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  1. Oh, backing to mono is perfect and I totally agree with you Bowman although I don't do that. I just attach my leader to my fly line.
  2. Sorry for the lengthy delay as I haven't checked this forum out for a while. I've dedicated a conciderable amount of time to short and long line nymphing. wow I'm addicted and can say this is because it's so effective. When I say addictive, I mean you forget time and wonder why your arm is sore 5 hours later but the 5 hours passed by like it was an hour. This is not your typical fly fishing. I love casting a nice tight loop but this is amazing. If you have the heart to be stealthy, you will be very very surprised at the size and the amount of fish you are able to catch and release that are so close to you. I'm a practice makes perfect kinda person and I'm totally addictated, the rod makes a big difference and the type of sighter line helps big time, tungsten head nymphs rule this world and angling your line is super important as you follow the depth of the flow. I love catching fish and this surly is a productive means of doing it.
  3. I see I'm a year late but I'm a new member and I just, just started to euro nymph so when I saw this post I had to through in my thoughts. I have been fly fishing for over 20 years, mostly using my 4wt for trout and I do a lot of spey fishing for steelhead and trout spey for bass. Anyway, from what I understand, you don't need a specialty fly line to euro nymph, although I see several level lines on the market for this style of fly fishing, correct me if I'm wrong, I'm not sure why you would spend the money on it when you don't even cast the fly line. I believe you need is a specific type of leader. I just bought the Rio Nymph leader as it came with the sighter built into the leader. I attached 15' of 20lb mono to my trout fly line, then I attached the leader to the mono, then I tied on 5X tippet to the tippet ring. I also just bought a Greys Stremflex 3wt, this rod was made for the intended purpose of euro nymphing. So last weekend I thought I would give this a go, wow this isn't as easy as I thought it would be, my casting sucks but like Bow Man, I'm totally fixated with this as I can see how productive it can be. I wouldn't mind getting into to some competitions later on as well. I'm really looking forward to practicing more. I do have one question, where can I buy heavier nymphs (tungsten), I'm thinking that using a heavier nymph as my point fly would help my casting issue.
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