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  1. I'll be there just to try and pick some brains, been trying to learn to catfish with no luck
  2. I've been a handful of times by the Tim's, tried all kinds of lures but never had a bite...
  3. Yep that was nice and easy Tyler 👍
  4. Limey

    What to do

    That's effing unreal, how has nobody watched him 'slip' into the water yet???
  5. Limey

    What to do

    One of the Van's didn't have plates at all, and price stickers in the window so that obviously wasn't his. Can't be doing with arseholes so if he's down there next time I'll happily oblige him as I'm leaving and he'll be walking back to a car with a bad limp....act like a twat and you should be treated like a twat. 😊
  6. Limey

    What to do

    Dark skin with moustache? Saw him yesterday, was tempted to do one of his tyres but there were 2 silver Van's...
  7. Limey

    What to do

    So it's not possible to shore fish down there at the moment?
  8. Awesome thanks K.F.
  9. Is there any type of spray that's safe to use on dogs? I've got a German shepherd cross so it's going to be hard to see them on him.
  10. For a scary second there I thought you were going to say you were going to use them for bait lol, speedy recovery to the lad though mate.
  11. https://m.theepochtimes.com/280-pound-catfish_2885577.html?fbclid=IwAR1PqAABpfXSiUfpeDV0jrxSVZdSRZAVKTbISmOQMdG4Z8qq9tkxbiCgrQQ
  12. Jeez a guy at wainfleet told us while we were walking the dog that pike were year round, I realize I should've double checked the regs now, lesson learned, glad you mentioned that mate.
  13. .oops, how do you delete your own post?
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