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  1. 232lb ..... crazy https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/brit-angler-lands-world-record-17386467
  2. Missed this topic completely somehow, great posts.
  3. Know of a place in particular WC? I could just tell them it's 2 hours and keep on driving 😂
  4. Hey lads, I've got 3 or 4 mates coming in the first or second week of September. I'm after renting a cottage or cabin somewhere within about a 2 hour drive from Toronto pearson airport as they'll have just done a 10 train/plane journey. Couple of requirements... Lakeside, Good fishing obviously, 2 bedroom minimum as a couple of us wont mind using air mattresses. Comes with a boat or canoes. And lastly but definitely most importantly....decent priced. TIA, any help would be appreciated, cheers.
  5. Make sure your bail arm is off lol
  6. Oops sorry about that long link 😳
  7. https://lm.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fchdr.tv%2F24830%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR2TPm-aaSUPb_hX8FFVu6jXy9bHN8SQK5IOgyE_a8jJXQZaa2mAafK3QaU&h=AT0mwXKbCnTATmSNiNj6pttaLPJM-XnaG5R_EpQRj5zbkm9neV2boK3D9JGoCGZV4RW02O3ohw2ux-uUxfQiL_Mofe4Gk7VoioTM-r5pcZGhESIJIYtxF4dAPcUJ6MGgu1iY0txhzP3zu9YHsR5X7otqX0DgHfxwsi_YKf7A-mioPFpPOOd5XYU1ZsBNtDk_Woj0ynGL3myZfSF_2FkhIcldikCOIGL4M7eYYFROypCjdWPsdF905b4-GxcoMAzip_IrDv8ce9Zdjq8rk0E1fWkqDIRwx1lxGme7V6iHY_rUSYwd2Z3VDFzypR_2pC8bvv81kp0_aYLG4-jWTPk8c3VTsLGMEaJ2K8QZvrRROUi0KKK7lPD1B4Y_uX5pGjRi1JzqXnxcEUBp_KvBLoDM2LwZS1UWtNYJx1ffUFhY2IunfuNeokmJ0ODrLpgbd80XWodlgBnWEMjoeSycBkwifCTxOnpZSiyCN-ZYhm7qoQezAEk2SQYhz2qfxgdNsCVPd6pLgG8l4iGNrV8eGs7I5a0ejyDtqdyziZ78TihPiNoUhyHb9BHYCNGKE-uheRnltwRiCkeUehm_LQJfhZ4BrNMbabhrGTVqzkUZxDmX3ZUztPIaaidZYyW19kYBY5PcsYwS9jYJFssjFcEQMMRUXZDh9ScGqjoEpq1nw31t1uYqtQwodhnfee684xt6KfLy5PAfg78blxM3dB08f976LEudtnQWip1IJtZbFD84hyLO0aZXme3D2OCklqfQYRPE7iHwaTyp0vaajv0AnchOcQh6E8Our4kzG8vQTUnLI65YWyUtxxfpmNYSmN6LNm3OQnB1Id6TXkfzFL9j8bDxyi80yj5xtkNj8BUFwOtvVWWKzo4RGoDpz615mLWH30oEHMoIorV67pAeUEwQG4xNoVRL3-zfOokwWfpMrk0gBB6pekiUDpWRdB2X0uDiBi_cuJzilvTF47TG5nF11FnQt96slYJEgT5rBQqaLjWwUlEhUjDk4dYffpvIbmMjqkhwYAAAnjmctLNeMseeDSon2Y0w0opkdiy6Thy93CMFJRFHeHXoi0an9OSV-uKxcVmy3ED7FRpoOu4nVeRR2aGL1iyZsTxQLU_ClAHU7a2P7Joaak4KPuCSmS3WlUNvJEbuxR7wovOzC4titOWoHQGUx29hUDt57wjADrcw_D-IdosOTTUo Launch your bait 300 yards 😂
  8. There was a guy and two women on welland river by Merritt last Sunday with 9 rods between them, the amount of doo-doo they'd left behind when I went back the next day was unbelievable.
  9. Can we do religion next? 😂
  10. Charles Daley?
  11. I'll be there just to try and pick some brains, been trying to learn to catfish with no luck
  12. I've been a handful of times by the Tim's, tried all kinds of lures but never had a bite...
  13. Yep that was nice and easy Tyler 👍
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