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  1. BillBrooks

    Looking for Yak Fishing Locals

    I' also willing to meet up for Yak fishing. I reside in port colborne but don' mind linking up in the region. Experienced paddlers and angler here. Shoot me a message anytime, let' set some hooks
  2. BillBrooks

    Which style of Yak??

    Im a big fan of my sit on top for fishing. Super stable and tons of storage. Downside is you tend to get a little wet in choppy water, definitely not pleasant in cold water. Also, at 6'8 tall, it' the only option I have for vast amounts of leg room!
  3. BillBrooks

    Gravelly bay

    I live 30 seconds from Gravelly Bay and often fish it in my kayak. If you see a tall guy fishing in a green Acsend kayak, come on over and say hello! Ps- I've caught some pretty decent smallies just beyond the lighthouse at Sugarloaf Point!