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  1. anyone have eyes on the water recently? other threads have stated the breaker has been out to port maitland and any ice closer to the damn is no longer ...well... ice lol.
  2. I would love to, never been, wouldn't know where to go. The other issue is getting there, I hate having to drive through Toronto. I should make the trip though, I haven't been to simcoe yet this year either ... stupid work thing always getting in the way of fishing
  3. we did ok on the weekend. I missed the biggest walleye I may have ever had the chance to pull through the ice, lost 'er right at the hole...i was devestated. still managed a few though. too bad this thaw is rolling through
  4. slowski


    where abouts were you posted up? was there last weekend and did well closer to the damn. hoping to get back there this weekend
  5. was out there last weekend and hit my limit, ill be back out there again this Saturday
  6. Thanks for the help man! Are you casting the blade baits popping them and letting them fall, or trolling with them? I haven't fished blade baits much but have heard their clutch in the fall.
  7. Any suggestions on how to set up trolling rigs for eyes on the rivers? Dipsy diver/ jet diver worm harness setups? Cranks? Spinners?New to trolling never had a boat before. Also best places to launch? Any input would be great
  8. Apologies if this seemed a little crass .... did not mean to start a huge storm on here. I'm new the forum so if that's the way it is on here I'll refrain from asking such questions in the future
  9. My fault! Although I respect your point, I thought that was the whole point of the forum to share knowledge tips tricks spots ect so everyone could enjoy the sport... believe me pal I wish I could afford a boat to get out to Erie and chase the monster Essox and bass I see on here time to time or get out to the deep in lake o and drag up a few kings but the way I see it is unless that lake is in your backyard I bet there's plenty of room out there for what ever boat you have and my hand me down canoe
  10. slowski


    was out last night with a south east win crashing the shores, no chance I was taking the boat out huge rollers even in the channel, tried my luck with casting but waves were coming up over the piers wasn't out too long
  11. slowski


    That would be quite the fight I imagine, I have a fly rod but never used it for anything other then pannies
  12. slowski


    You betcha won't be long now till they're in nice and thick
  13. slowski


    Thanks fellas might give er a try just keeping an eye on the winds
  14. slowski


    not a soul out there other then me the last few days, just not sure how far out to go since I don't have the biggest boat. thought about launching in port D and just chancing it but its iffy at night with all the cross chop at the end of the piers
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