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  1. Limey

    Nice Day

    It gets worse mate, 4 nights, 2 off, 3 days, 2 off, 3 nights, 2 off, 4 days, 8 off and repeat, it's great lol
  2. Limey

    Nice Day

    And my 12 hour nights lol
  3. Limey

    10 year ban for being way over his limit

    I might well be asking a dumb question here, but why would he do that? Munchies? financial gain? walleye assassin?
  4. Limey

    March 26th Welland

    Spent a couple of hours on the bank just down from Lincoln street bridge, chucked just about every lure I had in there, not a bloody sausage
  5. Limey

    Sad news

    ALS is horrific, my father in law passed away from it about 4 weeks ago. RIP Lorne
  6. Limey

    Niagara Outdoor Show...2018

    Definitely no need for the apology mate, we found it in the end, I just mentioned it because like you said, others might have thought they'd got the wrong venue or date
  7. Limey

    Niagara Outdoor Show...2018

    To be honest we couldn't really see it signposted at all on the way in, we ended up in the hockey rinks, maybe stick a poster in the arena window to go around to side door or something? Not having a go obviously as we found it in the end, great show though mate.
  8. Limey

    Niagara Outdoor Show...2018

    I'll second exactly what bubba said!
  9. Limey

    It's almost here.

    Wish I'd have taken more money with me, nice to meet you though mate, can't wait to try out my buys
  10. Limey

    thorold, lock reservoirs

    There was fox in a mini zoo in the local park which stank a bit, definitely not in the same stink league as skunks though mate.
  11. Limey

    Otters in port D

    Exactly Mike, they seem to be like a fox in a coop by killing a fish for a few bites then taking another but they're protected I believe so people are up in arms about it.
  12. Limey

    Otters in port D

    I think you're right actually mate 3-4ft long minks with the head the size of a dog, I stand corrected sir coz you're obviously an expert on the subject and that's the last I'll say on it
  13. Limey

    Otters in port D

    If they were mink they were on some fantastic steroids, not knocking you like mate but just because you haven't seen one doesn't mean they aren't there lol youre obviously welcome to not believe me but as I say there were 4 of us close enough to know with what we saw
  14. Limey

    Otters in port D

    Oh you do now mate, I along with my stepson, his mate and another guy who was fishing all saw them, I'm fairly certain between the 4 of us we would know the difference 😉
  15. Limey

    Otters in port D

    You've got me there kidda?