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  1. gps PC software

    I bought a Lowrance Elite 7ti last summer for my tiny boat, I was lured by the prospect of using their Genesis maps because I fish small ponds that are not mapped. Later I succumbed and bought Reefmaster 2.0 - best decision I ever made! Already created maps customized to my particular needs of my favorite places using my own sonar data. As a result, I was much much more successful at finding where the bass is as compared to previous years.
  2. Fishing line spools

    I can actually tell you precisely. Printed at 20% infill density (you can go lower to save material since it doesn't really need to be that strong), double walls and quadruple top and bottom layers, the spool needs 41 grams of filament. After tax, 1kg of filament is under $30, so roughly 3 cents per gram. So, the spool costed me about $1.20. For comparison reasons, the flat spool listed in the fist post of this thread, with the same settings, needs only 8 grams, so cost is like 25 cents. When I first got into 3D printing, I was worried about filament cost. Then I quickly discovered that 1kg of filament lasts forever, I can experiment as much as I want and cost never really adds up. I guess the fact 3D printing is slow in a way prevents you of going bankrupt About 2 years ago I bought 6 spools of filament (6kg) in 6 different colors, since then I've printed hundreds of things, also experimented quite a bit, printed what not, bunch of toys for the kids, even fixed stuff for my swimming pool, also designed this beautiful fountain/jet valve and went through a number of iterations (see it here with video: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2346347), and I still probably have at least half of the 6kg left, never yet finished a spool of filament completely.
  3. Fishing line spools

    Like any other thing---research, trial & error. Lookup cheap Anet A8 printers, buy one. That printer is a kit, by the time you put it together you'll have a good understanding of how it works. Do your research online too, there's hundreds of thousands of people commenting on that printer alone. There's a fan page on facebook too, and people are always ready to help if you have a question. Then go to Thingiverse, download some stuff, run it through Cura slicer (a free program that transforms a 3D file into printer instructions). When you feel ready, get Fusion 360 and start designing your own stuff.
  4. Fishing line spools

    Yep, actually I've used an old xbox kinnect camera and some freely available software to make a 3d scan of each of my immediate family members, and printed the busts. Turned out pretty good! Here's some photos of just a small fraction of the stuff I've designed (most of it but not all) and printed.
  5. Fishing line spools

    Had nothing else to do, so made my new "invention"
  6. About the cheap $50 reel---well, I still haven't used it as I'm quite happy with my other setups. But I was messing with my equipment and saw one of the wooden handles doesn't turn freely anymore. It's been in the basement, I believe the wood expanded due to temperatures.
  7. Raven Rpx

    Got to try the rod today. 2 for 3. The one lost was operator's error. The 2 landed were a 26 female (released) and a much smaller male, which I kept for dinner. Both fish landed by myself with no waders and no net. It could be that this is my first higher end rod and I've never used a good rod before, but all I can say is wow! The rod not only felt much better, but fighting fish---I don't think I would've landed these two fish with my previous rod. This rod is both powerful and forgiving. There was minimal icing-up too, easily shaken off by dipping in the water every 10 or so casts. Another vast improvement over my previous (Shimano Clarus 10ft baitcaster). The spiral wrap was not noticeable at all in terms of castability. I even think it helps shed the water off the line even more, because I never got ice to form at the baitcaster eye, something which was happening very often at warmer temps with my previous rod before. I love this rod! I can only imagine how good a custom rod could be, but I'll know one day. I'm a believer!
  8. Pool

    I'd like to know too, that would be awesome! I go often, I think I've seen it clockwise only once in the last month or so.
  9. Raven Rpx

    This is an old thread, but given there isn't much written about the RPX anywhere on the web, might be worth reviving. The other day I got the Raven RPX 11'6'' spiral wrap baitcaster rod. My first impressions (without trying it yet on water) are that it's light overall, the tip is quite soft, but there's an increasing power potential as it progresses towards the handle. The top 4 guides are advertised as "REC recoil" guides supposedly eliminating icing up, but we'll see about that. They look something like this: We'll see how the rod performs on the water in the next few days. I'll be primarily using it for drifting floats, but at some point I may switch to another reel with non-floating line and cast some spoons/qwikfish/crankbaits.
  10. Not that expensive at all. Go to hobbyking.com, look at the drones. What you need is a camera drone, and if you're not experienced at flying drones, it would help to have some more safety features. Under $200 you can get a nice drone with live view camera and GPS tracking (can program to return back safely). Most would have an altitude meter too, so can be programmed to keep a certain altitude and never go below unless at predefined landing site. For fish-line release, a simple downrigger clip if you want to let the line go after the fish bites. Or just for casting distance/location----some wire as an almost right-angled hook, then and you can maneuver the drone to tilt and the line will just drop down. I've seen other videos before, including some that went wrong I'd totally try it, but here the conditions are different, it makes sense to do that from the beach instead of surf fishing. Update: here's one that will do the job and is relatively cheap: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/nova-pro-main-body-esc-radio-receiver-rtf-lite-mode-1.html?___store=en_us
  11. Baitcasters and float fishing

    Well, I do fish my baitcaster with Shimano Clarus 10ft casting rod, but I find it a little too fast action, and a bit stiff overall. The 4piece 13ft Clarus will be better suited I think. Already lost one big fish that I think was a laker that was going to be my PB during netting time, my mistake for having drag too tight on the reel and hook popped out, but I can't stop thinking I would've had that fish landed if my rod was a bit more forgiving like most float rods. Oh well...if you ever want a quick project to exercise your hobby more and beat the winter blues (and to make a few bucks on the side), contact me. It's easy to send you the money and then I can pick it up, I'm only about 1h20m away from London.
  12. Decided to end this topic as the harm might outweigh the benefit for the board . It's a cheap reel, so of course it won't perform like an expensive one. I think for the price it's surprisingly decent. But as suggested, if I find myself ever fishing with it on a regular basis (doubtful, but who knows), I'll report back.