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  1. FishGuy3754

    Top Water Frog Lure

    Hey guys. So for bass I normally fish a regular style frog with a soft body and twin hooks on the back and it has worked good. Just curious if anyone has tried the hybrid frogs in this FFTROU video? They have weedless treble hooks which I've never tried before. But it's interesting that it can be a multi purpose lure. Would it be worth the switch? Thanks.
  2. FishGuy3754

    record perch

    That's a nice size perch I bet.
  3. FishGuy3754

    Hunting and fishing podcasts?

    Thanks for the tip. I might have to check out some of these podcasts for myself.
  4. FishGuy3754

    Voltage Lures

    I didn't realize this was even possible. apparently you can get voltage tuned lures to attract more fish. or add things to existing lures. I might grab some of these to check out but definitely would be cool to see if they work as good as they say. Not sure how they fit into the rules though lol. Fishing for the rest of us Lure Charge - Voltage Tuned Lures
  5. FishGuy3754

    Newbie, advice extremely welcome

    I have yet to go fishing for carp but i cant imagine pulling one of those big guys through an ice fishing hole. Would be fun to get one during the warmer weather.
  6. FishGuy3754

    Awesome day

    I love fishing and running into others once in a while. Can get some good random stories out of it lol. had a guy watch me try to bring in a nice trout for 20 mins and he was just watching in his wadders.
  7. FishGuy3754

    FFTROU Worst Moments of 2017

    This is a great collection of funny clips from Fishing For the Rest of Us. It's great to see the behind the scenes of a fishing show.