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  1. Otters in port D

    I think you're right actually mate 3-4ft long minks with the head the size of a dog, I stand corrected sir coz you're obviously an expert on the subject and that's the last I'll say on it
  2. Otters in port D

    If they were mink they were on some fantastic steroids, not knocking you like mate but just because you haven't seen one doesn't mean they aren't there lol youre obviously welcome to not believe me but as I say there were 4 of us close enough to know with what we saw
  3. Otters in port D

    Oh you do now mate, I along with my stepson, his mate and another guy who was fishing all saw them, I'm fairly certain between the 4 of us we would know the difference 😉
  4. Otters in port D

    You've got me there kidda?
  5. Otters in port D

    Fairly certain they were otters mate, got a decent enough view with my eyes but my phone zoom isn't the best plus I had waterproofs on for the rain and I couldn't be arsed with the struggle lol
  6. Otters in port D

    Spent a few hours down port D today, not even a sniff of a fish, thought it might be to do with me still figuring out how to bottom bounce, maybe the colour of the water or the hight of it... then my stepson noticed two huge otters bobbing and diving around the water, carried on trying for a while but then noticed a nice size brown? Trout floating past me that had been chewed in half. big problems in England with them at the moment killing all the carp but I was shocked to see them down there. is this a common occurrence or a one off lads?
  7. Lewiston bridge access help

    Aye I know where you're talking about mate, went for a hike down there last year before I started fishing over here, they've started charging to park there but that might just be the summer months as the pay machines were covered up last week. Might have a wander down in the next couple of days, cheers mate, appreciate the reply
  8. Fishing on vacation in the Dominican

    Really sorry to hear that mate, condolences.
  9. Lewiston bridge access help

    We ended up down queenston today but it was a bit busy with bodies really so we left, I'll try that trail next time I'm down for sure mate, thanks. made our way back to chippawa but not even a bite, not even sure if there's anything there this time of year lol
  10. Lewiston bridge access help

    Fishing terrorists , main hobby back in England was climbing the Lake District mountains in all weathers so I should be good , even so I won't be going where It's off limits, I'll keep searching mate 👍🏻
  11. Lewiston bridge access help

    I'll bear that in mind NRF, I've got some yaktrax that slip over my boots, cheers mate.
  12. Lewiston bridge access help

    Thanks John, that is very much appreciated, I should have stated, I wanted to be slightly upstream from the bridge, I've seen a YouTube video of two lads walking along a footpath which takes them to the shore up from the bridge, however it doesn't state where they park? do you know if there's a path near the floral clock? The shorter the walk the better really as I'll be taking the wife as a valentine treat lol or is there somewhere near the hydro power plant thingy? thanks again mate
  13. Hey guys, could any of you give advice on the best place to park and how to get down to the shoreline please? Been on satellite view for the past couple of hours choosing in between artpark and devils hole access, then realized that's the states lol thanks
  14. Simply AMAZING !

    Before they got all seriously into carping sweetcorn from a can or even a small diced bit of spam would do the trick, I daren't guess how much coin they've spent on gear now though. had to make my own Y shaped rod rests when I got here as I couldn't find any anywhere, bit basic but they work fine 👌🏻
  15. Simply AMAZING !

    don't get me started on the bloody kardashians lol can't really comment on trump to be honest, apart from i never thought i'd be scared of an oompa loompa now carp, as i said in another thread, carping isn't for me but i have quite a few pals who think nothing of sitting on the same bank for days and nights on end just after one particular infamous fish, my point being do you guys have something called DNA baits over here? my mates really waffle on about them and a couple of others who's names escape me... If you dont have DNA etc i'll happily beg, borrow and scrounge a few samples for you carp guys to try once my paperwork is cleared and i'm allowed back to the motherland