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  1. Hunting over here is different, people eat what they kill, if the wife's relatives said they'd take me I'd probably go but I'd be massively anxious, I don't think I could personally kill bambi 😂😂 I feel bad whacking a fish on the head or cutting its neck lol
  2. I've nothing against hunting at all, I'm not into it personally but I love a game pie. What these absolute W.anchors are doing is for one illegal and two barbaric, they'll just dig the fox out to watch dogs rip it apart , foxes might need culling if they're doing damage to people's livestock or property, I'm all for that. What they're doing is bloodlust, I had a mate when I was younger and his old fella had terriers, one called mitch had lost an eye and had it's bottom lip ripped off (on separate occasions) , they'd catch a badger saying it was to stop the spread of TB then de-claw it and let dogs pull it apart. Some people are just born horrible, I'm behind the drone flyer in this particular case. If I killed something deliberately I'd want to eat it, ok maybe not the occasional mouse.
  3. I'm free so far, where are you thinking of fishing?
  4. Last season's stock? Meaning it's been sat on a shelf for however long?
  5. The waterboys - fisherman's blues
  6. Limey

    NFN meet up

    I'll second what all the other guys have said, thanks again Tyler it was all appreciated, the NFN stickers and streamers made by cliff were a really nice touch. Meeting all the lads was great. Smerchly I'm up for a bit of shore fishing any time mate, I think I'll be keeping off the ice until my knee is fully functional lol
  7. Limey

    NFN meet up

    Ok I made that up, I left them mine to use, the cold was torturing my knee.
  8. Limey

    NFN meet up

    Tyler and the rest of the lads are still down there freezing their bollocks off waiting for your bbq jack 😂
  9. Limey

    NFN meet up

    That's a shame mate, hope her knee is ok, did you not see my crutches at the waters edge, she could have used those lol
  10. Limey

    NFN meet up

    Dya know what smerch, in the 80s I think it was, lada rivas were super dirt cheap in England, people would ship loads of them to Russia and sell them for a crazy profit, I think in Russia it was like the same as having a rolls Royce 😂
  11. Limey

    NFN meet up

    Sweet I'll probably get there the same time myself.
  12. Limey

    NFN meet up

    Are you still going down for around 6.30? Dead end of kingsway?
  13. Limey

    NFN meet up

    Jack did you say you were bringing a small bbq? I've dug mine out and been for some briquettes but I'm not sure how many sausages will actually fit on it... Also Is it worth making a thread for people to say yes, no, maybe if they're able to attend? To give a better idea of bodies?
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