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  1. This guy tosses his garbage everywhere even got yelled at by another fisherman for doing it. The guy had the fish and game called on him many times but nothing happened.
  2. It was a great day out fishing on the dock the only trouble we had was the one guy I had talked about in another post locally we call him the poacher as he doesn't like to follow the rules and regs ends up keeping everything he catches.
  3. Had a good day yesterday of fishing got some nice perch a friend of ours got a nice bass and unfortunately the other guy that most people don't like was fishing on the hook near the customs dock catching his 7th walleye this past few days.
  4. My father went for a walk today down by the coal docks was talking to a couple friends of mine and the poacher had a bucket there with over 200 minnows in it.
  5. He is still fishing down at Nichols we drove by there and I guess he is now going through peoples minnow buckets and tackle helping himself.
  6. I have given up on this problem the mnr was called on this guy many of times but nothing seems to be done about it.
  7. His friend was the one who reported him as he was going around showing pictures of the 9 walleye he caught on his cellphone.
  8. Hey guys there is this person fishing constantly at Nichols's Marina and he has been catching walleye as well other fish. This past Tuesday he caught 9 walleye in an hour kept every single one of them. The ministry was called on him but nothing has been done. We keep telling him he can't be doing this but he smiles and says yeah yeah and continues fishing. This same guy will purposely cross your line and stand a foot away from you to fish. I have given up on saying anything to him cause there's no point anymore.
  9. Hi guys thank you for the advice I don't want to start a pissing match with this guy and the people that are down there supporting him over a trout or a walleye it might just be best to call it a loss and find somewhere else to fish. I am hoping that this guy gets in trouble with the ministry over the amount of rainbows he has caught these pass 2 months he already was told he had too many minnows in his bucket and somebody reported him for using multiple rods.
  10. Hi we are using a pickerel rigs. The guy is a newcomer to Canada and his english isn't very good we tried to help him out but no luck one of his friend that he made down there came up to my father and asked if he had reported the guy to the ministry which he never did. This guy has had a lot of luck down there with catching trout he got a nice lake trout and we are unsure if he is following the regs. I just want to go out and fish and not have to worry about people like that. Your right though its pretty bad down there we are starting to call it the Port Dalhousie of Fort Erie lol.
  11. Hello fellow fisherman I am in need of some advice. My dad and I fish at the customs dock in Fort Erie almost all year round. This new guy comes down and he is crossing over everybody's lines snagging them and at first we give him a break as he was new we told him he need to cast straight we weren't rude about it but now its gotten out of hand and he thinks its funny. The dumb part is he is always catching fish. Yesterday he decided he is going to stand in front of my father and fish nearly hitting my dad with his rod also not watching where our equipment is. Any help would be great as I would like to catch some trout or walleye this year at the customs dock.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion I have always had a hard time reading and understanding sentences and paragraphs and there meanings since I was a ki. I know the MNR doesn't care that you know it off by heart just as long as you know your limit for that species.
  13. Thanks this helps alot I fish the upper Niagara in Fort Erie. I was lucky enough to get 2 this past spring and they were both smoked and consumed.
  14. Is that for the year ? See I am not sure I have been fishing since I was 3yrs old and I have had my fishing license for 16 years I checked the website and it showed 2 for conservation but wasn't sure if that was for the whole year.
  15. Hi guys I have a question regarding the limit for Rainbow Trout in the Niagara River. I have a conservation licence and want to know what my limit would be for rainbows I caught 2 last spring on separate days.
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