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  1. Weird, I was a painter and decorator for 21 years lol, haven't done that since 2011 though. You can buy oil based exterior paint though??? That's crazy to me, not even type of epoxy based?
  2. Limey

    Eyelet swap

    What size mate, if it's the biggest nearest the reel seat and it matches I've got one here you're welcome to have.
  3. All excellent pointers, massively appreciated lads 👍
  4. Ah I didn't realize flouro would sink like that, lucky you told me as I was looking at different flouro online earlier, saved me a few dollars there, cheers mate.
  5. I've got 10lb mono and 15lb leader, if I'm going for example pike, I can't use a wire leader with those poppers can I? What would you recommend to use so I don't get bitten off?
  6. That's the only jigging gear I've got mate, never had much luck as I'm never sure how to retrieve them?
  7. Few treats for the cottage
  8. No trolling motors on the canoes as far as I'm aware Bill, but fingers crossed. Minnows are 8.99 for a dozen, I'll be taking my umbrella net also. We're staying in cottage #1 right on the shore, at the mouth of shebeshebakong river. Thanks for all the pointers lads, very much appreciated.
  9. Righto chaps, I've got 5 mates flying over from gods little acre on the 14th for a week. We're booked into katawoda cottages up nobel on georgian bay, 20 minutes past parry sound, was wondering if any of you lads had stayed there or nearby? If so how did you get on? Any pointers? We have canoes rented to try and troll the deeper waters during the day....how do we get our lures down low? Or is it best to just use the deepest diving lures we can buy? Also what's best for night time eyes from shore ( don't like mixing alcohol and water vessels), glow in the dark spoons? We're going to the bait shop for local knowledge but any help beforehand would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Limey. P.S don't want to be forking out too much money on dipsy divers or whatever only to use them once, plus I don't even know how they work lol.
  10. Limey


    He said it's not uncommon to pull out 30lbers from that pond
  11. Mate just caught this 10 minutes ago...
  12. Not good, at least no bad injuries.
  13. Is that it in the middle? I was unsure if you could get to whitefish island...
  14. When I looked on Google the Rapids seemed to be on the states side Dave?
  15. Ah I'm looking for something more full time mate.
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