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  1. Those massive container ships are likely where the things like the Emerald Ash borer came in on wood from Asia in the early '90s. Now billions of ash trees are gone. It is difficult to save the planet when there is a global economy driving everything. Invasive species are going to continue to exist and get worse. There is always another new pest or disease on the horizon. In many ways it is better not to think about it and just go fishing and enjoy what we have right now!
  2. I think I read somewhere that the MNR figured the grass carp in gibson where direct releases from people and not through migration from the GL. I might be wrong.
  3. Yup, international travel and trade has its consequences. I was talking to a plant pathologist from NZ and they stop ships in the water not in the harbours for biosecurity purposes and if they find even one insect that doesn't belong they send the entire ship back. Imagine having a container with your home belongings coming from across the world or a company needing their shipment and it goes back across the ocean? Serious stuff.
  4. It's the soil that's the issue. Soil and Plant material can't easily cross borders in either direction and anything imported needs permits and inspections by CFIA on the Canadian side. There's many reasons for this including pests and disease. Same reason you see all the signs going into the states about fruit not allowed to be entering. It is what it is but just like invasive carp in the lakes there are things that can wipe out our agriculture or impact our environment considerably if they entered. Political boundaries do try to contain problems as much as possible since it is humans who bring most of the diseases and the invasives - not the birds and bees.
  5. So sorry to hear about your loss. It is the so tough when they go since they are literally part of our every day life and doing daily activities with us (and always with us) - especially our working/hunting labs. I feel the same way as others who have posted here. We just need to enjoy the time we can with them and let their memories live on. These dogs make us better people and truly enrich our lives. You will know when the time is right to get another. RIP Gunner
  6. Muskie have been known to swim and stick their heads out of the water. Not quite sure why that is but I heard something about removing parasites from their gills and a bunch of other theories.
  7. I've spoken to vets actually about this and no one really comes out for a sick racoon, opossum etc even the Humane Society. The only time anyone comes rushing out is AFTER a pet or human are bit.
  8. I heard Distemper is bad right now with raccoons in Niagara. Saw one the other week that was partially paralyzed. I figured that's what it was.
  9. I'll try to make it out. This is a great idea.
  10. Thanks Cliff and to Tyler for keeping this forum going.
  11. This is abuse of power and against the charter no matter how you look at it. All authoritarian governments and police states in the past have said it's for the common good and look what history has shown us. It starts with the small things like this.
  12. I've submitted comments. I'm confident (hopeful) it will go through.
  13. Ugh. They love it more than us. Hopefully, you both can get out. I completely understand WRT allergies as my lab has been battling over the past year but I think he is ready to go now.
  14. that sucks gunner. You have him on Apoquel or some kind of anti-itch? Allergies sucks bad and it's even worse if you and your buddy can't get out together to hunt.
  15. I have seen a number of boat repair posts in the past few months so I figured this would be the place to ask if there is a place locally that sells good quality marine plywood. I have a small project that I want to do and would like a sheet. Thanks.
  16. I'm really sorry (and disappointed) to hear this and your struggles. This is the last thing any of us want to deal with whenever we buy fishing stuff, whether boats, gear etc. I hope you can find a sound and economical resolution to this problem. Thank you for sharing because these reviews and insight from others are so valuable. So far my 2012 Alumacraft has been OK but you never know and I will report any type of issue like this.
  17. Just found one in between my dogs toes. Dog tick. Likely got it today as it wasn't engorged yet nor dead (since my dog is treated for ticks).
  18. I hate paying more for good gas but fishing is one of my hobbies and when it comes to things I love I will spend the money regardless. I'm just glad I don't like ripping around the lake on a big Cigarette boat (but if I could afford a toy like that I could afford the gas) LOL. I just got a new outboard and it explicitly says about E15 is not recommended. I don't bother with any ethanol based on experience now and that goes with any small engines I have. There is some mention of some biofuels but I've never seen them around Niagara that's for sure!
  19. I agree Smerchly and pictures and posting are great especially the way Snags did it and not revealing too much. I'm not saying anything against any of those things. With hunting and fishing there are personal choices above the legal ones. Muskie are just one fish that I make some personal choices above and beyond the law even though you can harvest 1 in season with a sport fishing licence in Ontario. I'm sure others here do the same. When I hunt I won't necessarily pull the trigger on the first thing i see.
  20. Nice fish. Always great seeing Muskie caught in Niagara (I assume). It always seems in Niagara the muskie get caught targeting other fish. On a personal note, I don't particularly enjoy catching them when they aren't in season and I don't have the correct gear. I care too much about the health of those fish. Secondly, right now as the water is starting to warm up they have a job to do. If I have seen or caught in a muskie an area during their spawn I generally don't fish that spot because muskie return to the same spawning grounds and i want to let that fish have the best chance of success . It is also the only species that I have a 100% catch and release policy and it doesn't matter the size.
  21. definitely behind this year...hopefully things catch up and we actually have a spring. Right now I will be thankful that no ice builds up so that a falling tree doesn't crush my truck and boat. Serves me right for taking it out of storage. LOL.
  22. I hear ya! This is depressing...worst of both worlds. Ice fishing came to an abrupt end with that big thaw and then it got cold and stayed cold to keep the ice lingering around the lakes and river. I heard northern lakes are completely frozen but 3 feet? How north is that lake?
  23. Yup it is a thing of the past from what I read.
  24. As of Saturday pm they were not in yet. There was ice still floating in the bay as well near the launch.
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