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  1. On nights that weekend, hopefully the weather is good, looking forward to the pics/reports.
  2. Add chorizo and hey presto ya got Spanish eggs, I made it years ago, yum.
  3. As I'm only a permanent resident I can't vote, and I'm fairly clueless to Canadian politics anyway, from what i've seen of him I'd have never voted Trudeau in a million years. I haven't been keeping up with English politics much either as it doesn't affect me much either, but by christ with that absolute bumbling buffoon Johnson, IRA supporting scum corbyn and whatsherbloodyface, I'd have been scared to vote. At the end of the day, they're all to the last man,just a bunch of out for themselves, freeloading, theiving wankspangles.
  4. Shoelace to shoelace on a sleeping drunk- granny knot.
  5. It was a path in welland that runs behind the hedge line from Notre dame rowing club and the end of thorold road, I'm guessing they had licenses as it looked like they were allowed to keep them and I'm pretty sure I heard the Bobby say hey thanks for....
  6. creeping around in bushes with air rifles lol, they didn't get taken off them anyway.
  7. Pete's bait and tackle stock the T-turn and stingeye, love the distance you get on it and how quickly it gets down even in a strong current.
  8. Get some really good deals on WISH etc mate, that was just the first picture I came across as an example.
  9. Still gobsmacked you don't have these over here, the spikes stick in the bed and stay put, when you give them a good yank the spikes flip down freeing it for your retrieve
  10. Weird, I was a painter and decorator for 21 years lol, haven't done that since 2011 though. You can buy oil based exterior paint though??? That's crazy to me, not even type of epoxy based?
  11. Limey

    Eyelet swap

    What size mate, if it's the biggest nearest the reel seat and it matches I've got one here you're welcome to have.
  12. All excellent pointers, massively appreciated lads 👍
  13. Ah I didn't realize flouro would sink like that, lucky you told me as I was looking at different flouro online earlier, saved me a few dollars there, cheers mate.
  14. I've got 10lb mono and 15lb leader, if I'm going for example pike, I can't use a wire leader with those poppers can I? What would you recommend to use so I don't get bitten off?
  15. That's the only jigging gear I've got mate, never had much luck as I'm never sure how to retrieve them?
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