters have been out on Erie too and I was thinking the same thing and that hopefully they walked the area first. If you survive a fall through the ice, it is an experience you'll never forget and will be extra cautious the next time. If you don't then you have proven Darwin's theory correct.
  11. Ice Fishing Bus Trip to Lake Simcoe Feb 18

    I may be interested if I can free up that day. I'll check with a few guys too.
  12. Searching for sucker

    It doesn't seem appealing to me and not all fish are good for the smoker. I recall some old guys pickling them too now that you mention it.
  13. Searching for sucker

    Catfish is pretty good but I find you need stronger spices like cajun spice though.
  14. Searching for sucker

    What are they like for eating? Any good?
  15. Careful out there everyone

    The technology is there. They have been measuring polar ice with satellite imagery for a long time. Satellites are now replaced with UAV and light aircraft now for more precise imagery. I don't know what you can get from just a camera mounted to UAV (probably just see open water and very thin sections). That is kinda what I was asking and that may be good enough to start your navigation on the ice based on some of your own normal ground truthing on the ice. You can also see where difficult terrain would be. I may try some things out with some of my contacts and if I do I'll post images on the forum. What can it hurt?