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  1. duck&wine

    New Niagara underwater video

    awesome video. thanks!
  2. duck&wine

    Reminder ...

    Just found one in between my dogs toes. Dog tick. Likely got it today as it wasn't engorged yet nor dead (since my dog is treated for ticks).
  3. duck&wine


    I hate paying more for good gas but fishing is one of my hobbies and when it comes to things I love I will spend the money regardless. I'm just glad I don't like ripping around the lake on a big Cigarette boat (but if I could afford a toy like that I could afford the gas) LOL. I just got a new outboard and it explicitly says about E15 is not recommended. I don't bother with any ethanol based on experience now and that goes with any small engines I have. There is some mention of some biofuels but I've never seen them around Niagara that's for sure!
  4. duck&wine

    I am just going to leave this here ...

    I agree Smerchly and pictures and posting are great especially the way Snags did it and not revealing too much. I'm not saying anything against any of those things. With hunting and fishing there are personal choices above the legal ones. Muskie are just one fish that I make some personal choices above and beyond the law even though you can harvest 1 in season with a sport fishing licence in Ontario. I'm sure others here do the same. When I hunt I won't necessarily pull the trigger on the first thing i see.
  5. duck&wine

    I am just going to leave this here ...

    Nice fish. Always great seeing Muskie caught in Niagara (I assume). It always seems in Niagara the muskie get caught targeting other fish. On a personal note, I don't particularly enjoy catching them when they aren't in season and I don't have the correct gear. I care too much about the health of those fish. Secondly, right now as the water is starting to warm up they have a job to do. If I have seen or caught in a muskie an area during their spawn I generally don't fish that spot because muskie return to the same spawning grounds and i want to let that fish have the best chance of success . It is also the only species that I have a 100% catch and release policy and it doesn't matter the size.
  6. duck&wine

    SPRING ?

    definitely behind this year...hopefully things catch up and we actually have a spring. Right now I will be thankful that no ice builds up so that a falling tree doesn't crush my truck and boat. Serves me right for taking it out of storage. LOL.
  7. duck&wine

    I'm getting my Ice Fishing Stuff back Out

    I hear ya! This is depressing...worst of both worlds. Ice fishing came to an abrupt end with that big thaw and then it got cold and stayed cold to keep the ice lingering around the lakes and river. I heard northern lakes are completely frozen but 3 feet? How north is that lake?
  8. duck&wine

    No T on hunting card

    Yup it is a thing of the past from what I read.
  9. duck&wine

    Crystal docks in?

    As of Saturday pm they were not in yet. There was ice still floating in the bay as well near the launch.
  10. duck&wine

    10 year ban for being way over his limit

    ya. I agree with that theory. Glad to see they threw the book at him.
  11. duck&wine

    Gun owners a must watch

    The police making the laws (full control of classification) is probably the worst part and defies what a democratic society is about.
  12. duck&wine

    Sad news

    Although I never knew him I mourn his loss. It hurts to lose a fellow fisherman and nature lover. He seemed like a great guy. Condolences to everyone here on the forum who were his friend and to his family.
  13. duck&wine

    Getting the Itch Crystal Boat Launch?

    I would expect them to be in mid April at the earliest this year with forecasts and amount of ice there based on the images. I think the past two years the docks were in at beginning of April and mid April but less ice in those seasons. Patience grasshopper....we will get there.
  14. duck&wine


    very true and no one values wetlands which are so very important to us in Niagara. They just want to drain them or pave them over. They build subdivisions on them where sump pumps run constantly and if you don't have a generator you get flooded when power goes out. Meanwhile, in all of cities in Niagara the downtowns just suffer and are run down. There is no real vision in our region and we as anglers and hunters see the effects because we live out there and follow nature and conditions. Houston floods were a perfect example of what happens when you don't respect any type of watersheds or wetlands and decide to just drain and pave.
  15. duck&wine


    Yup. True about the fox and I would love to just have open season on those cormorants. The amount of bait and young fish they consume is unreal.